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SRS Light Honda: 7 Reasons and Solutions

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If you have a problem related to the SRS Light Honda, then you're dealing with one of the following issues:

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  1. Malfunctioning airbags
  2. Loose wires
  3. Faulty seat belt wires
  4. Malfunction in the engine control unit
  5. Corrosion from water damage
  6. Bad clock spring
  7. Drained SRS battery

Honda is one of the top manufacturers that provides great reputable vehicles with tons of amazing features. Customers have purchased Honda over the years because of its reliability rating and safety features.

Honda has been known for the great communication between the vehicle and the customer. For example, your vehicle will immediately complain through a list of warning lights on the dashboard to grab your attention to internal problems.

One of the common warning lights you might deal with is the SRS light Honda. This light is another way to say that there is a problem with your supplemental restraint system. This system is very sophisticated and has to do a lot with the airbags.

Understanding what triggers the SRS light Honda is important to help you stay safe and avoid driving without important safety features.

This article lists the seven most common reasons for the SRS light Honda. It also highlights all potential solutions to help you ensure that you're driving a vehicle with a perfectly running SRS system and airbags.

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What is the SRS Light Honda?

The SRS light is a very common warning light that you might come across most of the time, but you probably never thought it's called the SRS light, and you might think it's called the airbag warning light.

This SRS light looks more like a person sitting with a seat belt and a big circle or balloon on top of him.

Whenever you turn on your Honda, you should be able to see the SRS light coming on for a couple of minutes, but then it goes away. However, if this slide continues to be on, then there is an issue with your SRS system, and more specifically, there could be a big problem in the airbag that you must resolve immediately.

SRS light Honda: 7 reasons and solutions

Automotive experts understand the importance of ensuring that all safety features are turned on every time you drive your car.

That's why they've done intensive research to understand what exactly triggers the SRS light Honda and what could be the potential solutions. The good news is that they could narrow the list of potential culprits to the seven most common ones. Let's say a closer look at those causes below:

1-      Malfunctioning airbags

The first and most common reason that could trigger the SRS light Honda is when you have a problem with the airbag. The airbags are not designed to last forever, and there will be a point where you must place them especially if it's been a long time or something has impacted them.

For example, if your car has been in a car accident recently and the airbags were deployed or were not deployed completely but were impacted, then your SRS warding light might get activated. This is another way to say that your airbags are not good for the next time you drive, and you must either fix them or replace them.

It's hard to tell what is going on in your airbags, and less you have a professional inspect the car and use certain tools to detect the potential culprit. Once your mechanic identifies the potential problem in the airbags, you must decide and fix them immediately because it's not safe to continue driving a car without perfectly running airbags.

2-      Loose wires

There are many situations where all you're dealing with is loose wires. Luckily, this is not a very complicated problem, and it does not need much money to get fixed. However, you need a professional to inspect the whole SRS system until he confirms that all he is dealing with is a loose wire.

Once your mechanic detects the loose wire, he needs to tighten it or take a closer look at it to see if it's not broken or damaged. If the wire is damaged, you better replace any potential damages, so your system works again and you get rid of the SRS light Honda.

3-      Faulty seat belt wires

On many occasions, there could be a problem with the seat belt wires, which are connected somehow to the SRS system. There's our system contains lots of interacting components, including the airbags, the seatbelts, the wires come, etc. All these components work together as one thing, and if there is a minor issue in any of them, the SRS system will complain to bring your attention to any internal problems.

Once your mechanic confirms that whatever you're dealing with has to do with the seat belt wires, he needs to fix them and identify any potential damages to other components around the wires, so the problem is resolved completely.

4-      Malfunction in the engine control unit

In more complex situations, you might have a problem with the engine control units, which impacts how the SRS system works. Remember that your vehicle's computer communicates with all these components to have them work and trigger at the right time.

If the computer is having a problem, then the right information will not be transported properly to the computer, and that's why your vehicle might complain that you have a problem with the SRS system that you'll see in the form of an SRS light Honda.

Therefore, if your mechanic can confirm that the seatbelts and airbags are in good condition, the next step is to check and perform a quick scan of the vehicle computer to confirm that there is no problem with the software and that the main unit does not have an issue.

If your mechanic confirms that the computer is having a problem, you must fix it and figure out what is wrong. It could be a simple software update that's needed but a more complicated thing that will need more money to get fixed.

5-      Corrosion from water damage

Water damage is one of the worst enemies that could impact your vehicle. It not only makes the upholstery wet, but it can also get through internal sensitive components, including those connected to the SRS system.

We've seen a lot of customers complaining about corrosion building up around many electric components, which impacts how they behave. In that case, your mechanic needs to take a closer look at the SRS system and confirm that there is no corrosion building up after water damage that impacted your car.

There's no clear expectation for how much it will cost you and how much effort it will take to get rid of the corrosion around the SRS system because things can be more complicated depending on the severity of the water damage.

6-      Bad clock spring

If you confirm that all the previous components are in good condition, you might need to look at the clock spring here. This is a minor component connected to the SRS system and the airbags.

The clock spring is not designed to last forever, and it will get to situations where it's completely damaged because of many external factors. If that's the case, your mechanic can figure out if the issue is coming from the clock spring, and then he can replace it or fix it if possible.

7-      Drained SRS battery

Finally, the SRS system is connected to a specific battery, and this battery, like any other battery, can get drained because of age or because of external factors. If the battery is completely drained, our system will complain that there is an internal problem, and it won't be activated when you need it.

Your mechanic should understand how this battery operates and use certain tools, and he can detect whether this battery is replaceable or flexible. In most scenarios, you will need to replace this battery if it's damaged.

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Can you drive with an SRS light turned on in your Honda?

In theory, you can continue driving your car when the SRS light is turned on. In other words, your vehicle will not turn off completely and lose power when the SRS system is not working properly.

However, if you do not resolve the problem, you're risking your life and driving your vehicle with almost no airbags. Imagine what could happen if you were involved in a car accident and needed the airbags!

Therefore, automotive experts never recommend driving your car if the SRS light is turned on. Instead, you should consult your mechanic and figure out the potential call reports and resolve the problem if you care about your safety and the safety of people driving with you in the vehicle.

How much does it cost to fix an SRS light Honda?

Clearly, it can be very hard to tell how much it will cost to get rid of the SRS light in your Honda. However, automotive experts were able to put a range together, which is somewhere between $150 and $165.

Of course, if your mechanic did a detailed inspection and figured out other problems not related to the source code, then you will take care of those as well, especially if the SRS code impacts them or if they have some other shared man cause.

The other thing to remember is that labor costs can be a big component when fixing the SRS light in your Honda. Therefore, you might want to evaluate whether you want to go to a big dealership or visit the small independent shop in your neighborhood, which has much lower repair costs to get rid of that SRS warning light.

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What does it mean when the SRS light is solid?

When you have situations where the SRS light is flashing, it could be different than when you have situations where the SRS light is solid. In most scenarios, a solid SRS light indicates a problem with the airbags themselves, and that's why your internal computer decided to deactivate them.

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Final thoughts

The SRS system is one of the very important systems you must always have. It has to do with your safety and the way the airbags get deployed in car accidents.

When there is any internal problem in the SRS system, your vehicle will trigger a warning light saying SRS light Honda. When this happens, you must figure out the root problem to fix it and get rid of the warning light.

This article explained all potential culprits behind the reasons for a triggered SRS light Honda. Some of these reasons include an issue with the airbags, seatbelts, clock spring, and others.

Your mechanic needs to pinpoint the culprit and resolve the issue as soon as possible for your vehicle to operate properly and for this safety feature to get activated again.

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