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Rules and Etiquette of The Pick N Pull Junkyard

Rules and Etiquette of The Pick N Pull Junkyard

The words “pick n pull junkyard” and “etiquette” are two terms that you wouldn’t think to use in the same sentence. When it comes to the pick n pull junkyard many people believe that anything goes. What if I told you that there are rules and etiquette that should be followed when you are visiting a junkyard? While it is a salvage yard, it certainly isn’t a playground where you can do whatever you want.

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The rules and etiquette that people are expected to follow when they visit a pick n pull junkyard help keep it a safe place for all consumers. 


Pick n Pull Junkyard Top Misconceptions 

For years, movies and television shows have painted the pick n pull junkyard as some dark and dungeon-like place filled with useless garbage. However, this is the furthest. thing from the truth. When you visit a pick n pull junkyard you’ll find that it looks similar to your average parking lot. 


Another common misconception is that salvage yards are unruly and there are just wrecked vehicles piled on top of each other. Did you know that the pick n pull junkyards take in over approximately ten million I


Also, many people think of the pick n pull junkyard as an environmentally unsafe place. However, when new vehicles are brought into the yard, they are inspected for safety. In addition, all of the fluids such as antifreeze, oil, and power steering fluid are drained out of the vehicle before it's stored to prevent contamination. 


More than seventy-five percent of the vehicles in the pick n pull junkyard are resold or recycled so that they aren’t sent to permanent landfills. The junkyard does a good job at turning old and wrecked automobiles into scrap material. This scrap aluminum and steel can be used in new vehicle productions. 


Pick N Pull Junkyard Etiquette

It’s important to educate yourself on the basic pick n pull junkyard etiquette. Following these strictly enforced guidelines can prevent you from wasting your precious time and it will help you get the most out of your trip to the pick n pull junkyard. Here is a breakdown of basic pick n pull junkyard etiquette;


  1. Pick N Pull Junkyards Operates on First Come, First Serve Basis

        In case you didn’t know, pick n pull junkyards use a first-come, first-serve policy when selling automobile parts. Therefore, once you remove a part from a vehicle you should buy it while you have the chance. Typically, the pick n pull junkyard doesn’t reserve auto parts for future purchases and you shouldn’t expect a part that you pull to still be available if you leave it there. You should be financially prepared to purchase any parts that you extract when you visit the pick n pull junkyard. 


  1. Be Honest About the Parts You Extract

       Stealing auto parts from the junkyard may not seem like a big deal but it’s highly discouraging. Believe it or not, some salvage yards are equipped with video surveillance and the employees in the yard are constantly keeping watch of everything that is going on. Stealing can even get you banned from the facility. 


You need to present every part that you extracted from a vehicle at the front counter when it's time to pay. Even minuscule items like lug nuts, brackets, hose clamps, and weather seals have to be accounted for. 


  1. Bring your tools

       A pull n pick junkyard is based on a self-service model. That means you are expected to remove the auto parts you need from a vehicle yourself. You’ll need to bring your own tools with you to get the job done. Pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and clamps are basic tools that you should have in your arsenal when you take a trip down to your local pick n pull junkyard. 


However, the junkyard will provide customers with the tools needed to extract more complex auto parts such as an engine or a transmission. After all, the average person won’t have an engine pulling frame with them. Usually, the junkyard won’t charge you any extra fees for using their tools for such projects. 


  1. Avoid breaking things to get to the part you need

  Accidents happen. There may be times when you accidentally break apart while trying to extract the part that you need. This should never be done intentionally. Just think, at some point, another customer is going to come looking for the part you broke only to find that the part they need can’t be used. This can be very discouraging for someone. 


 Whenever you are removing a part from a vehicle you should exercise caution. Use the proper methods for pulling out parts at the pull n pick junkyard even if it means that it will take longer. You should try your best to keep wires, harnesses, and spark plugs intact. 


  1. Properly Store the Parts You Don’t Need

    What should you do with the parts that you don’t need? If you had to pull out a couple of parts to get to the specific part that you needed you might be tempted to simply casually throw the part to the side. It’s poor etiquette to :


  • Put the parts you don’t need inside a vehicle nearby
  • Throw the parts on the ground in the water where they can corrode
  • Toss the parts far away from the vehicle it came from
  • Reattach it to the vehicle


   When it comes to extra parts that you don’t need here are your options:

  •    You can place the parts under the hood or somewhere inside the interior of the vehicle
  • If you feel like you should reattach it to the vehicle you can do so loosely so that the next customer can easily pry the part off the need too.


  1. Help Others If You Can

     While you aren’t required to lend a helping hand doing so can result in good karma. If someone needs a little help with a basic job such as removing a battery or simply stepping on a break it doesn’t hurt to provide some support. At some point, you may even require help removing a part from a vehicle. 

However, when it comes to extracting major auto components like an engine or transmission it can be disrespectful to ask for help at the pick n pull junkyard for complex projects. When removing big auto parts an individual should come prepared with a helper 


  1. Borrowing and Lending Out Tools

It happens to the best of us. You might have forgotten to bring one of the tools you need to extract a part. At the pick n pull junkyard, some tools are considered to be a communal property which means that it’s fine to ask someone to borrow theirs for a moment. On the other hand, for expensive tools like a Sawzall, someone may require that you let them hold a tool of equal value as collateral.


  1. Don’t sneak in prohibited tools

        Every pick n pull junkyard prohibits tools such as torch tools which can be very dangerous. Torches propel sparks that can ignite a big fire if it touches the wrong area. Before your visit, you should check online for your local pick n pull junkyard list of restricted tools. Adhering to the guidelines sets regarding prohibited tools that can be hazardous can help ensure your safety and the safety of others. 


  1. Skip a vehicle if someone is extracting the transmission or engine

If you see that someone is in the process of pulling out an engine or transmission on the vehicle you need parts from you should come back when they're done. No doubt, extracting an engine or tranny is a labor-intensive job that requires lots of focus. It can be difficult for someone to concentrate if you’re working around them. 


You can go find other parts you might need in the junkyard or give someone else a hand. If you are short on time and you need to pull apart from that same vehicle you’ll want to make sure you politely run it by the individual. 


Most people don’t mind taking a short break while you pull from the vehicle or telling you just how much more time they’ll need. Communication is key.


  1. Be courteous at all times

Maintain a sense of professionalism and courtesy when you visit the pick n pull junkyard in your area. At most junkyards, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and they're always willing to help customers if they can. Staff members value good customers and may even be willing to provide extra services that aren’t typically offered.


Pick N Pull Junkyard – Safety Rules You Should Know

Besides basic pull n pick junkyard etiquette, individuals must also follow the safety rules each junkyard has in place. These safety rules protect employees and customers. The average pull n pick junkyard will require every customer to sign a waiver which absolves them of liability if you hurt yourself while in the yard.


Check out these general safety guidelines for navigating the pick n pull junkyard:


Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Of course, you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco or any other type of substance while removing parts from a vehicle. Not only can you hurt yourself if you are inebriated but smoking over an engine or flammable residue in a vehicle can start a fire. 


If you arrive at pick n pull junkyard inebriated you won’t be admitted into the yard. You’ll need to be fully alert when you’re working on automobiles. 


Wear Steel-Toed Boots

When you’re working with heavy car parts, wearing closed-toe shoes or steel-toed boots is highly encouraged. If a part was to fall on your foot it would be very painful and you could break something. Usually, pull n pick junkyards won’t even allow individuals wearing open-toed shoes on to the yard. 


Bring Protective Gear

Make sure you are wearing the right gear on your trip to the pick n pull junkyard. Scrapped cars are usually covered in debris and dirt. Heavy-duty work gloves can help keep your hands from getting soiled and they protect them from injury while in between car parts. Also, protective eyewear is a must when you’re under the hood of a car. Wear a hard hat if you have to access the underside of a vehicle.


Choose the Right Clothing

You might not think what you wear affects your experience at the pick n pull junkyard but it actually does. Avoid wearing excessively loose or baggy clothes which will end up getting caught on auto parts. 


Don’t Bring Fire Hazardous Tools

Flame cutters, battery-powered saws, and handheld grinders are tools that cause sparks and can ignite flames. You should leave tools like this home especially since they are likely prohibited by the junkyard. 


Leave your pets and children at home

The pick n pull junkyard isn’t the place for pets and children. The junkyard isn’t a place where you want your kid running around and playing. It can be nearly impossible to watch your children and extract parts from a vehicle. When you're pulling parts from an automobile you need to give it your full and undivided attention. 


The pull n pick junkyard is also no place for your pets unless they are service dogs. There are kinds of materials that can be hazardous to your pet if they ingested them. A lot of pick n pull junkyards don’t allow pets or children in the yard. 


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As always you should be aware of your surroundings when you are pulling parts from a car. Keep watch of where others are while you’re working, you’re proximity to other vehicles, and people that are working. Continually scan the area for unsafe working conditions so that you can prevent any accidents from occurring. 


Pick N Pull Junkyard Tips for A Safe and Positive Experience

Are you ready for your trip to the pull n pick junkyard? Whether you’re looking to find discounted auto parts or you’re hoping to bump into a vintage automobile following the outlined safety and etiquette guidelines will ensure you have a great experience. 


It can be hard to remember every single safety or etiquette rule; your primary focus should be too courteous and exercise caution in all aspects of your visit. The pick n pull junkyard is a great place where one person’s trash can become your treasure. 

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