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The Best Junkyards That Buy Cars Near Me: How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars? 

When Is A Car Considered Junk

If you're searching for “the best junkyards that buy cars near me?”, you need to look for the junkyard’s license, check customers' reviews, look for their online presence, get multiple quotes, check for any hidden fees, and evaluate the offers. 

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It's not rare to deal with situations where our vehicles are not repairable, or no one is interested in purchasing them. Selling these vehicles to a junkyard would be an ideal option for many people.

However, the question always remains how do I select the best junkyards that buy cars near me? And, how much do junkyards pay for cars?

This article answers the mentioned questions and more details you need to know when it comes to selling a junk car. 

What is a junkyard? 

Before we dive into the details about selecting the best junkyards that buy cars and determining how much junkyards pay for cars, it is essential to understand what the junkyards are and how do they work.

By understanding how junkyards work, you can determine what needs to be sold to a junkyard versus what needs to be sold separately.

Junkyards are basically designated facilities or companies focused on purchasing drivable vehicles. Many vehicles reach a certain stage in their life where it's not repairable and or repair costs are approaching about 75% or more from their value. If that's the case, owners prefer to sell their cars to junkyards because no private owners or dealerships will accept buying undrivable vehicles.

What happens when I sell my car to a junkyard? 

When selling your car to a junkyard, the junkyard usually comes to your house to pick up the vehicle or ask you to tow it to their location if this car does not work. 

Most junkyards sort the cars Depending on their type and condition. The junkyard will take apart the vehicle and sell any valuable items separately so they can save a lot of space.

That's why when selling your car to a junkyard; you need to keep in mind that any nonmetal component will not get you anything. Thus, think about removing any nonmetal component and selling it separately so you can make extra money instead of leaving it to the junkyard.

After all nonmetal components are removed, the junkyard then stacks all metal racks on top of each other and sells them to a certain warehouse or recycle agency where this metal is reused or recycled for other purposes. 

Junkyards can make a lot of profit by either selling the nonmetal parts separately or selling the actual metal racks from your vehicle. If you decided to have the junkyard remove the parts for you, they would charge you for this service, but at the end of the day, you can take advantage of selling these parts separately. As we indicated in a separate article, there are plenty of valuable components in your car that can make you a decent amount of money. 

How to find the best junkyards that buy cars near me? 

With the advanced technology nowadays, you no longer must search for junkyards around you by driving in the area and picking up a number to call. The Internet is filled with tons of websites for local junkyards around you.

By doing a quick search on Google for “junkyards that buy cars near me,” you will find a long list of possible options to choose from, and these options usually are sorted by the closest location to your area. 

While it might sound straightforward to find the best junkyards that buy cars near you, the process should be done with caution because there are plenty of fake junkyards that might scam you.

Therefore, it is recommended that you go through the online presence of this junkyard. For example, any junkyard is expected to have at least a website or a social media account like Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Once you confirm that this company has a strong online presence, your next step is to look at customer reviews. Who would like to deal with a company that does not have the best customer feedback? It will be just a waste of time and effort. Thus, even if the company seems to be very close to your area, make sure to take a closer look at the customer's reviews and select a company with the best reputations. 

How to select the best junkyard that buys cars near me and pays the most money? 

While it's not terrible to find a good junkyard online, if you're looking for the most money, then your process will be a little more challenging.

Based on our decades of experience in the car selling market, we advise that you look for at least three quotes from different companies and make a detailed comparison.

As you get these quotes, don't be fooled by behind proposed quote because many junkyards might have some hidden fees. For instance, a junkyard might surprise you with some tooling service that you will end up paying after finalizing the deal during

In other situations, even if a junkyard will take care of the towing service, the towing itself might ask you to pay again for the service. That's why we recommend that you check with the company and confirm that all towing service is covered and whatever quote represents the exact amount of money you will receive at the pickup time. 

How much do junkyards pay for cars? 

When it comes to the exact amount of cash you receive for your car, the amount differs significantly depending on your vehicle's type, condition, and price of scrap metal.

In general, most junkyards pay between $250 and $500. Of course, the number can be totally different based on your own circumstances.  

  • Car type 

Certain car models have higher demand in certain areas, and that's why you might get paid much more money if you are selling one of those vehicles versus others. 

Also, some modern vehicles might be more expensive than older vehicles but, that's not always the case. As we indicated before, most junkyards make money by selling your car as metal, and many older vehicles seem to have more mellow than normal modern cars. There is a trend for creating more plastic in modern vehicles than metal which means that more modern cars do not necessarily get you more money.

That also goes for your vehicle's weight. Junkyards will weigh your car and check how much metal it has. For instance, if you're selling a large SUV, you will receive much more money than selling a small to the midsize car. 

  • Car condition 

Selling a decent car with fewer missing components will get you much more money than selling a car that was completely damaged in a flood or a car accident.

When the car has some active components, the junkyard can make some money out of these components by selling them separately.

However, we always recommend that you take apart any mental component and sell it yourself because you can make more money than having the junkyard do it because they will only pay you for the metal parts.

Keep in mind that taking apart a car should be done in a certain way to prevent harming the environment. For example, draining any car fluid should not be disposed of to the environment, and it must be put in certain containers and dispose of properly according to the environmental regulations.

Therefore, if you decided to take apart the car and sell these parts separately, you need to have certain mechanical skill sets or bring a friend or mechanic to help you do the job. 

  • Scrap metal price 

As we already mentioned, junkyards make money by selling your car as scrap metal. When the scrap metal price goes up, there is willing to pay you much more than when it goes down.

Many people think that they should delay selling their junk cars, hoping for the price of scrap metal to go up. However, the price of scrap metal usually goes down, and it doesn't make sense for you to wait a year or so hoping to get a higher offer because your vehicle will lose value over time. 

Therefore, if you have a car that doesn't run, do not wait on it because the more you wave, the more it loses its value, and there are plenty of interested buyers who are willing to pay you the top dollars your vehicle can make. So, instead of collecting dust and rust on this car, you can collect some money and use the payment towards a better vehicle.  

Is there a better way to sell my junk car? 

Of course!

If you don't want to deal with old dimension headaches and are still worried about getting the most cash out of your junk car, you are at the right location!

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal services in the nation. We are focused on purchasing vehicles that don't run and helping customers looking for someone to remove their cars quickly and for the most money.

Our company is a 24-hour car removal company that works during weekdays and works weekends, evenings, and the same day if anyone is interested.

Since we understand how complicated selling a junk car is, we decided to go with a straightforward procedure that works for everyone without any previous skill sets in selling a used or junk car.

Our procedure involves three primary steps:

  • Provide a basic description of your car 

To get started, we will need to know your car's make, model, and year. We will ask you questions about your car's condition, including whether it's missing any major component or it has any significant issue and the transmission or the engine.

We will also need to know whether your car has a title or not because this information goes directly towards our evaluation process. 

  • Receive our instant free quote

After getting the basic information about your car, we will evaluate your vehicle by comparing it to the most recent transactions around your area to generate a fair offer within 30 seconds only!

Our offers represent the maximum cash your money can make around your area because we use the most advanced technology that helps us compare your car’s characteristics to a database of thousands of vehicles around your area. Thus, we are confident that we are providing you with the top offer! 

  • Get your car removed and receive your payment

Once you received the offer, we allow you as much time as you need to accept it so he can move forward to scheduling a pickup time and location.

Since we are a 24-hour car removal company, you should not have any problem finding a flexible schedule that works within your busy day. 

At the pickup time and location, we will perform a quick inspection to ensure that your car matches the information we have in our system.

After the inspection, we will ask you to show us additional paperwork that will have a title to prove your ownership. Then, we will hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot! 

Before we remove the car, we ask you to take a quick look at your personal belongings because many people tend to forget their laptops, phones, or other people's work fewer minutes.

We also remind you to visit your local DMV office and make sure to cancel the registration and call the insurance company and cancel your policy. 

By canceling the insurance policy, you ensure that you are not paying for a vehicle you no longer own. 

To learn more about our process and our team, you can reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer.

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