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Tips for Removing Smelly Odors from Vehicle

Tips for Removing Smelly Odors from Vehicle

A funky smell in your vehicle could mean it’s time to learn about removing odors from the car’s interior. It might cost you nothing or $2400.

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Some cars smell terrible, and it’s no surprise that nobody wants to buy them let alone ride in them.


One person claims he spent $2400 on cleaning out his car after bad smells got him to the shop.


Some lingering scents aren’t all too bad in a car. The smell of flowers or your favorite food lingering a moment is kind of nice.


Then again, the smell of dog urine, cigarette smoke, vomit, or your lunch from last week you forgot all about? That’s another story.


If the car smells bad, not all hope is lost. It’s possible to remove the smells in most cases. If not, you can always send the car to the junkyard!


Be aware, however, there are no cure alls. For example, if the stinky problem is your t-shirt after the gym, that’s on you.


If the car smells bad because of cigarette smoke, quit smoking.


Just the same, if the problem is related to car care, the only solution may be to repair the vehicle. For instance, your car shouldn’t smell like exhaust.


If that’s the case, you don’t need to read up on odor removal; you need to visit a mechanic.

Tips for Removing Odors from Cars

Let’s begin by assuming you have already removed the source of the odor, and now you’re ready to remove the foul stench from your car.


There are plenty of steps to take after this point, but you must be able to identify the source of the smell first.


If a diaper was left in the back seat, get rid of it, for instance.


This question often occurs for rideshare drivers who depend on a clean and quality vehicle for their personal well-being.


If somebody vomits in the Uber, for example, you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow they’ll be worried that the smell is bad for business.


Ways to Clean Your Vehicle if it Smells (DIY)

Vacuum your vehicle for starters. When you go to the car wash, don’t skip out on the vacuuming. The smell often goes with the dust and debris. 


If not completely, it will help the situation. Use attachments to get into the grooves in between seats. 


There are a lot of nasty things hiding in those crevices. The experts say if the vacuuming isn’t good enough, consider a good steam cleaning.


Smoking in the car is a major no-go if you care about the way the vehicle smells. Here’s the truth – it gets everywhere. You have to clean the glass.


When you wipe down the windshield and the windows, the towel will be brown from the smoke. Now, imagine that’s all over the car.


You’re going to have to do a very deep cleaning and invest in some air fresheners. 


The good news is that if you can drive around with the windows down, that will help. The smell usually goes away in a few short weeks.


You might have the answer you seek in your backyard grill. You can use charcoal to absorb smells. 


Just toss it in the smelliest part of the car and wait for nature to get to work.


Baking soda is mom’s old classic standby for anything raunchy in nature. Just sprinkle it into the rugs and carpets, and it will get the smell out.


You can run the vacuum before or after. You can even find a certain baking soda formula specifically designed for cars.


Today, people always fall back on their essential oils, but when it comes to making a car smell nice, they might not be wrong.


You can use rose oil for car scents. You can also use lavender or sandalwood. The pros say that you can just leave some on a cotton ball in the car.


If you’re into a subtler approach, consider leaving a cup of coffee beans in the cup holder. 


That ought to soak up the smell and leave a stimulating aroma in its place.


Most of these techniques won’t cost you much, perhaps ten dollars if you don’t already have something at home.


You can of course just buy an air freshener, but they’re not so natural and often combine the chemical scent with the present one. It’s not always better.


If in doubt, or the scent is particularly stubborn, then it’s time to call on the professionals to do the job right (once and for all).

A Word on Products that Remove Car Odors

When you want to know about cars, you talk to the experts. You might head to the auto parts store and ask, How do I remove odors from my vehicle?


The customer service associate never misses the chance to make a sale and earn commission. They lead you down an aisle with bottles.


Because the ever-elusive “new car smell” is such a hit with the in-crowd these days, there are plenty of solutions to make your car smell nice.


If you hate the thought of going to such a store and chatting it up with some random person about cleaning your car, you can order online.


Here are some products you’re likely to come across:


Chemical Dioxide Vapor Generator 

This product is said to work in less than one day. It gets rid of scents left by mold, mildew, cigarettes, skunks, and sweat.


Nature Option: Bio-Zyme Enzyme Cleaner

This automotive interior cleaner uses enzymes to cut through organic byproducts that create smells.


It’s a great idea for stains, too. If you broke a bottle of red wine in your back seat, for example, you might use this product to clean it up.


The label reads that it’s also useful for urine, feces, blood, and vomit. 


Strangely enough, it gets out of coffee stains and scents as well.


Another popular option is an “odor bomb,” such as the one sold by Dakota. This device is deployed in such a way that smell is removed.


If some gnarly odor has been haunting your backseat for weeks now, this is the way to go.


Of course, if what you really want is a DIY detail kit, that’s also on the menu at most retailers today. The auto parts store is sure to have one.


If not, shop online. You can even learn how to detail your car on your own. It could end up being your new favorite Saturday afternoon chore.

Getting the Car Detailed to Remove Foul Odors

When your car smells bad, it may be time to get a detailing. This process cleans the car inside, but it’s more than a wet wag across the dash.


Instead, it’s a highly intricate process that cleans the car so well it will feel like new.


People who adore their cars do detailings regularly. Some young people even sell the service as a way to make extra cash.


Professionals, however, have all the right tools for the job. With the pros, you will enjoy many benefits and a car that’s odor-free.


Getting your vehicle “detailed” is all about clean. It means a cleaning that leaves no stone unturned. You’ll be hooked at the first cleaning.


If the problem isn’t crumbs but smells, the service you’re really after is called “cleaning and reconditioning.” 


The gas station vacuum doesn’t compete.


Driving through the car wash basically soaps up the exterior and rinses it well. The detailed cleaning goes so much further.


Keep the difference in mind. Whereas an Auto Detailer might wash your car, a car wash won’t detail your car.


A car wash can be as cheap as five dollars but as much as forty. It depends on where you live, where you go, and how many bells and whistles you demand.


Detailing, on the other hand, covers the interior, too.


To remove crumbs, debris, and odors, a trained technician will use brushes and products to strip clean your interior from all germs and gunk.


The exterior gets the full treatment too: a fresh wax and wheel cleaning. That sounds nice!


If it’s the fabric that stinks, don’t worry. It will be not only vacuumed but also shampooed, getting rid of stains and smells once and for all.


You might be offered a cleaning for your engine bay. Our advice? Take it. A clean engine is a happier engine.


People like getting their car detailed for a variety of reasons:

  • Removes stinky odors from vehicle
  • Increases value of the car if looking to sell
  • Makes the car feel safe and comfortable
  • Better tips and reviews from riders (ride sharing)
  • Reduced chances of contamination/oxidation on vehicle parts

The Cost of a Professional Car Cleaning

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is; getting odors out of your car isn’t free.


First of all, know that the size of your vehicle makes a difference when talking about professional cleanings. A small car like a Dodge Neon costs less to clean that a big SUV.


Basic packages start at $50 and run as high as $150. When you’re talking trucks and SUVs, the fee climbs higher.


Of course, luxury parts demand luxury maintenance. Be prepared to shell out even more for leather cleanings.


Some vehicles will require deeper cleanings (we’re looking at you dog owners), and so that could run up the bill as well.


Mobile Car Cleaning Solutions Can Help with Foul Odors in Your Car.


Maybe you’re sitting at home wondering about these tips for removing nasty odors from your car wishing that someone would just do it for you.


Your wish is our command: consider mobile car detailing companies. Yes, they come to you, but it’s a premium service that comes at a premium price.


You’ll also have to wait up to three hours for the service to be completed.


 As they say, time is money. Be prepared to stick around to oversee the operation and pay the bill at the end.


If you have.a specific problem, don’t be afraid to tell the person taking your reservation that. It can help the staff prepare for your car.


If they know there’s a smoke smell or a wet dog odor, they may have just the trick for getting that odor out. Preparation never hurts.


Finally, remember that you get what you pay for. You can pay the neighborhood kid a few bucks to detail your car or you can take it to the best shop in town. 


One costs less, the other (most likely) delivers more.

Trust the Reviews

When it comes to services like car detailing, especially in large cities, it’s important to shop around for the best service.


Online reviews and friend recommendations are going to help you find the best services at the right price.


If you know somebody who has had a similar problem with funky smells coming out of the car’s interior, then it’s time to start asking questions!

Or Send the Smelly Automobile to the Junkyard!

If your car stinks, and nothing is helping, not a detailing, not at-home methods, not a thing, then it’s time to send it to the junkyard.


This can be tough news to hear. However, if your car is very old, has a lot of other problems, or smells so terrible you can’t stand it, it’s time to say goodbye.


Look at the bright side, when you send the car to the junkyard, you usually receive cash payment for the transaction.


Even better, that stinky awful car will be out of the picture for good.

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