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Selling Junk Cars Privately vs. Junkyards in Memphis, TN

Junk Cars In Memphis

Every car comes with an expiry date and you drove yours longer than that. It is finally time to sell your car. This is good. You can now get your hands on that nifty Nissan Altima or at least take it for a test drive in good conscience. The bad part is that your car is really old and you have no idea where to sell it.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Don’t let any dealer scam you off a good price. No matter how old a car is, it is always worth something. You could consider selling it privately or could just cut the process short and call Cash Cars Buyer right now. It can be difficult to get the right cash for junk cars in Memphis, TN if you are a first time seller. Maybe you are confused about the steps to take or you have no idea how much to expect.

This post will help you make an educated decision about selling your junk car for cash in Memphis, TN.

Memphis – Home of Soul, Blues, and Rock n’ Roll

Memphis is the home to a lot of music genres. Nestled in a corner of Tennessee, this city is where Aretha Franklin introduced soul, Elvis gave rise to Rock and Roll, and BB King brought forth Blues in the world and America further separated itself from the rest of the world because of its amazing culture. You may end up singing soulful Blues yourself if you are clueless about selling a damaged car. But, it is easier than you think to sell damaged car in Memphis, TN. Simply give Cash Cars Buyer a call and we will take care of the rest.

Memphis is known for delivering a truly authentic experience to tourists and residents. It is where urban energy meets family fun to create something extraordinary. This is what makes Memphis unique. Don’t let this vibrancy stop you from getting cash for cars in Memphis, TN. Cash Cars Buyer offer free towing for cars that don’t run and the promise of a great offer.

You could get enough to visit the Beale Street Music Festival this year. It is after all one of the most popular annual musical events in a city that is known for its history of music. Or you could just drop by Central BBQ and bite into the most scrumptious barbeque in Memphis.

Where Can I Sell My Junk Car In Memphis, TN?

There are many options for you to get rid of junk car in Memphis, TN. You can take the usual used car route where you hound dealerships during weekends or post a crazy number of ads online on Craigslist, AutoTrader and other websites. You could also look for junk yards that buy cars in Memphis, TN.

There is no shortage of options if you are looking to sell a junk car. But, before you hunt for people that buy junk cars in Memphis, TN, you need to know the true worth of your car. The going rate is 500 dollars for junk cars in Memphis, TN. However, this amount can go either way. You need to take stock of your car.

Cash Cars Buyer offers a free, no obligation, online price calculator tool. You can know what your car is worth in just 60 seconds. We don’t believe in asking funny questions or unnecessarily harassing our clients. Here’s what we will need from you:

  • The make, model, year of your car
  • The trim and any upgrades
  • Does the car run?
  • Is the engine working?
  • Is the car damaged?
  • Are there any parts missing?
  • Odometer reading

Our price valuation tool is based on KBB and NADA guides. We are known for offering the best ‘junk my car’ offers in Memphis, TN. If you like our offer, you could save yourself from a lot of trouble.

This is what we offer:

  • Best cash offers
  • 24 hours process
  • Free towing
  • No title removal
  • Paperwork

With Cash Cars Buyer, you don’t have to do a thing. We take care of it all and more. We offer the best customer service in town.

Can I Junk My Car In Memphis, TN To Private Buyers?

There are many car enthusiasts that buy junk cars in Memphis, TN. You will likely want to conclude a sale as soon as possible once you have made up your mind to sell your car. However, it can be difficult to find individual junk car buyers in Memphis, TN quickly. Most private buyers are tire kickers who want your car as a hobby. And this is for cars that are still running and useful.

Selling non running vehicles in Memphis, TN to private buyers can be next to impossible. At the very least, it is going to be a long and arduous process. You will need every bit of luck you can muster. There are multiple ways to attract private buyers:

  • Post an ad on online sites
  • Place a ‘For Sale’ sign on the car
  • Spread the word among friends and family

Make sure you post lots of descriptive pictures in your ad.

You should know that Memphis, like any other city in the country is chock full of scam artists and creeps. It is important that you implement safety measures to protect yourself online.

Don’t share your contact information until you are absolutely sure about the genuineness of the buyer. You should refrain from inviting the interested buyer home. Instead, meet in a busy and crowded place.

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the safest ways to sell non running car in Memphis, TN. We are a family owned business and are reputed for giving the best offers in city. You could stand to make more with Cash Cars Buyer than pesky Craigslist tire kickers.

You can also complete the sale in just 24 hours as compared to the weeks and months it may take to find a private buyer online.

Who Can I Sell My Car in Memphis, TN If I Don’t Have The Car Title?

A car title is necessary if you want to sell your car legally in Tennessee. Only scrap cars can be sold in the state without a car title. Cash Cars Buyer offers no title car removal in Memphis, TN. We can take care of the paperwork. You don’t have to do a single thing. Plus, we will offer you best value for your car.

There are many places that buy junk cars in Memphis, TN. However, most of them come with hidden charges. Don’t be surprised if they reduce the price at the last minute claiming lack of documents to be the reason. This is classic bait and switch. Cash Cars Buyer is always upfront about the cash offer. You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or fees.

In fact, the only thing you need to sell old cars in Memphis, TN is a copy of the registration and your driver’s license. We will bring all the paperwork required to make a sale. It is recommended that you get a duplicate or a replacement car title.

This way you can let the DMV know that you sold your vehicle. There is nothing worse than being held liable for parking violations on a vehicle you have already sold. Cash Cars Buyer can help you through the process. Give us a call to know more about it.

What Paperwork Do I Need To Junk My Car Near Me In Memphis, TN?

Paperwork can be one of the most problematic aspects of selling your car. Whether you choose a dealership or a private buyer, you will have to take care of the various documents that are required to sell a car privately. Private sales can get tricky if you don’t have the car title. The title is legal proof of ownership. It needs to be transferred to the buyer in order to transfer the ownership.

Besides the car title, you will also need a Bill of Sale. This piece of document contains necessary information about the vehicle and sale, including the current odometer reading, VIN, and the sale price. You and the buyer are both required to sign the Bill of Sale.

These are the two most important documents to carry out a sale. Most junkyards in Memphis, TN bring their paperwork. With Cash Cars Buyer, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our quick and easy process is created to make the task of selling your car as simple as possible.

All you need to do is keep the car title or the car registration and your driver’s license handy. We will do the rest. We will get you to sign in all the relevant places and give you the decided cash amount (in full) on the spot. There are no delayed payments with us. You don’t have to worry about delayed check payments or checks that never arrive in mail.

It is recommended that you take the payment in full whether in the form of cash or cashier’s check before signing over the title to any buyer. This will help you safeguard your interests.

You should remove the license plates and deposit them with the local DMV. You can also get them transferred over to your new vehicle.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me In Memphis, TN?

Cash Cars Buyer offers cash for junk cars near me in 38103, 38104, 38105, 38106, 38107, 38108, 38109, 38111, 38112, 38114, 38115, 38116, 38117, 38118, 38119, 38120, 38122, 38125, 38126, 38127, 38128, 38131, 38132, 38133, 38134, 38135, 38137, 38138, 38139, 38141, and 38157.

We offer junk my car same day pickup in Downtown Memphis, Midtown, Orange Mound, Cooper-Young, White Station, High Point Terrace, Berclair, Harbor Town, South Bluffs, South Main, Hein Park, White Haven, Pinch District, Sea Isle Park, Bethel Grove, Grahamwood, and Coro Lake.

It can get difficult to arrange junk car removal in Memphis when selling privately. There are not many people who offer to pick up cars. You need to find someone who buys junk cars in Memphis, TN at a large scale, like Cash Cars Buyer. We have our own tow trucks and in-house drivers so we can help expedite this giving you time to go watch the Grizzlies beat the Lakers later on that night.

Where Can I Sell My Junk Car For $500 In Memphis, TN?

Cash Cars Buyer offers the best value for junk cars in Memphis. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about sprucing your vehicle either. We will buy it in “as is” condition. Unlike private buyers who expect a car to be clean and shiny, we understand that you probably don’t want to waste good money on a junk car.

We don’t even expect you to clean the car. However, we do request all our clients to clear the car of personal belongings. There have been many instances of misplaced favorite toys and wedding rings. Take a torch and look under all the nooks and crannies before calling us for 24 hour junk cars in Memphis, TN.

Where Can I Sell My Car In Memphis, TN If It Is A Wreck?

There are not many takers for accident wrecks. Usually, these vehicles are written off as totaled by the insurance company. However, that doesn’t mean that the vehicle is valueless. The car may just be more expensive to repair than it’s marked down value.

Cash Cars Buyer offers free towing for accident wrecks. We also offer the best junk a car quotes in town. Give us a call before searching for auto wrecking near me in Memphis, TN. We may just give you a ‘pickup my car’ offer you won’t be able to refuse.

We Buy Junk Cars in Memphis, TN

Private sales may be good for a wide variety of used vehicles. However, junk cars don’t feature on that list. If you are looking to sell your junk car in Memphis quickly, effortlessly and for the best value, call Cash Cars Buyer. We offer on the spot cash payments. You can know what your car is worth right now. Give us a call at (844) 663-7286 or check us out online.


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