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Spoon Engine – What Cars Have Spoon Engines?

Spoon Engine

Perhaps you have heard of the term “Spoon Engine” from watching the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise. Now, you want to know what a Spoon Engine is and are they real. Maybe you’ve seen one and maybe you haven’t. So, what is all of this “Spoon Engine Hype” about and where can you get answers about them? Well, spoon engines are real and you can get your answers inside of this post! 

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Regardless of what you heard, spoon engines are in fact, very real.  There really is a Spoon Engine company that has been in business for over four decades now. Their name? Spoon Sports! Yes, that’s their real name! What’s that you say? You need to see their website? Well just click here, after you finish reading this engaging post!  

In fact, the company calls their spoon engine revolution “Spoon-ism”! When it comes to street racing, Spoon Engines are the very essence of driving. With the company’s 40+ years of existence and experience, the road and track merge together to make their vision a reality! 

What Cars Have Spoon Engines?

Spoon Engines are internal combustion motors that are known for their high performance. And with that title, comes high costs too. While Spoon Sports does purchase after-market parts, the reason they’re such a famous brand, is the fact that their engine gear and kits are designed for standard Honda models- such as the Accord, the Civic, the S2000 and even the Acura Integra. The selling point and idea behind the legendary Spoon Engine is the fact that Spoon Engine remodeling is to make the vehicles that they are found in, run as fast as the eye can see! 

What Are The Spoon Engines? 

The best way to describe a Spoon Engine is a professional-grade and highly-modified Honda engine. Additionally, Spoon Engines have the ability to equal car racing engines in terms of speed and power.  One Spoon Engine can cost as much as a car (or for many a new home!) Spoon Engines are the only engines that are designed and assembled with genuine Spoon auto parts at the Spoon plant, located in Japan. You are able to purchase all the Spoon parts and assemble the motor in your garage, but you would not be able to call it a Spoon Engine. Lots of car parts are in fact Spoon car parts in addition to Honda OEM parts. Spoon Sports doesn’t place a focus on hardcore racing motor accessories. Instead, they focus on balancing and refining OEM parts from Honda engines.

What Does “Refining and Balancing” Mean To Spoon Sports? 

Spoon Sports “refines and balances” Honda OEM parts, rather than producing or manufacturing them for the engines. So, what does “refining and balancing” really mean? It means that Spoon Sports modifies the motor components using some accurate and precise techniques. Some of those techniques include: 

  1. Balancing the pistons and rods by producing their weight difference of no more than 0.01 grams.
  2. Measuring and weighing each engine parts to a precise 0.01 grams. 
  3. Torquing the bolts to meet the 0.01 N/M of Honda measurements.

Additionally, the “balancing and refining” of the engine components help to improve the condition of each engine produced.  Spoon Sports has their “refining and balancing” process down to an exact science. Their methods reduce the loss of power because of a lack of inefficiency. Their signature processes also help to ease power delivery, enhances throttle responsiveness and more!   To put it bluntly, the Spoon Sports methods and sciences increase the performance of their legendary Spoon Engines. 

Spoon Engine- A History and a “Need For Speed”! 

Spoon Sports calls their history a “voyage”. From the beginnings of the Honda brand, Spoon Sports has been obsessed and intrigued with motor racing. From vehicles such as the “model N”, their love for cars has increased as the years have gone by. Spoon Sports raced throughout the 80s and in the 90s, Spoon Sports began racing overseas within various endurance races. They adore Honda Sports and turned that adoration into 40+ years of progress and innovation! “With it, we developed and introduced revolutionary tuning parts like the carbon hood, monocoque aluminum opposed atypical calipers and throttle bodies, adds Spoon Sports.


I Want a Spoon Engine! Where Do I Start? 

So, you say you want a Spoon Engine eh? Then you would have the option of buying an engine that is pre-modded or a “crate engine”. And if you’re someone who has a money tree in your backyard, flowing with thousands of dollars from its branches, and you have a Honda engine in your possession, you can ship it to Spoon Sports. They’ll take that engine and rebuild it to your specifications. Then, you can tell your family and friends that you have one of the coveted and beloved Spoon Engines! You’ll automatically earn the name “Rice Boy”. It’s a name that is given to those who have had their Honda outfitted with a bonified Spoon Engine! 


Are Spoon Engines Built For Everyday Use? 

Not all! Spoon Engines/motors are built exclusively for car racing purposes. The engines are created for specific circuit racing which is different from drag racing. The Spoon components are about power, reliability and significant life span! 


Who Buys Spoon Engines? 

Many pro race teams purchase Spoon Engines. Racers are in need of an engine that has tremendous power and efficiency. So, they turn to Spoon Sports.  Are you looking to buy a Spoon Engine even though you don’t race? You can. Many circuit racers can purchase the Spoon Engines too- since circuit racing requires the components of a legendary and iconic Spoon Engine.  If you want an engine that is built for the highest performance, then a Spoon Engine is for you. Buying a crate motor may be a viable option for you. You can also contact Spoon Sports for crafting an engine for your specific Honda model of car. 


What is the Average Cost of Spoon Engine? 

Looking to buy a Spoon Engine? Keep reading and open your wallet! 

Complete Engine – Honda S2000

The Spoon complete engine provides a suitable replacement for the old engine that may be in a Honda S2000 F20.  The engine built by Spoon Sports is intended as a direct replacement for your current OEM engine.


The Spoon Engine is designed with the signature welding type head gasket that is the Spoon two-piece beam. This beam helps to raise the compression ratio. The engine is also a balanced engine that is blueprinted and created to 0.02g tolerances over the factory 2g tolerances. The cost? $12,703.38.

Complete Engine – K20A

This particular engine improves the compression radio and head gasket by utilizing the head gasket of the beam. The engine also offers better performance and sharp acceleration. The price? $11,493.54. 

Spoon Sports Long Block (B16A Engine) 

For the most stellar in endurance racing, you can have the “Spoon Blueprinted Complete Engine Assembly”. Each assembly is accompanied by a JDM Honda long block The Spoon Engine engineers took the time to reassemble the engine and craft a final product with blueprint and precision balances measured down to 0.02g. This measurement ensures stellar and quality performance during any endurance race.

The engines are assembled at Spoon Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Each motor is also crafted by hand under close inspection of authorities and highly qualified engineers. The engines are crafted to provide stellar performance, reliability and robustness. The cost of this engine? Around $15,739.88. 

So, as you can see, Spoon Engines are quality engines that are built for someone who has a serious “need for speed”! 

Spoon Sports Discontinues The Spoon B18C Long Block 

Although Spoon Sports pushed support behind the B-Series engine after Honda introduced the twin-cam engine in the late 80s, Spoon made the decision to quit building the B18C long block. Reports indicate that a Honda enthusiast named Tommy Ha, bought the last B18C1 long block. 

Spoon Sports received Honda B-series long blocks directly from Honda Japan. Spoon would then take and disassemble the whole engine. Armed with blueprinted specs that all B-series long blocks must adhere to, Spoon then balanced the pistons, connects the crankshaft and rods- then creates a component that was aligned with the .1 grams of accuracy. With this method, Spoon Sports was able to enhance the high rpm stability and mid-range power. You can view a photo of the last Long Block that Tommy Ha bought, by clicking here


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