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6 Symptoms of a Bad Radiator Fan: All You Need to Know

Coolant Leaking From Bottom Of Radiator

The 6 symptoms of a bad radiator fan include:

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  1. The fan does not turn on
  2. The radiator fan fuse is blown
  3. The temperature warning light is on
  4. The AC performance is not good
  5. The vehicle is overheating
  6. The vehicle is making a loud whirring noise

Your vehicle contains many interacting components, each component doing a specific job. You might be familiar with certain components like the engine and transmission, but did you know that there are some minor components that you should know about to avoid dealing with their problems?!

The radiator fan is a minor component, but it plays a major role in ensuring that your AC system is working properly and your vehicle is not overheating beyond a certain point.

Because the radiator fan is fragile and might break down frequently, it is essential for you to understand what the different symptoms of a bad radiator fan are, so we replace it and have your AC system back again.

This article highlights the five symptoms of the add radiator fan. We highly encourage you to consult your mechanic and have him replace the fan as soon as possible if you want your car to operate properly and avoid further complications.

How To Tell If Your Car Has a Bad Radiator

What is the radiator fan, and what does it do?

Before we dive into the details about the main symptoms of a bad radiator fan, we must understand what this fan is and what it does in your vehicle.

The radiator fan is a small component between the engine and the radiator. It is responsible for pulling the air through the radiator and making sure that this air is cooled down properly.

There the air firm becomes a significant component when your vehicle is at stationary positions or when you're driving at very low speeds. This is because your engine will not have the necessary power and environment for the other components like the cooling system to operate and cool down the engine.

Did you know that there are situations where a bedroom fan causes significant troubles in the vehicle?! That's why it is essential that you understand if this fan doesn't go bad and how often you should replace it.

How often should you replace the radiator fan?

The good news is that the radiator fan might be a fragile component, but it lasts somewhere between 8 and 10 years. This is because the fat is not typically exposed to excessive external factors that might damage it prematurely.

However, this doesn't mean you will deal with damages to your fan before the deadline. In other words, if some external factors cause your fan to get damaged, don't be surprised with situations where you must replace it before you even hit the eight years.

6 Symptoms of a bad radiator fan

Since the radiator fan is a significant component, although it's minor, we need to understand exactly what we need to replace this fan before it reaches the end of its lifetime.

The good thing is that automotive experts spend extensive time and research looking for the different symptoms of a bad radiator fan cured. According to experts gone, here are the most common six symptoms of bad radiator fat:

1.    The fan does not turn on

When the radiator fan has a problem, it will not turn off. That's why the quickest way to determine whether your fan is operating properly is to look at their theater and see if the fat is moving.

Keep in mind that the whole engine compartment will be very hot when your vehicle is running and if it was running before. So that's why when you perform this inspection, you have to be careful what to touch and how to inspect the radiator fan.

2.    The radiator fan fuse is blown

If you confirm that the radiator fan does not have a problem, the next step is to look at some of the fuses. Like any other component in your car, the radiator fan requires some electric source, and this electric source is typically connected to a small fan fuse.

It's not rare for legal situations where the radiator fan stops working because of a blown fuse. Here look at the fuse box and see if you can smell or notice any burning science spirit

Once you locate the issue that comes up, you must replace the fuse to have your radiator fan working again. The good thing is that replacing the radiator fuse is inexpensive and might not require much effort. That's why you'll see many drivers prefer to replace diffuse themselves rather than going to a small independent shop or even a dealership to resolve the problem so they can save on labor costs.

3.    The temperature warning light is on

If you were not able to inspect the radiator fan itself or look at the fuse box, you might want to notice some other symptoms that might be more critical. For example, if you look at the dashboard and realize that the temperature warning light is turned on, you're dealing with a critical situation.

Keep in mind that this sensor is one of the many sensors communicating with the vehicle's engine and is responsible for letting you know about the current engine temperature.

Look, this insert reads very high, it means that your engine is insecure, and the problem is critical, so you need to act immediately.

When the engine separator reads very high, it might be a serious situation that gets more complicated in a very short time. That's why many experts prefer you stop your vehicle and turn it off as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that if you're driving on the highway, you got to find a perfect situation where you can pull over and take the nearest Exit to check on your vehicle.

However, if your vehicle starts showing more serious symptoms like smoke coming out of the engine compartment, you might want to pull over and turn off your vehicle on the shoulder.

Radiator Replacement Cost

4.    The AC performance is not good

Another potential symptom of a failing radiator fan is when your AC system is not working properly. Imagine if you're driving on a very hot day and you started the AC system and realized that it's all it's doing is just blowing warm air!

This can be a very stressful situation. Although it doesn't have to do anything with your vehicle's drivability, it might make your driving experience extremely challenging. So here, we always encourage our drivers to check on the AC system before the summer season hits and before you take a long trip where you need the AC system most of the time.

5.    The vehicle is overheating

What's your engine is hot, and once the AC system is not working, you'll notice that the overall vehicle is getting very hot. Heat is one of the worst enemies that could impact her car, and if you realize that the temperature is increasing significantly, you got to act immediately. You will most likely need to Stop your car as soon as possible.

Once your vehicle is turned off, the next step is to consult your mechanic and describe what you're dealing with. In many situations, your mechanic might advise you to tell your car to the nearest independent shop rather than risking driving it with this excessive heat.

6.    The vehicle is making a loud whirring noise

Finally, you might notice your vehicle making weird whirring noises whenever you try to turn on the easy system. It could be a problem with the fan, but it could also be related to other issues in your AC system.

As a rule of thumb, whenever your car makes any strange minds about those noises related to the AC system or something else, you have to take it seriously and consult your mechanic as soon as possible.

The sooner you detect the problem, the easier it is for your mechanic to fix it and the cheaper your repair costs.

How to Fix a Cracked Radiator Metal

How much does it cost to replace the radiator fan?

Surprisingly, the radiator fan is one of the very expensive components you might deal with in your vehicle. To replace the radiator fan, you might want to pay between $590 and $630.This could be a significant repair cost for many drivers, so we always encourage you to evaluate the situation carefully before spending your money fixing your vehicle.

If you realize that your car has some other problems and repair costs are getting close to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, you must decide to sell your vehicle rather than waste your money.

Many people might be interested in buying your car, but finding a potential private buyer can be challenging, especially if your car has many problems.

If you're stuck with your vehicle and want someone to buy it immediately, you can always reach out to Cash Cars Buyer!

How To Know When It's Time For A New Radiator Fan

Can I drive with a bad radiator fan?

Technically, you can drive your car without even having a radiator fan. However, that's never a good idea because it leads to significant problems that will cost you thousands of dollars for repair. In addition, a new paragraph driving without a fan or driving with a broken fan results in significant vehicle overheating. This heat might cause damage to sensitive and expensive components like the engine or others around components.

Therefore, whatever is taking you to delay replacing their idea to fans should not be a priority considering what you will be dealing with soon.

Therefore, if you suspect you're having a problem with the radiator fan, talk to your mechanic and get his idea about what to do next. Sometimes you might be lucky and find a used radiator fan that you can install instead of investing in a brand new one which could be a little bit more expensive than what you can afford.

On the other hand, you might be in a situation where it's a perfect time for you to upgrade to a better vehicle that might fit more people in your car or have more options you can enjoy.


Final thoughts

The radiator fan is a minor component in your vehicle responsible for pushing the air through the radiator and ensuring that it's cooled properly.

When the radiator fan goes bad, it results in lots of problems ranging from your AC system not working properly to significant issues in your vehicle related to overheating here

Unfortunately, replacing a batter later found can be costly, and that's why many drivers decide on selling their vehicles rather than wasting money trying to replace a minor component. Here, if you want to sell your car and don't have a working party or fan, cash car buyers can always help you despite your car tax or condition!

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