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Should I Get A Used Car Inspected Before Buying?

Should I Get A Used Car Inspected Before Buying?

If you're wondering, “should I get a used car inspected before buying?”  The short answer is yes! By inspecting the vehicle before purchasing, you ensure that it doesn't have major problems that could surprise you immediately after finishing the deal. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


When purchasing a used vehicle, there is a very high chance that people can get scammed with inoperable, if not completely damaged cars, in floods or fires. Therefore, purchasing a used car is not like purchasing any used products from the Internet. 

There must be a certain level of inspection to confirm that the vehicle was not involved in major issues and ensure that you can drive it safely without causing safety issues. Unfortunately, it is not rare for many drivers who purchase used cars to deal with major damages immediately after signing on the dotted line.

Luckily, there are known pre-purchase inspection services where you can either bring your trusted mechanic to you before purchasing the vehicle, or take the car to an independent shop or dealership that provides this type of service.

This article highlights all you need to know about pre-purchase inspection and helps you determine whether it's worth performing a pre-purchase inspection for your used car or not. 

What is the pre-purchase inspection? 

According to jdpower.com, the pre-purchase inspection is the process where a certified mechanic inspects the vehicle thoroughly to detect and reveal hidden problems.

By going through a pre-purchase inspection, the driver gets confidence about the familiarity of the vehicle. In other words, when knowing that a certain car does not have any major mechanical problems and was not involved in major car accidents, one would be interested in paying the full asking price without any hesitance.

On the other hand, when the pre-purchase inspection reveals that the vehicle was damaged previously in a fire, imagine what could have happened when purchasing this car?! Therefore, while this vehicle might have been fixed and can be driven on public roads, it does not guarantee that it will serve you for a good amount of time. Also, the resale value for this car will be significantly lower than what you paid. 

Should I get a used car inspected before buying it? 

Money customers still feel hesitant about whether they should inspect their vehicles before buying or not. Unfortunately, these customers don't know that while it might cost them some money to hire A mechanic to perform the pre-purchase inspection, it will cost them much more money to deal with a damaged vehicle with hidden problems.

Even if you have previous vehicle experience, some mechanical problems cannot be obvious to the normal driver. It will require a certain level of mechanical skill sets to be revealed. In fact, some automotive experts recommend not hiring any mechanic but hiring a certified mechanic who has long-term experience in detecting this type of problem. 

Therefore, the pre-purchase inspection is a must for every vehicle, whether it's new or used. Consider the pre-purchase inspection as a much cheaper option for you rather than dealing with significant damages in the near future. 

Here are some of the general benefits you'll get when having your used car inspected before buying: 

  • Negotiate the price 

When performing a pre-purchase inspection, your mechanic can help you detect and reveal hidden problems. This way, you have a strong argument for negotiating the price and reducing the seller's asked number.

Without this argument and evidence, you cannot simply tell the seller that the price is beyond your budget. Yes, the seller is looking to sell the vehicle as fast as possible, but it is hard to negotiate the price unless you have a strong argument, including a detailed inspection.

  • Save on repairs 

Obviously, if your mechanic dissected some major problems, the mechanic can help you eliminate a deal that could have cost you thousands of dollars on repairs. Therefore, the pre-purchase inspection help confirms that the vehicle you buy at least does not have the major issues that can break your budget. 

  • It doesn't take time 

No matter how much time and effort you spend to learn about major car problems, it will take you much more time and effort to detect these problems than a professional mechanic who's been in the field for years.

That's why it's recommended to go with a pre-purchase inspection because the mechanic can easily detect issues with the transmission or the engine or probably the suspension system by performing a quick visual inspection. Thus, if you're planning to finish the deal fast and you don't want to waste your time, performing a pre-purchase inspection is your best option. 

  • Detect any corrosion 

Vehicle corrosion is one of the biggest enemies that can easily eat the internal components and make it undrivable. Unfortunately, it's hard sometimes to detect hidden corrosion that the normal eye of any driver can measure.

Therefore, when deciding to go with a pre-purchase inspection before buying your used vehicle, you help yourself understand and detect whether there are signs of corrosion at any internal component or not. 

  • Confirm the paint match 

Finally, the pre-purchase inspection helps you confirm whether the vehicle was repainted or not. In other words, the mechanic has a certain level of skill sets that can help him visually detect any uneven paint color to tell whether the vehicle got involved in accidents and then repainted. Thus, you can assure that what's on the vehicle's exterior is the original paint. 

Where can I get my used car inspected before buying it? 

The pre-purchase inspection is a very common practice, and it's no longer a challenge to find a location to get the inspection done. There are plenty of options available for you, including

  • Dealership inspections 

If you purchase a used vehicle from a dealership, you will most likely find an inspection report. In fact, some states mandate the dealership to perform this type of inspection before selling these vehicles.

Therefore, if you don't want to spend money on hiring a mechanic, you can get a general idea about the vehicle by looking at these inspection reports. It's also important to note for any inspection reports marked with “certified” because these marks indicate that the vehicle went through a detailed inspection by a certified mechanic. Thus, investing a little bit more in a certified vehicle can save you a ton of money in the future.

  • Inspection through mobile services 

Did you know that you can order a vehicle inspection at your home or office? Yes! Nowadays, there are available services for mobile inspections where you request service online and book your appointments, and the mechanic comes to your preferred location. 

Of course, you must go through the website and understand exactly what type of inspection is provided along with the requested costs. In general, mobile services inspections are considered a little more expensive than other options, but it is convenient. 

The nice thing about mobile service inspections is that they provide you with a checklist of items they consider and go through to highlight and flag any problems.

The other thing is that mobile services usually hire professional mechanics who've been working and car repairs for years before and decided to open their service. Thus, when investing a little more money to bring a mobile service, you're gaining more experience that you might not find in an independent shop. 

  • Independent shops 

Most dealerships allow you to take your vehicle to your preferred independent shop for inspection. They will typically have one of their representatives accompany you on the trip to make sure that the vehicle is returned. 

If you have a trusted mechanic who's been inspecting your vehicle over the last few years, this mechanic can be a big help to look at your new vehicle and detect any major issues. 

Of course, you'll have to consult the independent shop and confirm that they are available for your appointment because you don't want to stay with the vehicle and the dealership representative for a long time waiting to get to your turn. 

How much does a pre-purchase inspection cost? 

Depending on the type of inspection, pre-purchase inspection costs might range from $100 to $400. Obviously, if you're looking for a basic general inspection to confirm that the major components are working properly, you're not expected to be as much as someone else inspection to confirm that there are no problems at all. 

Are pre-purchase inspections worth it? 

Of course! Pre-purchase inspections should be a must in any car selling process. Of course, you have to perform the most detailed pre-purchase inspection that might cost you a lot of money, but you have to get major components like engine transmission.

Even if you were buying a car for only $1000, imagine old when you finish the deal and realize that the engine does not work at all?! Well, spending an additional $100 can save you from dealing with this undesirable situation. 

What should I check before buying a used car?

Whether you decided to go with a pre-purchase inspection or inspect your vehicle yourself, there are important things that you must go through and confirm before finalizing the deal.

Let's take a closer look at what you should check before buying a used car:

  • Review the vehicle's history
  • Confirm there is no rust on the vehicle's frame 
  • Inspect the frames closely and ensure that it's safe to drive this car
  • Look at all that's under the hood and confirm there are no signs of internal damage is
  • Familiarize yourself with the condition of the tire 
  • Check the vehicle's mileage and compare it to the number listed on the ad 
  • Turn on and off all internal electronics because they can be a headache, especially if you rely on them daily 
  • Consider inspecting the upholstery 
  • Take the vehicle for a quick test drive 
  • Familiarize yourself with all symptoms indicating internal vehicle damages like those related to a bad engine, bad transmission, etc. 
  • Keep an eye out for any weird behavior, including sounds and smells, because most likely, these are indications of internal issues.  


Buying used vehicles is not a complicated job nowadays, especially with the evolution of the online platforms that get you connected with thousands of people every day. However, with the same evolution in technology, getting scammed by potential buyers is getting higher.

Therefore, if you're still asking yourself, “should I get a used car inspected before buying?” The short answer is definitely! You must have your vehicle inspected before purchase, even if it's not a brand-new car. In fact, used vehicles are more susceptible to major damages than brand new cars because they don't have any warranty, and whatever you pay is gone immediately after you sign on the dotted line. 

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