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TCC Solenoid Price – What Is The Average Cost?

TCC Solenoid Price

To determine what you might pay for the average tcc solenoid price, you need to know the function of the tcc solenoid, the repair and replacement procedures, and how the replacement process works.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The location of the torque converter is between the front of the transmission and the back of the engine and is responsible for sending the power from the engine to the transmission without losing any performance capabilities. If this does not work properly, the solenoid might need to be replaced, enhancing the total tcc solenoid price.


If the solenoid needs to be replaced in your car, then this will run you on average between a wide range of $85 and $400. The solenoid itself might only be priced at between $15 and $30 as an average, but can sometimes run upward of $100. In addition, the labor costs of this procedure range from between $70-$150, since the task can take anywhere from one hour to three hours depending on the type of car you have, affecting the overall tcc solenoid price.

What is the tcc solenoid?


The tcc solenoid is located between the rear of hte engine and the very front of the transmission in the car. The tcc solenoid stands for transmission torque converter clutch solenoid, with the torque converter having a main function of transmitting the necessary torque from the engine and the power to drive the car to the transmission. Without the torque converter, the power would not be able to be transmitted. 


To prevent the car from slipping while you are driving, usually during speeds that are faster and exceed around 40 miles per hour, there is a lockup clutch that is located inside of the torque converter. This part is in charge of locking the output from the engine drive to the input shaft of the transmission so that it can have the proper ratio to perform well. Without the proper ratio of the given power going to a transmission, the total tcc solenoid price will be higher. 

Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Replacement Cost Comparison


To see how much you might spend on the tcc solenoid cost, you need to know the average price that you will spend at various locations, whether it be your regular mechanic, a chain store, or a place just for parts. 


If you look up the cost of the tcc solenoid price at your local mechanic, it will usually run you between $118 and $272 on average, with a 12 month warranty. If you would rather go to another chain store instead of a local shop, Midas has the same prices as your mechanic, and Mr. Tire runs between $126 and $156 on average for the tcc solenoid price. 


In addition, another store, NAPA, charges owners between $112 and $281 for the tcc solenoid price to replace it, including a 24-month warranty. Lastly, if you would rather just get parts to do the process yourself or possibly save on parts at a mechanic’s shop, you can go to Walmart and get parts for between $49 and $170 or to Amazon, ordering parts between $42 and $195 for a lower total tcc solenoid price. 

Sample tcc solenoid price replacement costs


To see how much you might spend at your local shop AND for what kind of car you have, we have included the typical tcc solenoid price replacement cost for various popular makes and models of cars on the market today. 


The least expensive option for the tcc solenoid price is the Nissan Altima, ranging between $500 and $585, with the labor between 350 and $400, while the parts came in between $150 and $185. The second cheapest options are a tie between the Ford cars – the Ford Fusion, Ford F-Series, and Ford Focus. All of these car models cost between $583 and $650, with the parts between $168 and $192, and the labor between $415 and $458.


The more expensive cars for the total tcc solenoid price are the Toyota Cars – the Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla, with both of these models ranging between $670 and $705. The total labor cost is $480-$505 and the parts are between $190 and $200. 


The most expensive options when figuring out how much you might spend on the total tcc solenoid price are the Honda cars – the Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, and Honda Accord, with all three models ranging between $720 and $850 for the total replacement, costing between $520 and $600 for labor costs alone. 

How to save money on tcc solenoid price


To save a few bucks when you realize you have to pay for the transmission torque converter clutch solenoid replacement or just to buy a new tcc solenoid, you can attempt to fix the car by yourself. If you have mechanical experience and expertise, you can try to make this a DIY repair and replacement instead of going to the shop, where they can charge upwards of $6600 for labor alone.


However, be aware of how much you are going to have to do on your car for this repair – it is no easy fix, and requires a lot of time and knowledge. Make sure you do not replace the wrong solenoid, you do not harm any other parts, and you don’t damage any other parts, as this can actually enhance the price you might pay for the tcc solenoid replacement cost.


Since this is a tricky and more complicated fix, you might be better off going to a mechanic or auto body shop so they can properly diagnose the issue and look into it with trained yees. You can save money by comparing the mechanic’s costs between the shop you want it and other chain stores. If you want to save more money ,you can maye get some parts online, like from Amazon, to save money as well. 

Symptoms of transmission solenoid problem


As you know, the tcc solenoid is very important to the inner workings of your car and keeping the power ratio between the engine and transmission working correctly. However, a transmission solenoid can fail due to various reasons, like an electrical short circuit, dirty and contaminated fluid, or the solenoid sticking open or closed during use. 


Let’s see some of the main signs and symptoms that something has damaged the tcc solenoid or if you need to start looking into tcc solenoid price for a potential replacement in your vehicle. If you do not get this fixed, it can cause numerous other problems.


Erratic shifting – if you have noticed that your transmission is not working correctly and you suspect the tcc solenoid could be at fault, this could be very easy to tell by the gearbox getting stuck, the gearbox skipping a gear completely while you are shifting, the gearbox shifting unit change back and forth between gears without you doing so, and the car getting stuck in one gear while driving, making driving easily and efficiently impossible.


Transmission won’t downshift – if you realize that you might have to start looking into the local tcc solenoid price, this could be because your transmission has the inability to downshift. If this is the case, one of the shift solenoids might have become stuck, whether in an open or closed position. If this transmission solenoid is unable to move freely with the pressure and liquid, it can cause the fluid to not be able to enter the transmission valve body to select the correct gear. 


Shifting delay or stuck in neutral – if you have an automatic transmission, the car automatically chooses the correct gears and you don't have to do anything on your own – that is the ease and beauty of an automatic car over a manual one. But sometimes, the solenoid is not working correctly and this can’t happen.


In order for the electronically controlled transmission to shift gears at the right time, the tcc solenoid is in charge of altering the pressure of the fluid to activate the right gear at the right time. If the shift solenoid is getting too much electricity or receiving too little of a current, or there is dirty and debris-filled transmission fluid, the tcc solenoid can become stuck – either in an open or closed position. 


If the solenoid gets stuck, this can cause the choosing of gamers to become impossible, or very slow, and cause the transmission to act as if it is locked in a neutral position, making it crucial to look into new tcc solenoid prices.


Furthermore, since the tcc solenoids are a part of the electrical system within your car, the electronic control unit will usually show an error code after being diagnosed, and turn on the check engine light on your dashboard if something is wrong with the system. In this case, the transmission will go into limp mode, where the car will now be unable to switch out of second or third gear, since the car is preventing itself from breaking down. This surely alerts the driver it is time to look into the replacement tcc solenoid prices. 


In this case, the number one thing you should do is to look at the error codes by having the mechanic use his diagnostic tool to see where the problem is originating from. Using a scan tool, the mechanic will be able to see the location and the origin of the tcc solenoid problem. Although this could be just a simple issue, it can also be a severe and complicated problem, like a failed solenoid pack, meaning you need to have your car at a professional shop to ensure they can tell you the correct tcc solenoid price and diagnose the issue correctly. 

Codes associated with TCC conditions


Along with the signs and symptoms that you might see in your car that are attributed to a failing or damaged tcc solenoid, you might also notice some trouble and fault codes that show the origin of the problem is the tcc solenoid. In this case, you need a diagnostic scan tool, or you need to bring your car to a mechanic so they can scan the vehicle for trouble codes.


There are common codes associated with tcc conditions. If you notice that your scan tool has picked up on any of the “P074_” codes, then this directly is associated with the torque converter clutch circuit. The main issues include a torque converter clutch circuit malfunction, torque converter clutch circuit performance or stuck off, torque converter clutch circuit stuck on, torque converter clutch circuit electrical, torque converter clutch circuit intermittent, or a component slipping. 


If you get the code of P0740, this directly relates to the torque converter clutch circuit malfunction, with the main cause being a faulty torque converter clutch solenoid, meaning you need to look into the replacement costs of the tcc solenoid price. The description of this code is that there is damaged transmission wiring harness, loose connection, or open circuit within the transmission system. It can also indicate an issue with the transmission control module or the powertrain control module. 

When do I need to look into the tcc solenoid prices for replacements?


If you notice the clear symptoms and the signs of a faulty tcc solenoid, then the best choice for you and your car is to look into the replacement. The signs of tcc solenoid issue are serious, such as your car not being able to downshift, meaning it is impossible to do this safely while your tcc solenoid is faulty. This means that the correct amount of fluid won’t be able to fill the valve and the power will decrease. 


In addition, the erratic shifting is unsafe to drive with. If there is an issue with the tcc solenoid and you notice that there are clear signs and symptoms prevalent in your vehicle,e then you will also notice that your gearbox is getting increasingly difficult to use. This gearbox acts erratically and causes the tcc solenoid price to be much higher and causes the car to potentially shift up and down repeatedly. In the worst cases, the shifting could even get stuck and you will not be able to change the gears at all. 


Furthermore, another shifting problem that can occur and be associated with a higher tcc solenoid price is a severe shifting delay, meaning the car will not be as responsive as it normally is and cause performance decreases. This can be a clear sign and symptom of a faulty or damaged transmission solenoid and cause a higher tcc solenoid price. 


The fluid pressure in your car’s transmission system provides the leeway for the car's engine control unit to be able to switch the gears correctly at the right time and in the right manner. If this is not able to work poorly and the engine control unit is working faulty, then this can cause the tcc solenoid price to increase.


In addition, if the wire wrapping on the plumber gets too little or too much electricity via the electrical current, the transmission solenoid can get stuck and be unable to move, leading to a lack of shifting capabilities. This can cause the gear shifting to become completely difficult or unable to use. 


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