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Top 5 Heavy Duty Jumper Cables – Which One Should You Choose?

Top 5 Heavy Duty Jumper Cables – Which One Should You Choose?

Have you ever started your day with a dead battery? Did you try pressing the ignition button, and nothing happened? Well, we know how it feels exactly!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

It is very common for a battery to die, even if it is brand new. All that it takes is just leaving your headlights or any of the electrical devices overnight. 

Whatever the reason was for your dead battery, all that you care about now is to get some power to it and get your vehicle going. That’s why automotive experts recommend keeping a good jumper cable in your vehicle in emergencies like this.

Jumper cables differ by many factors like the amount of peak power needed, the length, the thickness, and, therefore, the price.

There are certain things you need to look for when shopping for a heavy-duty jumper cable, and selecting a “good” heavy-duty jumper cable can be a little tricky, especially with the market flooded with jumper cables brands.

In this article, we provide a quick overview of what to look for when buying a jumper cable. Then, we list in detail the top five heavy-duty jumper cables in the market, as suggested by the majority of customers’ reviews. 

What is a jumper cable?


A jumper cable is an electric connection used to transport power from one vehicle to another. A jumper cable is an essential tool needed to charge a dead battery. It is very common to deal with a dead battery any day without previous warnings. Thus, it is recommended to keep a jumper cable in his vehicle in cases of emergencies.

Jumper cables differ by power, size, width, length, and price. Depending on your vehicle’s needs, you must select a jumper cable that provides sufficient power. In other words, you don’t want to pay a lot of money buying a heavy-duty jumper cable for your small Nissan Versa.

On the other hand, if your vehicle requires a heavy duty jumper cable, then you must look for certain factors to ensure you selected the right one. 

What to look for when shopping for a jumper cable?


If you own a vehicle with a large engine under the hood like Honda CR-V or Jeep Wrangler, you can’t use the same jumper cable for an intermediate vehicle like Hyundai Elantra or Toyota Corrolla. There are several factors you need to look for to ensure you are selecting a heavy-duty jumper cable, including:


  • Wire gauge


The wiring gauge represents how thick the jumper cable is with the lower the gauge number, the thicker, and the more powerful the jumper cable.

When looking for a heavy-duty jumper cable, you must select a lower gauge number. In general, a four gauge number is suitable for most vehicles. However, if you own a large van or truck, you might need to go as low as two jumper gauge. 


  • Cable length



The jumper cable’s length is always related to the wire gauge. This is because the smaller the wire gauge, the more powerful, the longer cable needed to distribute the heat. 

Therefore, when shopping for a heavy duty jumper cable, you need to make sure you select a longer one to ensure even heat distribution.


  • Amperage


The amperage represents the amount of power the cable can supply. In other words, the higher the amperage, the more power it can transport from the other vehicle to your vehicle's dead battery.

Therefore, you want to go as high as possible when it comes to jumper cable amperage to serve your heavy-duty vehicle. 


  • Material



The jumper cable’s material is very important when shopping for a heavy-duty jumper cable. In cheap jumper cables, it doesn’t take more than one or two jump starts till you see the metal coming out of it due to heat issues.

Thus, you want to ensure good material like copper cables or copper-plated aluminum.


  • Clamps


There are two types of clamps in the jumper cable’s world: alligator and parrot. In each one of them, the clamps come designed like the animal’s name mentioned. 

In cases of heavy-duty cables, you want to make sure that all clamps are rubber-covered, so they hold in place when gripping the battery.


  • Durability


Beside your cable’s thickness, you want to look for good coverage for further protection. Some cables come with PVC coating not only for more protection but also to protect you from getting shocked. 


  • Price


In the jumper cable industry, you always get what you pay for. In other words, if you are looking for a heavy duty jumper cable, expect to pay more money than when buying a regular jumper cable.

Top 5 heavy duty jumper cables


Now you have a good understanding about what the jumper cable is and what to look for when shopping for a heavy duty jumper cable, here is a list of our top-5 heavy duty jumper cables:


  • Energizer Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables


The Energizer heavy-duty jumper cable comes in four gauges options: one, two, four, and six. It also has various lengths to select from, including 16, 20, 25, and 50 feet. The jumper cable provides high amperage up to 800 A. 

This jumper cable is considered one of the longest jumper cables in the market, allowing you to jumper start your vehicle without worrying about the location of the other vehicle. 

The jumper comes with a long list of accessories and safety features, including the vinyl coating on the cable itself and the handles protecting them from rust and corrosion, strong, durable handles, and a nice travel bag. 

The jumper cable is available on Amazon for $54.96.



  • Voilamart Commercial Grade Auto Jumper Cables 


Voilamart manufactured a super-powerful heavy-duty jumper cable with several gauges options, including 0, 1, and 2. The cable comes with 20 feet length option only and has a great amperage capacity of 3,000 A. 

The cable can jump-start any car, truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle. It is constructed with very durable, rugged material with a strong layer of PVC on top of the metal protectin you from electrical shock. The PVC allows for better gripping and easier use.

Furthermore, the Voilamart jumper cable is suitable for different environmental situations as the PVC cover is resistant to acid, oil, and heat. Besides, the 20 feet cable is tangle-free, making it super handy in situations of low temperature. 


  • Spartan Power Heavy Duty Jumper Cables


The Spartan jumper cable comes with a long list of options to choose from. You can select either a 0, 1, 2, or 4 wiring gauge and a 12, 16, or 20 feet length. The jumper cable’s maximum amperage capacity is 1,000 A. 

Spartan Power jumper cable can jump start any vehicle, car, truck, or commercial vehicle. It is made with a very durable material allowing it to hold up in numerous weather conditions and extremely low temperatures. 

Lastly, the Spartan Power jumper cable comes in a bright-yellow bag making it easy to find, and you can place it on the side of the road in cases of emergency at night. 


  • Noone Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables



While the NoOne jumper cable comes in one option of 0 gauge, 25 feet length, and 1,000 A Amperage, this cable is suitable for all types of vehicles.

The cable is considered one of the thickest, and thus, the most powerful in the market. It comes in a little over half an inch thick. Furthermore, the cable has a strong, durable PVC coating protecting it from damages and protecting you from getting shocked.


In addition to the great power and durability features, the NoOne heavy-duty jumper cable comes with a long list of accessories, including a travel bag, gloves, a brush for cleaning, and safety goggles. 

The NoOne heavy-duty jumper cable is available on Amazon for $59.31



  • TOPDC Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables


The last heavy-duty jumper cable on our list is the TOPDC. This cable comes with either 0 or 4 gauges options, and 10, 15, or 20 lengths options. The cable has a maximum amperage capacity of 900 A. 

The cable is suitable for any car, truck, SUV, or van. It is very easy to use and provides great power to get your vehicle going despite its make, model, or year. 

The TOPDC jumper cable comes with PVC insulation not only to provide additional flexibility, but it also protects you from getting shocked when using the cable. Furthermore, the TOPDC’s clamps are very rugged and can attach to the battery without slipping off, making it easy to jump-start your vehicle. 

This TOPDC jumper cable is available on Amazon for $59.99.



A jumper cable is an essential tool for any driver. Jumper cables are used to jump-start your car in cases of a dead battery. 

Jumper cables differ in power, thickness, length, price, and, thus, suitability. Usually, the thicker the jumper cable, the more expensive, the more powerful it is. 

The top 5 jumper cables in the market are: Energizer Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables, Voilamart Auto Jumper Cables, Spartan Power Heavy Duty Jumper Cables, NoOne Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables, and TOPDC Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables.