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Tips For Selling a Vehicle Privately: How to Sell it Fast and Get the Best Price! 

Tips For Selling a Vehicle Privately: How to Sell it Fast and Get the Best Price! 

Many people look for some tips for selling a car privately online or ask people who have done it before. Why? Because selling a car privately can be difficult if you don’t know what to do or where to begin. It can be hard and time-consuming, but it is one of the best ways to sell your car since you will most likely be able to get a good price for your car.

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Trading-in your car and selling it to a dealership might be the fastest way to sell your car but it can’t give you the price you are aiming for. Selling privately does but only if you know how to do it the right way! To make sure you do things right, we gathered some helpful tips for selling a car privately. 


Tips For Selling a Car Privately: What do I need to know when selling a car privately?


Selling a car privately can be very challenging and will require a lot of your time and effort. If you decide to sell your car this way, you should be prepared to be organized and be on top of things. It is true that it can be tiring but it’ll be worth it in the end since you will end up selling it more than what car dealerships can offer. 


To make the process much easier, here are some useful tips for selling a car privately that can help you as you start your car selling journey! 


  • Prepare all the needed documents. 


When you sell your car privately, you will need to handle all its paperwork unlike selling your car to a dealership, a junkyard, or cars for cash companies that offer to do all the paperwork as part of the services they offer. 


That is why one of the tips for selling a car privately is to prepare all the needed documents like the title of the vehicle prior to selling your vehicle. This is done to ensure a smoother and faster transaction.


You can also visit the DMV online to check what other documents you need to prepare to transfer the ownership of your car. You can also download and print forms there such as the bill of sale. 


  • Depersonalize your vehicle.


Sometimes, the car you own might have some personal touches that you installed over the years. You might’ve put some decals or bumper stickers that show your favorite sports team or maybe an interior with touches of your favorite color. 


There is nothing wrong with these things, but you might want to depersonalize your vehicle first before you sell your car. Remove the decals or the bumper stickers. Car buyers would prefer a car that they can picture out that it belongs to them. 


  • Fix any mechanical issues.


One of the helpful tips for selling a car privately is to fix the mechanical issues of your car if there are any. Car buyers would want to purchase a car that has no issues, has been properly maintained, and a car that can last for many years. 


A car with issues might scare buyers away or may try to ask for a much lesser price since they still have to fix it. Some might exaggerate the price or the repairs it needs. 


If you decide not to fix the issues of your car, you can at least find out what the problems are and how much it will cost to get it fixed. You can ask a mechanic to give you a rough estimate. This way, you will know how much discount you can give to the car buyer. 


  • Tune-up and inspections.


Taking your car for an inspection and tune-ups is one of the tips for selling a car privately that is proven to be effective. Have your car checked and inspected to make sure that it is in good working condition. Check if the tires are properly inflated, the lights, the brakes, and the fluid levels. These details can add more value points to your car.


  • Clean it up. 


Washing your car and making sure that your car looks presentable adds value points too. A dirty car might scare potential buyers away thinking that the car is not well cared for. 


When you clean your car, it is recommended that you should be ready to go the extra mile. Detailing your car can make a difference. You can shine the wheels, vacuum the interior, wipe the dash, and keep them shiny. These things can really help you get good impressions from potential buyers. Plus, your car will look good in the photos if it is clean and presentable. 


  • Check your vehicle history report.


You don’t want to be caught off guard if a potential buyer shows up with your car’s vehicle history report and it has some issues you have forgotten about. You may know your car very well but you can never be so sure.


That is why running through your vehicle history report is one of the most important tips for selling a car privately. Get the history report before you advertise your car and check it thoroughly. If there are issues that you know nothing about or some errors, you can call the reporting company and ask to fix them. If there are real issues about your car, you can at least prepare an explanation or answers to the potential buyers.


  • Take a nice photo.


Make sure that you take a lot of great photos of your car for advertising purposes. Capture each side of your car, its tires, wheels, and any special features. Take pictures of the exterior and also the interior. Don’t leave out a part that is usually photographed by car sellers or people might think that you are hiding something.


One of the tips for selling a car privately that can also help your privacy is that when you take a picture of your car, make sure that the background is clear. Make sure that your kids don’t get included in the picture or anything that’s not supposed to be there. 


  • Set a competitive price. 


Before setting a price for your vehicle, be honest about its condition first. Though it can be tempting to set a price higher than its actual worth, cars don’t really hold their value that much especially if you know that your car has underlying issues. You can refer to an online car value calculator if you have no idea what price to set for your vehicle. 


Remember that your car’s mileage, age, make, and model can affect the overall value of your vehicle. Although one of the tips for selling a car privately that could help you along the way is to set a price for your car that’s a bit higher than what you have in mind to allow room for negotiations. It is known that car buyers love to bargain or haggle. 


  • Write a good description and list your car everywhere.


List your car on websites or mobile applications where people usually visit to buy cars. List extensively for maximum exposure. 


Write a good description of your car too as you list it on websites. Prepare to write about 5 to 6 sentences about it. Write specific details about it like the mileage, age, make, and model. Write about its condition and special features. Be honest. If your car has dents or issues, write it down too. 


  •   Respond promptly to inquiries.


Expect that there will be people asking about your car, respond promptly and politely. Car buyers usually look at a lot of used cars for sale advertisements and inquire about each one. In most cases, the one who responds first usually gets the sale. 


Tips for Selling a Car Privately: What is the safest way to sell a car privately?


We already know about the tips for selling a car privately, but how do we do it safely? Here’s how. 


  • Screen callers or inquirers thoroughly. 


In answering calls from potential buyers, make sure that their call is inquiring about your car and not just phishing for information.  


  • Meet in a place where there’s a lot of people.


When meeting potential buyers, ask them to meet you in a public place. You will be meeting strangers and you should always be cautious. 


  • Don’t meet a potential buyer alone.


If possible, bring someone with you when meeting potential buyers. It is said that you will less likely be harmed if you are not alone. 


  • Trust your instincts.


If you are having doubts about meeting a potential buyer, you better trust your instinct and cancel the meet-up. Your peace of mind and your safety should always be your top priority. You can always look and wait for another potential buyer.


Tips for Selling a Car Privately: Final Word


These tips for selling a car privately aim to help you sell your car fast and safely. It might not be easy but it is possible.


Keep in mind that selling a car privately is not for everyone. The process can be difficult and will require a lot of your time. If you are not up to it, you can sell your car the simpler way like selling it to Cash Cars Buyer. You can get an instant offer just by just visiting their homepage!