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10 Tips for Protecting Against Auto Theft: Car Theft In 2022

Things to Do If Someone Steals Your Car

The 10 tips for protecting against auto theft include:

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  1. Lock the doors properly
  2. Take out the keys
  3. Never leave the spare keys close by
  4. Secure the windows
  5. Choose your parking area
  6. Consider alarming devices
  7. Try a vehicle immobilizer system
  8. Use a tracking device
  9. Remove valuable items
  10. Stay alert

Between January and March of 2022, more than 1/4 a million vehicles were stolen in just three months, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. A large number of stolen vehicles was also reported in 2021 with about 900,000 vehicles stolen in the United States.

While we've seen a significant reduction in the number of stolen vehicles before the pandemic hit, something happened during COVID-19, which might be related to the fact that people drove their vehicles less and less. However, with the problems in the overall economic situation, it turns out that the trend was reversed, and vehicles are now stolen more than before.

Unfortunately, this concern is rising, and people are worried about their vehicles getting stolen. That's why we would like to give you 10 tips to help you protect your car from car theft in 2022.

We highly encourage you to implement as many of these tips as possible while keeping in mind that you can create your own tips depending on the area, you're living in to maintain your investment.

tips to protect against car theft

Is there a risk the same in all states?

Luckily, this spike in the number of stolen vehicles around the United States is not the same all over the country. Some states with significant spikes in the number of stolen vehicles, like Washington DC that risen by about 40% from last year. Colorado also showed a similar trend of about a 36% increase in stolen vehicles. Furthermore, California showed the most significant number of stolen vehicles over the last two years.

In a recent article published by Kelley Blue Book, the five states that reported the highest number of car theft by 2022 include:

  • Washington DC
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico

Kelley Blue Book also listed the states that reported the least number of stolen vehicles which include:

  • Massachusetts
  • Puerto Rico
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine

You must keep an eye on the nose and be aware of the state numbers that will give you a sense of how you weren't should be about your vehicle. However, this does not mean you shouldn't learn tips to protect your vehicle from theft because you never know when this will happen. You never know if you'll be one of the first people who got their vehicles stolen in your state.

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Auto theft is getting smarter!

You might think someone will come to your area and break into the vehicle and steal it. However, it's been noticed that thieves are now using advanced technologies that allow them to steal a vehicle easily without you even paying attention.

Let's take it lets a look at some of the common technologies that thieves utilized to seal vehicles in 2022:

1.    Key fob scanning

For example, thieves might use specific technologies to scan key fob signals. This way, they can hack the signals and get into your vehicle without even breaking it. Depending on how powerful the technology is and how sophisticated it is, the thief can easily take your car without any warning signs or without you hearing anything coming out of the vehicle.

2.    Tracking devices

Moreover, some law enforcement authorities showed that thieves are now utilizing some tracking devices like the apple air tags that allow them to track your vehicle and track any devices around your car that they target.

The good thing is that some smart people leave their tracking devices inside their vehicles, allowing them and the authorities to find and track the vehicle after it's stolen.

Suppose you got into a situation where your vehicle is stolen, and you know for sure that you have a tracking device inside it. In that case, you must contact the authorities immediately because thieves might find it and get rid of it, so you lose track of where your vehicle is.

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10 tips for protecting auto theft: car theft in 2022

Our vehicles are one of the most expensive investments in our lives after our houses. We must protect this investment, especially if we all send money on these vehicles that we must pay monthly.

While some insurance companies can provide you with some protection, not everybody has the luxury of full coverage insurance that will provide you with a full amount of money to buy a similar vehicle.

Therefore, you must learn some tips to help you protect your investment and prevent car theft in 2022. Let's read on for some of the most important 10 tips for protecting against auto theft:

1.    Lock the doors properly

Although it might sound common sense to lock your doors after leaving your vehicle at night, some people might miss it and think that whole come inside the car and take it. However, with all that we hear around the nation, it is essential that moving forward, you ensure that you're locking your car door properly.

2.    Take out the keys

If you're used to keeping your keys inside your car to pick up something from the store or to fill your gas, you must stop this habit because thieves are getting smarter, and they're getting braver to jumping into your vehicle and taking it without any care.

Simple habits like these can increase the chances of getting your vehicle stolen, and if you want to protect your car from car theft in 2022 will, you get to focus a little bit on changing some of these habits.

3.    Never leave the spare keys close by

Many of us have spare keys if we lose our original car keys. However, we're not paying attention to that we might put our spare key close by to our vehicle or in a prominent location.

This could encourage thieves to pick up your car and run away. Therefore, consider hiding your spare key in a very protected location where not everybody can't see it.

4.    Secure the windows

Did you know another easy way to get inside your car is through the windows? This is very obvious and common sense. However, many of us might underestimate and only consider closing the windows with it's raining outside or when there's a lot of snow

You must be moving forward, close the windows securely and close the doors so no one can get inside her vehicle and steal appeared

5.    Choose your parking area

You know where you're living, and you know whether this is a safe area to leave your vehicle outside or keep inside the garage. If you don't have a garage, consider parking your car in a safer area or as safe as possible.

Also, if you're planning to go for an appointment or to an area that you suspect is not very safe, you must pick up your parking area very carefully and keep an eye on your vehicle so no one can steal it.

6.    Consider alarming devices

Sometimes we might not have a chance or the luxury to keep our vehicles inside a garage. For example, many people live in apartments or have multiple cars that they cannot park inside. Therefore, you might want to consider purchasing some alarming devices.

There are millions of them around the Internet, and you can learn about the main pros and cons of each and choose the device that works best for you.

The complexity of these devices depends heavily on the cost, so before investing a lot on a device, ensure that you read the details carefully to make sure that you're buying a vehicle device that serves your needs without any extra features that you're not going to use.

You must read through the customer's reviews because many of them might have feedback about whether this device helps them or not. Although installing a complex device might be a little bit costly, it's worth it when it comes still protecting your investment and preventing car theft in 2022.

7.    Try a vehicle immobilizer system

If you're looking to take it to the next level and he would like to protect your car from car theft in 2022, you might want to consider investing in a vehicle immobilizer system. This system will alert you if someone is trying to move your car.

Typically, thieves will use some towing service to move your car to its desired location. However, an immobilizer system will alert you immediately and give you a chance to contact authorities to help protect your vehicle from auto theft.

8.    Use a tracking device

The other thing you might want to consider is choosing a tracking device. These tracking devices will tell you immediately where this vehicle is located at. Keep in mind that thieves are getting smarter, and if they can find the device, they can easily throw it away, so you lose track of your vehicle.

Therefore, try putting the tracking device in a hidden place where the thief cannot see it and allow yourself some time to contact authorities and track your vehicle before it is last.

9.    Remove valuable items

The other thing you should consider is that no matter how good the safety features are, there is still a chance for someone to steal your vehicle. So therefore, try avoiding putting valuable items inside your car, so it's not going to be a double last.

Also, if you leave a valuable item obvious to someone walking on the streets, you're encouraging them to come to break into the vehicle and steal that item if not stealing your vehicle.

10.  Stay alert

Finally, you must take any warning or alert on your phone or alerts from your vehicle seriously. This is not a joke, and it's increasing significantly. Your valuable investments in your car might get stolen at any minute, and you must put some cameras or other safety features around your house so you can detect any suspicious behavior around your vehicle.

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What are the most common stolen vehicles?

It turned out that thieves are targeting specific vehicles more than others. That's why Kelley Blue Book also mentioned the most stolen vehicles brands and makes, which are listed in the following lists:

  • 2004 Chevy full-size pickup
  • 2006 Ford full-size pickup
  • 2000 Honda Civic
  • 1997 Honda Accord
  • 2007 Toyota Camry
  • 2005 GMC full-size pickup
  • 2020 Nissan Altima
  • 2000 Honda CRV
  • 2018 Jeep Cherokee
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla

tips for protecting against auto theft

Final thoughts

COVID-19 impacted our lives in many different ways, and it had a significant influence on the auto industry. We've seen spikes in car prices and gasoline prices, but one of the biggest concerns is the increased number of stolen vehicles in the first three months of 2022.

This article walked you through Kelly's blue book summaries of the current situation about stolen vehicles. It also highlighted 10 tips to help you protect your vehicle from car theft.

There are many ways to protect your vehicle from theft, but some older vehicles might not be compatible with these ways. Therefore, if you plan to sell your older car and buy another vehicle with more security systems, you can always reach out to Cash Cars Buyer, who can buy your car immediately!

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