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The Best Places To Sell Damaged Cars In 2022

The Best Places To Sell Damaged Cars In 2022

If you would like to sell your damaged car in 2022, consider these best places to sell damaged cars:

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

  • Private buyers
  • Donations to charities
  • Car parts
  • Cash for cars

When your car is completely damaged, repair costs can be extremely high, and that's when many drivers give up on their vehicles. So it's not surprising to hear that those drivers will be looking for the best places to sell damaged cars.

Unfortunately, when your vehicle is damaged, your options will be limited, and your expected profit will be much lower than what you're thinking of. However, if you followed the right procedure and selected the best place to sell your damaged car, there's a very high chance that you will make a very good profit out of it beyond what you think.

This article provides you with detailed guidance based on our decades of experience in the used car market on how to sell your damaged car in 2022. In addition, it highlights all potential places that you can check and get an idea about how much you'll get before making your final decision.

What is the best way to sell a damaged car? Best places to sell damaged cars in 2022

Selecting the best place to sell damaged cars in 2022 depends on your main goals and objectives. For example, if you're purely looking at getting higher profit, your options will be different than someone looking to sell his damaged car fast and safe.

Therefore, you'll need to follow this procedure to help and guide yourself select the best place to sell damaged cars that works for you:

  1. Confirm that you would like to sell your car

Before moving any step further, you must confirm that you would like to sell your car. In other words, sometimes your vehicle might look damaged to you, but repair costs are not that high, and all of, which you're dealing with is just a couple of dents or a broken bumper.

That's why we still highly encourage you to reach out to your mechanic and confirm the total repair cost. Once you have a final number, you can then compare it to your vehicle's value and decide whether you want to proceed with selling your vehicle or fixing it.

As you might already know, in 2022, there is a huge car shortage, and the used car market lacks options. While this is great news for someone who would like to sell a car, if this is your only vehicle and you don't have a replacement, you'll also suffer from finding a good deal because all used vehicles will be very expensive.

That's why most automotive experts recommend anyone dealing with car problems to evaluate the repair costs and try as much as they can to fix the vehicles rather than giving up on them because they're going to be ripped off by the current car prices.

  1. Understand the damage level

As we indicated earlier, some inexperienced drivers might exaggerate the vehicle damages. Therefore, in some instances, the vehicles might need some minor repair or moderate repair, but it's not a horrible situation.

Therefore, you must understand the extent of the damage before deciding on the best place to sell damaged cars. For example, if your vehicle is completely damaged and it is beyond repair, your options will be different than someone else who is dealing with some moderate repairs that can be fixable

  1. Determine your vehicle's value

Whether your car has moderate or major damages, you still need to understand what you own. Understanding and asking price is extremely critical, especially if you plan to sell your cards or a private buyer. Even if you're planning to sell your vehicle to junkyards, you still need to understand how much to expect, so they don't rip you off.

There are plenty of available online tools that can help you understand how much your vehicle is worth. However, most of these tools are designated for used vehicles that do not have significant damages. You can give it a try and investigate edmunds.com or Kelley Blue Book by entering your vehicle's basic information. These tools will provide you with a minimum and maximum value your vehicle can make. However, these values do not consider any repair costs, and that's why you'll have to do your math and subtract any expected repair costs.

If you feel the process is overwhelming, you can reach out to your mechanic and have him provide you with a general cost estimate. During mechanic will understand your vehicle's history, and if it's been a long relationship with him, he will be the best person to give you an evaluation for your vehicle.

  1. Decide on the best places to sell damaged cars

As we highlighted before, depending on the severity of the damage, your option for the best place to sell damaged cars will be different. However, the overall options for you to sell damaged cars are:

Private buyers

It might sound a little bit surprising that private buyers would be interested in purchasing damaged cars. However, it's not a rare situation. There are plenty of private buyers looking specifically for damaged vehicles to use them as project cars.

That's why if you have time and you're not in a rush, somehow, you can post your vehicle on classified websites like eBay Motors or Craigslist. We recommend that you post your car as a project vehicle, and it would be great if you highlighted some information about what is going on wrong with the vehicle. In other words, you can recommend that the engine requires some repair or probably the transmission doesn't work properly. The more details you provide, the more the potential buyer will feel trusted and reach out to you.

Keep in mind that selling your damaged car to a private buyer is not easy and takes a very long time. So that's why we mentioned unless you have a long time, we don't recommend selling a vehicle to a private buyer.

Donations to charities

The other option you can try is donating your vehicle to a charity. The charity will not necessarily use the car for commuting, but they will use the vehicle's value towards raising funds for the charity itself. This way, you can achieve supporting your favorite charity, and at the same time, you can enjoy the tax reductions at the end of the year. Many align articles discuss how much you can get as tax reduction once you donate your car.

Remember that donating your car can get you some money, but it will not get you the highest amount of money you're looking for. Also, you'll need to be prepared for some waiting times and another hassle, especially if you decide to have the charity sell your car.

Car parts

If you still would like to get a good amount of money out of your vehicle without dealing with the hassle of selling it to a private buyer, you can part out your vehicle and sell it as separate parts.

There are plenty of valuable components in your vehicle that you can focus on and post on websites like eBay motors. With the current car shortage in 2022, tons of people are looking for parts replacements, and if your vehicle has a very high demand in your area, you'll get a really good amount of money out of your valuable parts.

However, you should keep in mind that parting out your car is not an easy job and requires a certain level of mechanical skill sets. You can't take the parts hard because you might cause some damage to the surrounding components. Also, there are some toxic fluids that you have to separate and dispose of properly, so you don't get into legal issues.


Another option for selling the damaged car is direct to junkyards. Junkyards are the last resort for any vehicle that doesn't have any hope to work. These junkyards will accept your vehicle no matter what, but your effort should be focused on selecting a legitimate you junkyard and getting more than one quote. Hence, you better understand how much to ask for your car.

Also, some junkyards might provide you with free towing service, which is something to consider in your evaluation process about which junkyards to go with.

While carrots are great options, and they will take care of most people's work, there is some hassle that could be involved, especially related to the amount of money you will get. Many people complain that they didn't make any money by selling their vehicles to junkyards because their prices were low.

Cash for cars programs

Finally, some designated programs focus on junk vehicles and damaged cars. These programs are companies working directly with you to buy your vehicle and sell it to junkyards or other locations. These companies do not mind buying any car. In other words, if your vehicle is completely damaged and doesn't have any active components, cash for cars programs typically buy them.

For example, cash cars buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation that provides you with the cash flow car program. What it takes you is a quick conversation with our team by calling us at 8669244608. The nice thing about cash cars buyer is that you'll get the maximum amount of money your vehicle can make around your region, and your vehicle will be removed within one to three days only! Furthermore, all towing services are free of charge, so you don't have to worry about any hidden fees like other competitors.

Where can I get the most money for my wrecked car in 2022?

If your profit is your highest priority for selling a wrecked car, then your options will be slightly different. The process will take a little more time, but it's worth it.

Among the highlighted options, selling your wrecked car to a private buyer would be the best place to get the maximum money. Still, as we indicated earlier, it takes forever, and it's almost rare, but it's not impossible. So, you might want to give it still a try and post your car on multiple classified websites to see what type of quotes you're getting.

If you're not successful in getting a good quote from these websites, you can then move forward with evaluating whether it's worth parting out your car or not. See what the active components are, how easy it is to post them and sell them through classified websites with the level of effort needed to take them out. Calculate a total number and profit because you'll need to compare it to the other options before making a final decision.

Finally, reach out to cash cars buyer and get your instant quote. These quotes are typically generated within 30 seconds, so you don't have to worry about wasting your time or effort. The offers are free of charge, and it can give you an idea about how much you can make by selling your car to cash cars buyer.


Once you have these numbers next to each other, you can decide which number makes the most sense to you. Note that you still need to account for the waiting time, and sometimes, getting your vehicle sold fast is another consideration to keep in mind rather than focusing only on the amount of money you'll get.

Best places to sell damaged cars in 2022: final thoughts

Selling a damaged car in 2022 is not an easy job. However, there are plenty of options for you out there, and once you do the right research, you can get a decent amount of money by selling your damaged vehicle.

This article provided you with all you need to know about how to sell a damaged car in 2022. It also highlighted all your options for the best places to sell damaged cars this year. While these places are still great options, we highly encourage you to reach out to cash cars buyer and enjoy the maximum profit and the easy, fast process!

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