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Should I Sell My Car Now? What Is The Best Age To Sell A Car?

Should I Sell My Car Now

You have an older car that you love, but you are starting to spend lots of money to keep it maintained and running. “Should I sell my car?” is the question of the hour and we have the advice you need to help you move forward! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Should I Sell My Car Or Keep It?

Making the decision to sell or keep a car, is a very personal one. Your decision also depends on several factors. Perhaps it would help if you had some solid answers to some of the questions surrounding the sell of your car. Perhaps you can answer the following: 

Am I Spending A Lots Of Money To Fix, Repair And Maintain My Car? 

If you have to devote or earmark a portion of your weekly or monthly paychecks to getting your car fixed, it may be time to sell your vehicle. 

Is My Car Paid Off? Or Do I Still Owe Money On The Car? 

Are you still paying on a car that seems to have problem after problem? Or do you own your car free and clear? If your car is paid off and has been for some time now, you may want to sell it and upgrade to a later model or a more modern car. But keep in mind that newer cars cost more money. 

These two questions are questions that you can take time answering. Look at your spending. Is a huge amount of your earnings going toward the repair and fixes for your car? Then it may be time to sell it. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new car. There are great deals on used cars that you can take advantage of. So, take inventory of what you’re spending and find out the best course of action for you. 

What Is The Best Age To Sell A Car?

Whether you are leasing a vehicle, paying on a car or simply driving your paid-off vehicle every day, we car owners know that it costs money to maintain a car. There’s the matter of putting gas in your car. Depending on the state of the world and oil prices, filling up can be expensive or a joy. Next, you have to look at the car washes for your vehicle. Some washes we get, to make our cars shiny. Other car washes are needed to keep road salt and snow off the car, so you can maneuver in the winter. Add on those oil changes. Every so often, you have to replace that old oil with new and fresh oil. And then, there are those “unplanned expenses” … the ones that end up costing you a few hundred dollars in the least. You need brake job. The tires have to be rotated. The starter needs to be replaced. You need a new timing belt. The list can continue forever. 

Lots of car owners will sell their vehicles at a certain mileage or age- despite any “sell by date” recommendation for the vehicle. But the mileage and age of a car is always at the “intersection” of the most money lost, and the fact that the car can still be driven.  

Most vehicles are sold at five years old, or at 60,000 miles. And then you have a car that is typically scrapped or sold for junk, when it reaches the 15-20-year mark, or older. 

Typically, a quality car loses about 20-30% of its value after the first year has passed. The second year is when a car loses about 40% of its value. As a vehicle ages, the value goes down, till the car is just about worthless. 

So, when it comes to the question of “what is the best age to sell a car?” The answer depends on how durable and reliable the car is. The answer also depends on how important image and newness are to you. Will you choose to lease a car for the rest of your days? Or will you buy a quality car to get you from “point a to point b”? If saving money is important to you, then keeping your car-till it becomes a financial burden to maintain and fix- may be ideal for you.  If you’re not really bothered about saving money, then the time to sell your car is whenever you’re ready to move forward. You have to do what’s best for you. 

Should I Sell My Car In Winter?  What About Summer? 

Do you live in a section of the county where “Old Man Winter” makes an appearance for at least ¼ of the year? Do you live in desert heat and rising temperatures during summer? When is the best time to sell a car? The answer is whenever you’re ready. 

People need great used cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during winter months as well as during summer months. There really isn’t a “magic month” to sell a car. There are times that the summer can bring in lots of car sales. As folks head out to enjoy the warm weather, car shopping is usually high on the list, if a car is needed. Winter is a great time to sell a car too. A perspective car shopper can see how a vehicle will hold up during brutal winter months of snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. 

Should I Sell My Car Online?  

Looking to sell a vehicle online? You certainly have lots of choices, as well as stiff competition. Regardless of where you sell your car, there are some key components that every online car ad should have. 

Photos are a Must 

If you think that you can sell a car and not include photos, then think again. All online car ads, must have clear, sharp and focused photos. A good number of pictures to have is at least 12. You also want to get as many angles of your car as you can. The pictures tell the story of your car and you want to have an honest and captivating car story to share with your perspective buyers. 


An online car ad must have a detailed description. You want to make sure that you include items such as the car’s mileage, condition and year of your car. Did you add new tires to your vehicle? Is the starter bad? Do you have a new engine? All of these pieces of information make for a great and thorough car description. 

Warranty Information 

Are you selling your car and you still have it covered under a warranty? Place that in the ad! Be sure to check with your car manufacturer to ensure that the warranty is transferable. Your ad should also state if you are willing to take care of the cost of that transfer, or if you are leaving it to the responsibility of the new buyer to cover the expense of the warranty. 

Contact Information 

Whether you decide to add your cell phone, work phone or email, you have to make sure that you include contact information so that perspective buyers can reach you. 

Where Should I Sell My Car For Fast Cash? 

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Should I Sell My Car To Cash Cars Buyer Today? 

In a word… YES! You’ll be selling your car to the best car buyers in the business! You never have to commit to your offer and we never will haggle you over the price or scam you out of money. 

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