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Top 6 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners From Walmart

Top 6 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners From Walmart

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your car? Most people don’t always have the time to have their car professionally detailed. Having a portable car vacuum cleaner on hand can save you a lot of time and money. Fortunately, when it comes to finding the perfect car vacuum cleaner, Walmart has a plethora of options. In this article, we will analyze each of your options to determine which is best for your vehicle. 

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What Is A Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner?

As the name implies, a portable car vacuum cleaner is a handheld version of a traditional vacuum cleaner. Its compact size makes this device super easy to travel with since it can be stored right in your car. The great thing about this nifty hand-held device is that it can reach every nook and cranny whereas a traditional vacuum cleaner would be limited. 


Most portable car vacuum cleaners are lightweight and don’t weigh more than five pounds. Therefore, you can vacuum both the front and back of your car without feeling as if you just completed a workout routine. While functionality can vary across brands these devices are relatively easy to use. Most portable car vacuum cleaners are powered by a rechargeable and can be hooked up to your car’s cigarette lighter.

Why Is It Important To Have A Portable Vacuum Cleaner?

No doubt, keeping your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape is just as important as maintaining the exterior. When you slack on your car’s interior maintenance it shows and your car will depreciate at an alarming rate. Having a portable car vacuum cleaner on hand will allow you to be able to regularly remove the dust particles that have accumulated from the carpet and the seats. Just like with any other carpet, when it’s regularly vacuumed you prevent it from wearing fast. After all, no one wants to ride in a car with soiled and dingy carpeting. 


When you are equipped with your handy dandy vacuum cleaner you can detail the interior of your vehicle whenever you feel like it without having to spend extra money. If a spill or accident happens you don’t have to wait until you have time to go get your car detailed to clean it up. What are some additional benefits of owning a portable car vacuum cleaner?


If you have children owning a portable vacuum cleaner can make your life so much easier while you are on the road. Just think. Afternoon snacks almost always end up on the floor when you are transporting your little ones around town. Muddy shoes from soccer practice can quickly ruin your car’s carpet if you don’t clean it up right away. A car portable vacuum cleaner is a must have for quick cleanups when you are in between car washes. 


Are you a professional driver? If you drive for Uber or Lyft then you’re required to keep your car clean when you have riders. A portable vacuum cleaner makes it easy to ensure the interior of your car is fresh and clean for customers. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to worry about allocating a portion of your earnings to getting your vehicle cleaned.


Top Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners Walmart Has To Offer 

When it comes to cleaning power, just how effective are these portable car vacuum cleaners? That largely depends on the brand. Here is our breakdown of the top six portable car vacuum cleaners at Walmart. Find out if they are actually worth your hard-earned money.


Moosoo Handheld Vacuum Portable Cordless

The Mossoo Handheld Portable Vacuum is the highest-rated car vacuum on Walmart and Amazon. Although this handheld car vacuum cleaner retails for about $49 it’s well worth the cost. This vacuum uses an advanced brushless motor which significantly reduces friction while providing a powerful suction. This device is equipped with an amazing filtration system that removes 99.9% of fine particles that are as small as 0.1um. 


It has a 2in1 nozzle that can be used interchangeably to clean the cupholders, windowsills, and any other tight crevices in your vehicle. The best part of it all is that it uses noise reduction technology so it doesn’t make a sound. When you’re done you can easily dump its content by removing the canister. You can charge the Moosoo Car Vacuum Cleaner in your cigarette lighter or at an outlet. 


Audew Cordless HandHeld Vacuum – The Audew Cordless Handheld Vacuum costs about $33.99 at Walmart. Audew is a popular brand that’s also known for its car battery chargers. This handheld vacuum uses a 2200mah lithium-ion battery that fully charges within three to five hours. The only downside about this portable vacuum cleaner is that it can only run for about thirty minutes straight before it needs to be recharged. 


The Audew HandHeld vacuum is designed with three attachments; a crevice narrow for tight gaps, a brush nozzle for carpet and pet hair, and a long tube for dust particles. The vacuum hoover is made from stainless steel for durability. The HEPA filter can be easily washed clean. Consumers give this portable vacuum cleaner a four out of five-star rating. 


Ion Vac Cordless Vacuum – The Ion Vac Cordless Vacuum is a high-end portable vacuum cleaner that currently retails for $49.99. If you are searching for one of the best portable vacuum cleaners on the market then you’ve definitely found it in this device. With 4.5 stars the Ion Vac cordless vacuum comes highly recommended by consumers. At just three pounds it has a powerful 6KPA suction. 

The Ion Vac has a lithium-ion battery which means it can be powered and charged from any USB power source. Once fully charged users can enjoy 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted use. The 100ml capacity dust collector can be easily removed and cleaned once you're done vacuuming. 


Black Decker DustBuster Handheld Vacuum – As a household name in the industry, you can expect nothing but quality from Black and Decker and they didn’t disappoint with this unit. If you are looking to invest in a high-quality handheld vacuum cleaner then this may be the perfect unit for you. This portable vacuum cleaner is the most impressive option on our list. 


While most lithium-ion-powered units can only run for a few minutes the Black and Decker handheld vacuum cleaner has exceptionally long battery life. For such a durable and long-lasting battery this Black and Decker device is super lightweight and has strong suction power. 


Novashion 12V 120W Car Vacuum Cleaner Portable –  If you’re looking for a standard vacuum cleaner that just gets the job done then the Novashion 12V 120W car vacuum cleaner is the best option. At just $20.99 this portable vacuum cleaner is super affordable and it’s quite effective at cleaning your vehicle’s interior. This device has a 5000pa suction power and can be used to clean up wet and dry debris. 


The great thing about this affordable 12V car vacuum cleaner is that it’s waterproof and it’s equipped with reusable HEPA filters that lock in dirt, debris for clean and easy disposal. You can power this device through your car’s cigarette lighter. 


Anself Car Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Cordless – For less than thirty bucks this Anself Car Wireless Vacuum can reach up to 4,000 PA. . Built with a 120W supercharged motor this vacuum cleaner is highly effective at removing all kinds of particles such as mites and dust. It’s even capable of cleaning up spilled liquids.

How To Choose The Right Car Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a portable car vacuum cleaner may seem like simple math, but there are a few factors you should consider when shopping for one. It's good to invest your money in a portable vacuum cleaner that is highly functional and of course within your budget. 


When shopping at Walmart for a portable car vacuum cleaner you’ll find that you have two main options; a cordless unit or a 12V portable vacuum cleaner. A cordless car vacuum cleaner is powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries although some of the less-expensive units use traditional batteries which can increase the weight of the device. On the other hand, 12V portable car vacuum cleaners have to be powered by your cigarette lighter. Both types of vacuum cleaners have advantages and disadvantages. 


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of investing in a cordless unit is that you’ll have unlimited mobility. You’ll be able to vacuum under your car seats, the cupboards, the seats, and any other crevices in your car without having to worry about being held back by a cord. However, the lithium-ion batteries in these devices can be both a gift and a curse. 


The main disadvantage of cordless portable car vacuum cleaners is that there is a limited amount of energy stored in the lithium-ion batteries. These devices can only run for a maximum of twenty to thirty minutes before they need to be recharged. Fully recharging these units can take between 3-5 hours.

What about the 12V portable vacuum cleaners? Portable car vacuum cleaners that are powered by a 12V cigarette lighter adapter aren’t hindered by low energy batteries. So you can run them for as long as you need to clean your car. If you didn’t know the cigarette lighter draws power from your battery so for every hour you use a 12-volt vacuum cleaner you discharge your car’s battery by 10 AH. You should be mindful of this whenever you are using your 12V vacuum cleaner. 


 However, cigarette lighters can only provide up to 10amph of power so these units can only produce between 100-120 watts which is just enough suction power to clean up most particles. Cordless vacuums are so much more powerful. The power cord can also get in the way with a 12V vacuum cleaner. The cord will need to be at least 15-17 feet long if you’re going to be able to reach most areas of your car. If you have a SUV or truck you might want to consider investing in a cordless unit. 


How To Vacuum Your Car Like A Pro

Everybody knows that the key to a clean car is a good vacuum. If you’re always on the go it can feel as if you practically live in your vehicle. It's no surprise that our cars tend to accumulate all types of allergens including dust, dirt particles, and pet hair. When you use your portable car vacuum cleaner from Walmart you’ll want to make sure you are using it in the right way so that you’re effectively cleaning the interior. 


Here are a few tips to ensure that you are vacuuming like a professional:


Pick Up Valuable Items By Hand

Whether it’s loose change for tolls or the missing earring that fell off in the car that you didn’t have the chance to look for you should make sure the floor is clear of valuables. Take a minute, scour the area and look under the seats. This will prevent you from vacuum blinding. 


Throw Away Your Garbage

When it comes to those fast-food wrappers and cartons you should dispose of them before you begin vacuuming. It can be hard and sometimes downright impossible for your portable vacuum cleaner to pick up large pieces. 


Don’t Forget The Crevices

Use the attachments on your portable vacuum cleaner to suction out all particles in the cupboards, door caddy, and other areas that may seem unreachable. You’ll be surprised at how much gunk can accumulate in this area and produce disgusting smells that permeate throughout your car. 


Remove Foul Carpet Odors

Sprinkling a carpet freshener on your floors to remove foul-smelling odors. Don’t overdo it. If you apply too much carpet freshener to the interior of your car it can be difficult to clean up and it will make your floors look ashy. Let the carpet freshener sit for a few minutes before you use your portable vacuum cleaner to suction up the material. 


If you haven’t invested in one, a portable car vacuum cleaner can ensure that your car is spotless. A clean car improves the overall look of your car and even boosts the resale value.