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The Ultimate Guide for Selling A Vehicle! 

Know When To Sell Your Car

This is the ultimate guide for selling a vehicle. It includes creating your listing, answering the calls, accepting the payments, finalizing paperwork, handing the keys, notifying the DMV, and finalizing the deal. 

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Selling a vehicle for the first time is not an easy task for multiple people, especially inexperienced car sellers. They might wonder and have many more questions: Which website is the best for Selling my vehicle? Where should I meet with my potential buyer? Should I allow him to test drive the car? How about taking the car to his mechanic? 

A lot of basic questions that many people might find a little stressful. No Fear here! This guide will provide you with all details you would ever need for selling a vehicle.  

How much is my car worth? 

The first step in selling a vehicle is to understand how much it is worth. You don't want to go blindly posting any pricing on the advertisement without understanding or having a basis on the back of your head.

A good location to start is using Kelley Blue Book online tool to provide you with an instant offer representing the minimum and maximum numbers your vehicle can make around your area.

Keep in mind that a skilled blue book will not consider any major damages to your car. Thus, it is your job to subtract whatever damages from the KBB value.
For example, if your car has some dents or small scratches, its value will not be the same as another major damage is in the engine or the transmission.

Another good option for you is to visit a professional mechanic. We can look at your car and provide you with a rough estimate about how much it's worth. The only drawback about this option is that it will cost you some money, and some people might not be worth it.

Lastly, you can always try Cash Cars Buyer online tool with a form where you can fill with your vehicle's basic information to get an instant offer that is usually generated within 30 seconds. 

How to prepare before selling a car? 

The next step here is to get both the paperwork ready and the vehicle itself ready for sale. 

  • What paperwork do I need to sell my car? 

Selling a used vehicle involves many legal components and so many people's work that you need to be aware of.

The best start point for you is your local DMV website. Depending on your state, there will be some necessary paperwork you have to prepare.

For example, some states might require a certain bill of sale form that you can download from their DMV website, and you must use it.

On the other hand, some states might require a smog test that was done no longer than 90 days before selling your car.

One of the most important documents you need to sell your car is your vehicle's title. The title is that document where the transfer of ownership will happen. Once he accepts the car, the new buyer will sign on the back of this title and show the state that this vehicle belongs to him now.

If you don't have your vehicle's title for any reason, you need to be upfront with your potential buyers and let them know that you don't have a title. Unfortunately, not having a vehicle's title can reduce your options of selling your car significantly. Thought, it is not impossible. 

Before moving to the next steps, one thing to think about is that you can always reach out to your local DMV office and request a title replacement as the legal owner of the vehicle. They will ask you for some paperwork to prove ownership and a small fee. Thus, if you think that you have enough time to go through this process, it might be worth increasing your profit from this car. 

  • How to prepare my car before selling it? 

You understand that your vehicle is used, and it might have some minor or major mechanical problems.

Sometimes it might be worth investing a little bit of time and money on taking care of minor appears to encourage the initial buyers to buy your car.

Even installing an air freshener on your cart to remove this smoke smell or food leftover smell can help and can encourage your potential buyer to trust you and buy this car. If your vehicle looks clean in the first impression, it indicates that you've been taking care of what's under the hood. 

While that's a great idea, it is very important to be wise about what's considered too much of repair versus what's considered OK.

For example, you don't want to install a new engine to encourage the buyer to buy this vehicle because it might not be worth it. Do your maths and understand whether any repairs are going to add some value to your car or not. 

Spread the world and advertise for your car 

Once your vehicle is ready, it's time now to spread the word and let them know that you're looking to sell your car.

There are plenty of options for selling your used vehicle. Let's look at the top ones:

  • Word of mouth

The easiest and safest way of selling your car is to select a family member or friend. The nice thing about selling your car to a friend is that you don't have to worry about strangers coming to your private property, and your friend might already know your car, so you don't have to convince him about buying it.

On the other hand, some people might find it uncomfortable to negotiate the price with their friends and therefore, they might end up with a reduced offer.

If their friends do not know anything about the paperwork necessary for selling used vehicles, it might end up on you to take care of all that stuff. 

  • Dealerships 


Dealerships are a great option for someone who doesn't want to deal with all the hassle in the counseling process. It is a convenient method that helps you get out of your car fast and safely.

However, dealerships are not recommended for someone looking for the top dollars out of his car because they usually underestimate vehicles and provide you an offer below the used car market. 

  • Classified websites and online retailers 

With the advanced technology nowadays, The Internet made the entire world one universe.

You can get connected to millions of potential buyers through classified websites and online retailers.

Have you ever heard about eBay Motors sell my car? Or probably Craigslist still my car? Have you ever seen Carvana ads on YouTube or other platforms? 

Those are what they're referring to when we say online retailers in classified websites.

The only drawback about these websites is that it takes a long time before finding your right buyer and many people might not be comfortable dealing with strangers and having them come to their private properties. 

  • Cash for cars 


Cash for cars is a unique and common new innovative car selling method. In any cash for cars program, you will be connected with a junk car buyer or any car removal company that will guarantee to buy your car.

They can come to your house or office and remove your car within a couple of days.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation, and they're willing to move your car the same day if you are interested in the top dollars along with free towing. 

Show your car and prepare for a test drive 

Once you've landed on the potential buyer, it is time now to be prepared to meet this buyer and have him test drive the vehicle.

Yes, it might sound a little stressful for some people but, this is how the process goes.

If you implement the following tips and tricks, the process should go smoothly and safely:

  • Make sure to meet with the private buyer in a public location where many people are around. And media location would be mall parking lots or bank parking lots.
  • Never let the buyer test drive the car alone because it is rare to have some buyers scam you and run away with the vehicle.
  • The good idea is to bring one of your friends to accompany you during the test drive if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

Negotiate the price and get paid 

Once your buyer is happy with the vehicle, it is time to negotiate the price before getting paid.

Don't think that the buyer will come immediately and accept the offer that you have. It will take some back and forth negotiation. You need to convince the buyer why he should accept your offer.

For example, you can show him the great features of your vehicle and indicate the high demand for this type of vehicle around your area. 

Also, you already have a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum values your vehicle can make. It is recommended that you show the buyer that you're choosing a number that favors both of you. Thus, it won't hurt to drop the price slightly to finalize the deal. 

When it comes to payment methods, automotive experts recommend that you get paid in cash as much as possible. Checks have their hassle, and you might deal with checks bouncing back from a bank account, and phone call payments are even worse.

If you got to a point where you must accept the check or money order, it is recommended that you meet with the potential buyer near your bank and make sure that the check goes through. 

Sign all paperwork and keep copies in a safe place 

Even after you finalize the deal, it is very important to make sure that you've signed all paperwork and transfer of ownership happened smoothly and correctly.

Consider referring to your state's DMV office website and ensuring that you followed all the necessary regulations to stay on the safe side.

It is also important to keep copies of all paperwork you used through this process in a safe place because you never know what happens in the future. 

Inform your local DMV and canceled entrance policy 

Often, we get super excited about finalizing the deal and getting the offer we were looking for. However, we forget to take care of important items that could lead to a complication.

For example, one of the most important things to do after selling any vehicle is to cancel the registration.

To do so, you need to take your plates to your local DMV office and tell them that you no longer own this vehicle.

Also, who wants to keep paying for a vehicle that he doesn't own? Then, why would you forget to cancel your insurance policy?

Refer to your insurance company and let them know that you're no longer on this vehicle. A lot of times, the insurance company appreciates it when you inform them about selling your car. They might also provide you with future discounts for your brand-new car. 

The bottom line 

Yes, selling a vehicle is not a simple task, and it doesn't have one recipe that makes it work every time. However, with this guidance we provided; the process should go smoothly without any hassle.

If you're still stressed or not comfortable about going through the entire process, we advise you to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer, who can help you and walk you through the step-by-step guidance on how to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer.

Our company provides you the top offers for your vehicle and tow it for free. 

If you would like to learn more about our process, you can always call us at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer. 

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