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Super Tech Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Super Tech Oil

It has been stressed a lot of times that following your vehicle’s regular maintenance and services are the best way to keep your vehicle healthy, reliable, and efficient. One of the maintenance it needs is oil change. Regular oil changes provide proper lubrication that keep all of the moving parts of the vehicle well-maintained since these parts are susceptible to heat, rust build ups, and the usual wear and tear. Not only does it prolong the lives of the vehicle’s moving parts, it can also provide a lot of benefits for you and your vehicle such as an increased fuel economy and power. There are also some other things that you need to consider when you decide for an oil change like the type of oil you will use since there is a lot of motor oil that is being offered in the market. There are a lot of brands to choose from and one of the most affordable ones is the Super Tech Oil. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


With the Super Tech Oil being relatively cheaper than other motor oil brands, many are curious and concerned whether it is any good or if it is effective since some people equate cheap with low quality. There are some misconceptions about the Super Tech Oil so let us learn more about this motor oil brand and why it is popular in the market today. 


What is Super Tech Oil and Who makes it?

Super Tech oil is one of the well-known motor oil brands of today. It is widely recommended by the mechanics. Even though it is popular with the car owners and mechanics, its price remains affordable. Super Tech Oil  is manufactured by one of the largest independent lubricant makers in America, the Warren Oil Company, Inc.. You might notice on its container label the letters WPP which stands for Warren Performance Product. The company takes pride in producing fine motor oils and the WPP in the label signifies that it has been tested and has met the company’s standards. It is also used to determine that you purchased a genuine product and not an imitation. Make sure that you only buy it from your trusted shops and retail stores. The Super Tech Oil can be bought at Walmart and it is also available in many online stores or platforms like eBay and Amazon. 


Is Super Tech Oil Any Good?

The Super Tech Oil is way cheaper than the other motor oil brands. That is why some people are pretty doubtful of its quality. There is a reason why Super Tech Oil is popular in the auto market. Aside from its affordability, it is also effective and has met all of the all the standards and requirements that the US government has set that guarantees that the product is of premium quality. The set of standards also makes sure that the welfare of the users, the vehicles, and the environment have been met.The Super Tech Oil is also a licensed dexos 1 brand. This means that the warranty of your vehicle will not be invalidated if you use this motor oil brand. But make sure to check your owner’s manual first to know if the Super Tech Oil meets your vehicle’s oil specifications. You need to do this before purchasing a motor oil since every vehicle has different oil specifications and requirements. 


What Kind of Oil is Supertech?

There are different types of motor oil that is sold in the market. There is synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, premium conventional oil, and the high-mileage oil. With many oil types to choose from, it can be a little confusing to pick the right one for your vehicle. It is for this reason why you have to check your oil specifications first before purchasing. The Super Tech oil is a synthetic motor oil. Synthetic oil is a lubricant that is man-made and is produced from chemically modified materials and artificially made chemical compounds. Its molecules have a more constant shape and have fewer impurities and better properties than the conventional ones. Synthetic oil moves better at low temperatures and with continued peak viscosity at high temperatures. That is why it is often chosen for heavy-duty uses and high-tech engines. It also lasts longer than the conventional ones. This means that the intervals between oil changes are longer. When you are contemplating on switching to a full synthetic oil, you will have to do frequent oil changes at first since deposit build ups and sludge might still be present in the engine. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Tech Oil

Like any other products, choosing to use Super Tech Oil on your vehicle also has its fair share of pros and cons. Let us go through each of them one by one. 




One of its advantages is that no matter what the temperature is, the oil does not react like a natural petroleum-based oil. When the temperature goes low, it doesn't thicken and doesn’t break down when it’s hot. It also does not evaporate fast.  


It lasts longer since it reduces harmful deposits and acid build ups. It also can help improve friction reduction. This can help the engine run clean all the time and keeps it healthy and long-lasting.


It can help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.


Its viscosity is more consistent.


The Super Tech OIl is relatively cheaper than other synthetic motor oil brands.


Over time, it can help reduce your vehicle’s maintenance cost since it helps some of the engine parts that are prone to wear and tear last longer. 




Synthetic oil has a different method of disposal. It has to be disposed of the right way since it is regarded as an environmental pollutant. 


Although Super Tech Oil is the most affordable among all synthetic motor oil brands, synthetic oil is actually much more expensive than the conventional oil. The cost might be a disadvantage, but in the long run, you will still be able to save more since it lasts longer. 


Using it for new vehicles is not recommended. Brand new vehicles need some breaking in and for it to run properly, it would need the friction that the petroleum-based lubricants produce. If you are to use a synthetic oil on a brand new car, it might not run properly as it’s supposed to. 


Super Tech Oil vs its Rivals

Super Tech Oil is the best choice for value and is quite popular in the market. As in demand as it is, one of its biggest rivals is the Mobil 1. Mobil 1 is much more expensive than the Super Tech Oil. For that reason, it is highly regarded by the auto specialists and people consider it as a premium brand with a superior quality. The Mobil 1’s popularity can also be due to the fact that it is the official motor oil of NASCAR for years. Its heavy branding and marketing presence can be the reason why it is more expensive than other motor oil brands. 


So what is the difference between the two popular brands and which is better? Aside from the price, there is not much difference between the Super Tech Oil and the Mobil 1. They are both synthetic oils and both are licensed by Dexos 1. Mobil 1 and Super Tech are also compatible with gasoline engines and are durable. The only thing that makes the Mobil 1 a bit superior than the Super Tech Oil is that the Mobil 1 provides better protection from wearing and heating problems of some engine parts. But overall, both of them have the same effectiveness and efficiency. 


Does the Brand of Motor Oil Matter?

The brand of the motor oil you use in your vehicle doesn’t matter that much. Any brand will work provided that you choose an oil that meets the weight and the specific requirements set for your vehicle’s needs. If you switch brands, you just have to choose an oil that is marked with the API donut of the similar level or anything that meets the API specifications for your car. The  API engine oil standards include the SAE viscosity grade of the oil and other performance parameters. Choosing the right one and an API certified oil helps keep your vehicle in a good running condition and the Super Tech Oil is a good example of one. 


How Long Does Super Tech Synthetic Oil Last?

If you are a cautious or a very careful driver, using Super Tech Oil in your vehicle should last you around 7,000 miles or more. That would mean around five to seven months of normal or average usage. It is more than twice the amount of miles the conventional oil can provide. If you decide to switch to a synthetic oil, Super Tech Oil will be a great choice since you will get more than your money’s worth. Plus, it is also the most affordable synthetic oil brand. 


What Happens If I Go Too Long Without an Oil Change?

It can be bothersome to have your oil changed frequently since it can be a process and can’t be done quickly. It might be a hassle but doing it regularly is vital to your vehicle’s overall condition and performance. If you go too long without an oil change, your vehicle will start to run inefficiently. The oil won’t be able to flow properly through the engine since it thins out over time and dirt, metal, and other particles will start to accumulate. It can also cause wear and tear of the engine’s moving parts since the motor oil is not working effectively anymore. Skipping an oil change schedule is harmful to your vehicle and can lead to a more serious and expensive problem. Using a Super Tech Oil can help cut the frequent trips to the service shop for an oil change since it offers more mileage and protection than the conventional ones. Make sure that you always follow your vehicle’s suggested oil change intervals to prolong its life. 


When Should I Change My Vehicle’s Motor Oil?

The vehicle’s oil change schedule varies by a lot of factors and one way to make sure that you get the right number is by checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual. It is usually done when you reach a certain mileage, but if you don’t drive or use your vehicle that much, you will still have to change your motor oil to keep it fresh. It is done because oils become less effective over time and moisture tends to form in the engine if it is not used for a while. For vehicles that are not often used, it is recommended to have the oils changed twice a year. 


You can also check your oil regularly to know if it already needs changing or if it still has the right amount or level. You can remove the dipstick and check your oil, its color, its consistency,, and level. There are some instances that your oil level goes down and you will have to add more oil. For modern vehicles, you will know if it’s time for you to set up an oil change schedule if you see that your oil replacement light is lit up. Just make sure to have your oil changed as soon as possible when you see the indicator light up.



When it comes to maintaining and caring for your vehicle, you will always want what’s best for it. We often choose or want the more expensive stuff to maintain it thinking its quality will be more superior. But there are also some great products out there that offer the same quality but with a cheaper price. Super Tech Oil is one of the most sought-after motor oil brands today and is widely available in the market. It can compete head to head with the more expensive brands when it comes to its efficiency and quality. Its cheaper price does not make it any less than the others. You just have to check and make sure that the Super Tech Oil meets your vehicle’s specific requirements as suggested by your manual. 

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