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What Does It Mean To Service AdvanceTrac?

What Does It Mean To Service AdvanceTrac?

Before we begin to discuss how to service AdvanceTrac®, it may be beneficial to define what AdvanceTrac is. The Ford AdvanceTrac is a technology that the Ford Motor Company crafted, to help drivers navigate their vehicles though rough, harsh and difficult roads and terrain. 

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Ford AdvanceTrac offers Ford vehicle owners an electronic stability system that helps to guide them through road conditions such as gravel, ice- covered roads, snow-covered roads, dry streets, and unbalanced throughfares. Ford built the AdvanceTrac technology to enhance balance, traction and stability for an array of Ford vehicles. With the increase in friction the AdvanceTrac offers, drivers will feel a boost as they stop their Ford vehicles. This friction offers a safer driving experience on compromised and slippery streets and terrains. 


How Does AdvanceTrac Technology Work? 

The technology of AdvanceTrac for Ford vehicles lies in the utilization of small gyroscopic sensors. Those sensors take a reading of the Ford vehicle at a rate of approximately about 150 times per second. From those readings, any understeering, oversteering, or even wheel slippage is identified. Once detected, the AdvanceTrac will induce the correct amount of brake pressure, so the vehicle can become stabilized. That pressure is then applied to any wheel or wheels of the vehicle, while slowing down the vehicle for the safety of the driver. 


One great advantage of the AdvanceTrac technology is that it doesn’t require any activation on the car owner’s part. Instead, Ford vehicle owners can look for the system already installed within vehicles. AdvanceTrac technology can also read even the smallest of movement too. From limited visibility, to trying weather conditions, AdvanceTrac technology can help the driver continue to focus on the road ahead. An additional advantage to AdvanceTrac technology is that it can even read even the slightest amount of instability while helping the driver to revert the owner’s vehicle to apt power usage. All of these activities can take place, even before the Ford vehicle owner thinks about apply the brake pedal. 

Ford vehicles outfitted with the AdvanceTrac technology system definitely have safer roads ahead with this system in place. 


What Ford Models have the AdvanceTrac Technology? 

The following Ford vehicles have the AdvanceTrac technology in them: 

  1. Super Duty Vehicles 
  2. F-150 Truck 
  3. Transit and Transit Connect 
  4. Edge 
  5. Flex 
  6. Expedition 
  7. Taurus 
  8. Mustang 
  9. C- Max 
  10. Fusion 
  11. Fiesta 
  12. Focus 

What Does It Mean To Service AdvanceTrac?

When your Ford vehicle senses an issue in which there may be a loss of control, the vehicle may then swerve or skid. The vehicle may also lose traction. Once this happens, the Ford vehicle owner’s AdvanceTrac technology light will flash, until the hazard no longer compromises the safety of the driver. 

The light lets the driver know that the vehicle is braking while applying pressure and power to the wheels of the vehicle. 


The vehicle owner may experience a reduction of power in the engine too. For this situation, the driver must allow the vehicle to morph into a vehicle that is operating in a different mode- one that has the driver and passenger’s safety in the forefront. The vehicle owner should allow the vehicle to make the necessary adjustments it has to make, while keeping steady hands on the steering wheel and driving. 


Should the AdvanceTrac warning light illuminate as a solid light and not a flashing one, then there is an error that is within the AdvanceTrac system. The vehicle owner needs to take the vehicle to a dealership or an auto professional ASAP. 


What If I Need To Drive My Car With The AdvanceTrac Light On? Can I Do It? 

Even though the AdvanceTrac light may be illuminated in your car, you can still drive it. Just make sure that as the light is on, and you prepare to get the vehicle serviced, you adjust your vehicle. This is necessary so that you are able to reduce the risk of losing traction or control of your vehicle. When your AdvanceTrac technology light returns to a blinking phase, then the vehicle will also return to a normal state, as it senses that the hazard no longer exists. However, if the light remains solid, then the AdvanceTrac system is not working properly. 


Additionally, the entire operation of the vehicle is dependent on the driver. Therefore, you can assume that without full access of the AdvanceTrac technology, it is a bit less safe to operate the vehicle, compared to a functioning AdvanceTrac technology system. You want to make sure that you visit your Ford dealer as soon as possible to correct the issue, and ensure that there are no underlying issues that may be cause for concern. 


Does The AdvanceTrac Technology Give Problems To Many Ford Owners? 

We found several issues with the AdvanceTrac technology system. Check out some of our findings. 

Ford Owner Number One: F-150

This F-150 Ford owner had been having issues with the AdvanceTrac system while backing up the vehicle. The owner stated that the light came on and refused to go off. The F-10 owner later researched the issue and found that Ford had document issues with the feature, that dated back to 2011. 


Ford Owner Number Two: Mustang V6 

This Mustang owner reported issues with the AdvanceTrac technology light. The owner of the car, stated that the car was purchased with the AdvanceTrac light already on. The current owner stated that the previous owner had reported issues with the feature- and the issue should be covered under warranty. The owner further stated that the Mustang had well 25,000 miles, which concerned the owner too. The Mustang owner stated that he did some research on the vehicle, later learning that there were other Mustang owners of the same make and year, who were having similar problems. 

Ford Owner Number Three: Fusion V4

This Ford Fusion owner stated that during a drive home inside of the winter, there was a temporary loss of power steering. Given such, the AdvanceTrac technology light came on, and never went off. The owner stated that the power steering never came back. The owner also learned of a recall of Fusion 2013-2015 models that had been issued, relating to the AdvanceTrac technology. The Fusion owner cited that the largest problem he/she faced, was that the vehicle would not be able to pass inspection without a repair to the power steering.  


How Do I Fix the AdvanceTrac Warning Light?

Fixing your Ford vehicle with a glowing and solid AdvanceTrac warning light on can be easy or complex. The entire process of repairing the light comes down to the matter of a physical inspection, coupled with the usage of a professional and quality computerized scanner. In some instances, just a simple restart of the vehicle may be enough the eliminate the light and the fault.


But in other cases, a tech may have to perform a diagnostic test on the vehicle, while using a “process of elimination.” There are many components that play a vital role in the performance of the AdvanceTrac system. Additionally, there are many systems which are integrated within the system, that accept and compile data in real-time. 


Given such, it may be virtually impossible or difficult to locate the error that the system is having- unless there is computerized diagnostic equipment available. Lots of times, with just about any traction or stability controlling system, there is a great chance that there is some sort of physical fault that is the source of the issue.  Most of the time, the wheel speed sensor may be the culprit. The information and communications of the AdvanceTrac system are sent through the CAN or the controller area network. Therefore, a fault that prevents the AdvanceTrac from operating correctly, can be traced to the AdvanceTrac system only though the network.


Do I Have To Go Back To My Ford Dealership To Get My Service AdvanceTrac Code Fixed? 

It is to your benefit to go back to your Ford/Lincoln dealership so that they can look at and repair your service AdvanceTrac message/code. 

You may find a certified mechanic that can also help you and get you in sooner than your dealership. But be sure that you choose a mechanic that has experience with Ford/Lincoln vehicles.  Here are some additional tips you may want to follow as you work to get that Service AdvanceTrac message to disappear. 

  1. Tell your auto mechanic/dealership when and where the light came on. 
  2. Discuss and describe any issues you have with/or had with the vehicle. 
  3. Become an educated Ford vehicle owner about your AdvanceTrac system.  
  4. Make sure you know how to fully operate your AdvanceTrac technology system and ask questions about any aspect of the system that may puzzle you. 

One of the benefits of going to your Ford dealer to get your AdvanceTrac system fixed, is that the system and any malfunctions with it, may still be covered under warranty. So, be sure to ask before you make your appointment. You may not have to come out of any money. 

The downside to visiting a local mechanic, is that you may have to pay for any repairs to your AdvanceTrac technology system- even if they CAN see you the same day you call for assistance. They may not honor any warranties that are in place with your AdvanceTrac system. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. 

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