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Steering Column Replacement Cost – What You Need To Know!

Steering Column Replacement Cost

The steering column is the mechanical part that is in charge of directing and steering your car. The car steering column is a device intended for steering your car and connecting the steering wheel to the steering mechanism. The steering wheel is the type of steering control in all cars, while the steering mechanism is the internal collection of components, linkages, that allow you to follow the course you are driving. In some cases, after wear and tear, you might need to get a new steering column. The steering column replacement cost is an average of $400-$900, with the cost for the steering column part itself being only about $100 to $300 if it is new. 

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The Power Steering System


There are various components within your power steering system that makes it easier to turn the car and steer the vehicle accurately. The major power steering system components between the steering wheel and the gear generally include the wheel itself, steering column, steering coupler, power steering hoses, power steering pump, and steering gear. Usually, the power steering system is hydraulic, but you can also find electric power steering systems. 


The main types of the power steering systems that are commonly found in vehicles that affect the power steering column are the hydraulic power steering, electric power hydraulic steering, and the fully electric power steering system. Each of these systems utilizes the steering column ,which can affect the overall power steering column replacement cost. 


The hydraulic power steering uses the hydraulic pressure supplied by an engine-driven pump, to help in the movement of turning the steering wheel so the motion is fluid and accurate in where you are going. The power steering pump is turned by the driver or the belt, and provides steering fluid to the power steering hose.


Electric power hydraulic steering is a combination of both hydraulic and electric systems, with the hydraulic pump getting energy from a motor instead of the belt driven by a mechanical engine. In the electric power steering system, an electric motor replaces the hydraulic pump and tech full electric power steering system, with the motor attached to the steering rack or to the steering column.


The steering column is the main housing compartment that holds the steering wheel and the shaft in a secure and connected place. The steering coupler is located at the bottom of the shaft, allowing the steering wheel to rotate without getting bound up within the column. 


Since there are so many components and since the year all connected, a problem with one can lead to a bigger problem with another part. This means that the total price of the steering column replacement cost can be affected by damage to other components within the steering system. 


An inspection of these systems need to be thorogood so you can determine the quality of each part. Hydraulic components like the power steering pump and hoses should be checked for leaks, while the mechanical parts like the power steering belt need to be checked for damage or tightness. The relation of all of these components together directly affect the overall price of the steering column replacement cost. 

Bad Steering column symptoms


When you are driving your car, you will notice some signs that your steering column is not working correctly and in need of replacement by taking heed of these warning symptoms. By noticing these signs, you will be able to determine just how much you will have to pay for the overall steering column replacement cost. 


A bad steering column is not something you should leave alone when you notice one of these signs, since it can significantly impact your driving ability and put you at risk, your passengers at risk, others on the road at risk, and cause further problems in the future that can be much more expensive and raise the overall steering column replacement cost. 

Steering Wheel uncentered


The first symptom of the steering column needing replacement is the steering wheel not being centered on your column and the car. When you turn the steering wheel, it is usually supposed to return to the center without having any problems. The power steering system includes this ability to recenter the steering wheel, which is a key sign that there might be bad steering column symptoms. The ability for the wheel to go back to the center is blocked if the steering column is damaged and needs replacing.

Sounds Coming From the Steering Column


If you hear noises when you turn the steering wheel in either direction, then this is a sign that the steering column is bad or damaged. These could be sounds like clicking, thumping, or clunking when you turn the wheel. The reason for this is damage to the internal components within the steering column. In most cases, the sounds will get louder as time goes on, causing a high steering column replacement cost. 

Steering Wheel Tilt Malfunction


Most vehicles that contain power steering have a tilt function that lets the driver in charge of the car alter the angle of the steering wheel. This can help the driver to position the wheel at the best angle for them to operate comfortably. If the steering tilt malfunction happens, then it is most likely due to a bad part of the steering column. This means that the hwele does not stay in place, and the steering column replacement cost could be higher than if the steering tilt was correctly positioned. 

Hard to Turn


If your steering wheel is becoming more difficult to turn or feels like it is getting stuck, then it shows an issue with the power steering system, since turning the wheel should normally be easy and smooth to do. This could mean there are faulty gears, gaskets or an issue with the steering column replacement that consists of a higher replacement cost. 

Dirty Steering System


Just like regular and routine maintenance on your car, you need to have your steering system checked periodically according to your mechanic or the manual for your specific car. Since dirt and debris can regularly build up within your system, it could negatively impact your steering column and cause a sticky wheel turn. If you want to determine if this is the reason, then you can have your steering column inspected to determine how much you will pay for the overall steering column replacement cost. 

How To Install a Steering Column


A steering column should be a very long-lasting piece of your car that doesn’t require regular replacement or  repairs. The only reason that you would need to replace this part is that something inside of the steering wheel became damaged. Most of the time, this replacement will require  a dealer or a mechanic so that you can get the best deal done for how much you pay for the steering column replacement cost. We will go over the steps to replacing the steering column and installing a new one. 


First, disconnect the negative battery cable. After you disconnect the cable, wait at least 15-20 minutes before working on the cable, allowing time for the airbag to deactivate. Next, remove the plastic trim from the steering column. After you have removed the trim, take off the panels from underneath of your dash. 


Once the panels are removed, you can remove the knee bolster from under the steering column, which can be pulled off since they are just held in place with clips. After this, you can remove the steel backing behind the knee bolster, held on by various bolts. Ensure that the front wheels of your car are pointed directly ahead, refraining from locking the ignition with the steering column. 


Once the car wheels are pointed forward, remove the pinch bolt from the steering coupler. This is what attaches and connects the steering column to the steering gear, possibly having to move the steering wheel to gain access to the bolt. After this step, you can remove any cables or wires that are inside of the steering column. Next, carefully remove the column from the vehicle and put this part aside outside of the car. 


When you have to do a full installation and need to do an overview of the steering column replacement cost, you need to line up the new steering column inside of the coupler and fasten it to the dash, with the wheel pointed straight ahead. Install the new pinch bolt so the connection is secure and tight, reconnecting any cables or wires that you previously disconnected. 


Once the cables are reconnected, reinstall the backing and the knee bolster, any trim and hush panels, the battery, and then make sure the steering can operate before you begin to drive your car. By doing this replacement yourself, you can save money on the steering column replacement cost so you do not pay as much as you would at the mechanic’s shop.

Steering Column Replacement Costs


In most cases, the cost of a steering column replacement will depend on the mechanic that you choose. You might want to shop around from other mechanics in your area to determine who can offer you the best price and who has the best reputation. It will also depend on the specific car you are driving, like the make, model, and year, since it varies based on the labor costs. The overall price of a steering column replacement is going to average anywhere between $450 and $1400 for the mechanic to fix the issue. 


All makes and models will vary depending on the steering column design, which can affect how easy the labor of the replacement will be. If there are various controls that are in the way of the job or on the steering wheel itself, such as radio controls, cruise control, or audio control, then the wiring could be more complex, leading to a higher price for replacement due to the added work needed.


We have some samples of the average price of the steering column replacement costs for popular makes and models on the market today to give you an idea of how much you might spend. The least expensive fix is the Dodge Caravan, coming in at $675 for the average price of a steering column replacement cost. The second cheapest option on this list is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, which runs at around $798 for the parts and labor. The next inexpensive is the Honda Accord, which costs just $2 more at $800 for the average price of replacement.


The next option for the middle of the road prices is the Honda Civic and teh Chrysler Town and Country, costing $850 and $950 respectively. The most expensive choice for the steering column replacement cost is the F150, coming in at $1,100. 

How can I save money?


If you would rather do the repair on your own, then you can read up on the process and find the steps that you can do on your own. The used steering column that you can purchase on your own can cost as little as $100, with a newer steering column costing upwards of $250. 


If you are going to choose a mechanic since you do not have the proper tools and research, then you can talk with a couple of mechanics in your area. While some might be able to provide you with a good quote over the phone, however, you should go in person to make sure they can honor that initial quote and not change it over time. When you get a quote, make sure you check with the local automotive shops and the dealerships in your area. 


If you are going to do the repair or replacement on your own to lower the overall steering column replacement cost, then you should look for cheaper and less expensive second-hand parts at a local junkyard. However, before you go to the salvage yard, make sure they have the part so that you can save money on the steering column replacement cost. 


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