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10 Symptoms of A Blown Transmission: All You Need to Know

10 Symptoms of A Blown Transmission: All You Need to Know

The 10 most common symptoms of a blown transmission include:

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  1. Burning smell
  2. Reduction in transmission fluid level
  3. Check engine light illuminating
  4. Weird transmission fluid
  5. Strange noises
  6. Inconsistent performance
  7. Shaking and grinding
  8. Difficulties switching gears
  9. Slipping gears
  10. Car surging

Have you ever been in a situation where your mechanic mentioned you need to replace your transmission?! This is very stressful, meaning thousands of dollars on the repair without giving up on your vehicle.

Every driver must understand what symptoms you should be looking for to determine whether you're dealing with a blown transmission or not. The faster you act when seeing these symptoms, the easier it is for your mechanic to resolve the problem and the lower the repair costs.

There are lots of symptoms that you will notice when your transmission blows up. Some of these symptoms might indicate early stages of transmission failures, while others may mean a complete transmission blowup.

This article walks you through the 10 most common symptoms of a blown transmission. Whenever you deal with these symptoms, you must be prepared for expensive repair costs and evaluate the situation carefully before spending your money on a vehicle that's not worth it.

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10 symptoms of a blown transmission

When your transmission blows up, it will show significant symptoms that will grab your session immediately. Therefore, you must monitor for these symptoms and detect them as early as possible before they evolve and cause trouble with other components.

Automotive experts perform detailed research on what drivers will notice when they have major problems in their transmissions.

The following list provides a detailed summary of the 10 most common symptoms of a blown transmission. It is important that whenever you notice any of these problems, take it seriously because you can save yourself a lot of time and money if your mechanic can fix the problem rather than needing to install a major component like the transmission.

Let's read on for more details:

1.    Burning smell

The first thing most common symptom that you'll notice when your transmission is about to blow up is some strong burning smell. It could indicate that the transmission is overstressed, and the internal fluid is not enough, so it's overheating so much

Transmission overheating is never good because the transmission is to sign in a way that should work within a specific temperature range. However, we always like to say that excessive temperature can be a massive enemy to your vehicle's components here; therefore, when you feel that there is a strong burning smell coming out of the transmission components, you got to talk to your mechanic immediately because it could be an indication of a blown transmission.

If you ignored the burning smell, don’t be surprised to start noticing smoke coming out of the vehicle’s engine compartment towards the transmission location!

2.    Reduction in transmission fluid level

The other thing you should be looking for is how much fluid you have in your transmission fluid reservoir. If it's below the minimum, it means that there are some sorts of internal or external leaks causing their adduction in your transmission fluids.

Sometimes it might be another problem causing your transmission to consume more fluid than it should. Therefore, whatever is causing this issue should be taken seriously, and whenever you run a low transmission level, you're sacrificing the vehicle and shortening your transmission's lifetime.

In many situations, if you notice that your transmission fluid is reduced beyond the minimum point, you can easily talk to your mechanic and try to contain the problem as fast as possible before your transmission feels out completely.

Think about it: if it takes you some time to go to the mechanic shop to discuss this topic about the reduced transmission fluid, it won't be as much time or as stressful time as when you're talking about a blown-up transmission. Therefore, we highly encourage you never to ignore a problem related to a low transmission fluid no matter what.

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3.    Check engine light illuminating

When your transmission is blowing up or about to blow up, you often notice a check engine light Illuminating the dashboard. This check engine light is responsible for communicating with you and bringing your attention to eternal problems

Sometimes can be very hard to determine whether this check engine light is related to a blown-up transmission o, but

The scanner should provide you with details about some error codes associated with different problems in your vehicle. Depending on the conflicts of your scanning tool, you might also get some information about what each error code means. If scanning tools are not advanced enough, you can Google the error code and figure out what's happening.

In most cases, if you're dealing with a blonde transmission, the error code will tell you exactly where your transmission problems are happening so you can understand what's expected next when you talk to your mechanic.

4.    Weird transmission fluid

As the driver, you should be familiar with your transmission. Typically, a good transmission will look clear out of dirt and in good shape clear telephone. If you notice that the transmission fluid looks weird and has lots of dirt or looks darker than before, it could indicate that you're close to getting to a blown transmission.

That's why we always encourage you to keep up with your vehicle's transmission quantity and the transmission fluid quality. The quality must do a lot with your transmission's health and how long it will last before it blows up.

Therefore, whenever you notice that the transmission fluid looks different, you cannot talk to your mechanic and have him perform a third section to determine whether the problem is related to an old transmission fluid or a problem with the transmission itself.

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5.    Strange noises

Typically, when your vehicle makes any weird noises, it means that there is something wrong internally. Sometimes these ladies might be related to a simple problem, but in many situations, it can indicate major complications in significant components like the transmission or the engine. Therefore, if you feel that your transmission is making strange noises that you're unfamiliar with, you will take the problem seriously because it could mean a blown-up transmission.

When these noises get louder and louder, it means that the problem is getting more severe. So, it is important for you as a driver to take these sounds and noises seriously the first time you hear them and never to ignore them, especially if it's consistent but if it happens every time you engage the transmission.

Keep in mind that you might deal with tons of noises, and each of these noises might be related to a different component in your vehicle. Therefore, when you talk to your mechanic, try describing how often you hear noises and when these noises occur because it also helps the mechanic determine what's component is going bad and whether it's related to the transmission or something else.

6.    Inconsistent performance

The transmission should operate properly over time. The transmission Performance shouldn't be sluggish, and you shouldn't be dealing with scenarios where it works just fine today and then it doesn't work OK the next day.

If you notice this sluggish transmission for performance, it might be an early indication of a failing transmission in a very short time.

Therefore, you must communicate whatever you're dealing with what's your mechanic because your mechanic should be able to provide it more recommendations about what needs to be done next and how to protect your transmission so it doesn't fail before it should.

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7.    Shaking and grinding

Another potential symptom of a blown transmission would be some transmission shaking or sometimes grinding. Shaking means that your transmission has some internal troubles, and the longer you wait on the shaking, the more complicated the problem becomes and the harder it is for your mechanic to resolve it.

Also, this weird grinding noise coming out of the transmission might indicate some wrong interaction between the transmission components which means that some are eating up the other components.

Therefore, whatever you do with the screening noise, do not ignore it and talk to your mechanic to have him perform after inspection before you cause the problems to evolve.

8.    Difficulties switching gears

If you're driving a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, you'll notice when the transmission is not behaving properly, especially whenever you try to shift gears. In a good healthy transmission, shifting gears should be very smooth and shouldn't take much time or effort from you as long as you're doing it right.

However, in some unhealthy transmissions that are about to blow up, you'll notice that it's very difficult to switch gears, or your transmission is not behaving as it should whenever you try to switch gears.

Remember that this might be related to some other minor problems with your transmission. That's why you shouldn't be very scared whenever this happens, but you should talk to your mechanic as soon as possible because the longer you win on the problem, the more it evolves and the more it leads to a blown transmission.

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9.    Slipping gears

So more to the previous problem, sometimes you might notice that the gear switch is not happening properly and what's even worse is that the gear keeps slipping. Gear slipping means your vehicle doesn't stay on the same gear you're asking it to. In that case, it means that your transmission is suffering from internal problems, and in some scenarios, your mechanic might ask you to replace the transmission as the only solution for your problem.

10.  Car surging

Finally, when your transmission has a significant problem, and it's about to blow up, you'll notice that the vehicle is surging weirdly. Of course, car surging is never good because it can easily lead you to measure car crashes and might put your safety at a very high risk of hazards.

Thus, you must keep up with your transmission and try to fix the problems as early as possible, not only for your vehicle to operate properly but also to maintain your safety and the safety of other people driving around you.

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Final thoughts

Transmission problems will happen no matter what, but when they are related to a blown transmission, it can be extremely stressful and frustrating.

As a driver, you must familiarize yourself with the different symptoms of a blown transmission. This way, you prepare for what's coming next and understand what next actions you should take to resolve the problem before you get to a situation where you cannot drive your car completely.

If your mechanic recommends that you replace the transmission, step back, and evaluate the situation carefully before you spend so much money on a vehicle that's not worth it.

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