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Selling Broken Cars Isn’t Impossible. Here’s How to Sell Yours

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Ever looked at your old broken car and wondered how to dispose it of? Do you have a car that got into an accident and the repairs exceed its value? You may be facing several options depending on the condition of your vehicle.

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Is it worth fixing, scrapping, or trading in? Should you give it away? How about you just cut your losses and take it off your hands by selling it. Selling broken cars is possible these days, and you can even get cash for it.

A few years ago, options were very limited for people who wanted to sell their damaged cars for cash. One of the main options was waiting until someone with a similar vehicle wanted spare parts. The next best thing was having it towed to the nearest scrapyard to be destroyed.

Fortunately, things have changed, and selling your broken car has never been easier.

However, nowadays, the market for junk cars has become so vast that you may not know where to begin or who to go to. This post will guide you on the best places to sell your broken car, and how to go about the whole process.

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What are the Best Places to Sell Your Broken Car?

There are several options that we are going to discuss. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each option and make it easier for you to choose how to dispose of your broken car.

Private Enthusiasts or Mechanics

Private wrecked car buyers are hobbyists, enthusiasts, or mechanics. They purchase damaged cars and repair them to sell at a higher price or keep them for themselves. They may not have the best price, though, and you may have to tow the vehicle yourself.

The car may sit there for months, or more before you get any serious buyer, which will decrease its value. Besides this, you’ll have to deal with broken appointments, paperwork, and once they buy the car, you have no idea when or how they’ll pick it up. If they abandon it at the side of the road, you may have to deal with the cops.

Selling the Car in Parts

Parting out your car and selling the parts separately is another way to sell your broken car. This will involve disassembling the whole vehicle and selling each piece at a different price.

It’ll also help if you love to assemble, or in this case, disassemble stuff. If not, then it will be too much of an inconvenience for you. The most significant benefit is that you are likely to get much more value for the car in parts.

Beyond that, it’ll be great for the environment because you’ll be extending the life-cycle of your car and keep it from ending up in a landfill. On the downside, it could be dangerous for you if you have no idea how to part out a car. Even though you may get a lot more for the parts, it’ll take longer for you to sell every piece.

The bigger problem is having to deal with all the calls and the haggling from clients who want the pieces for ridiculously low prices. Worse, you’ll have a shell of a car sitting in your driveway once you are done removing all the valuable parts. You’ll still need to get rid of it.

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Online Junk Car Dealers

One of the safest, fastest, and hassle-free options is selling your car online. If you google the best places to sell junk cars near me, you are likely to find several options in your location. The trick here is to find the most reliable dealer.

Professional junk car dealers will offer you a proper valuation and the best price for your car. Junk car dealers will also buy your car regardless of the condition it’s currently in. Whether it’s totaled, broken down, old or still new but broken, they’ll take it off your hands.

One of the best things about selling your broken car to a junk car dealer is that the process will be super-fast. Once you prove the car is yours and agree on the price, they’ll give you the cash and take the car with them quickly.

The next best thing is that you’ll instantly get rid of the whole car. With online car buying services, you’ll get the best of both worlds by getting a better price and free removal. On the downside, you have to be very careful because the online market is full of scammers who may just swindle you.

How to Get the Best Value When Selling Broken Cars

Before anything else, assessing the value of your car is the first order of business. There are many factors to be considered, but determining how much it’s worth and arming yourself with the knowledge will help you avoid scammers and fraudsters.

There are helpful online websites that will assist you in this regard. You may get the average amount for selling to a junk car dealer and selling privately.

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If You Sell to Scrappers, the Value Will Be In Weight

You may not know this, but when you call a salvage car company, the value will not be on the parts, but the weight. Most junkyard dealers are more interested in the metal components of the car, so don’t be surprised if it does not fetch extra cash for the flashy stereo or new transmitter.

Your Location Could Determine the Final Payout

The price for broken cars varies from state and city, and different junk dealers will have certain vehicles they are interested in. New York dealers may not have the same prices as Chicago or Philadelphia dealers. If the tow truck has to drive from a far distance to your location, it may also affect the amount of cash you get.

Understand Junk Value and Used Value

One of the major mistakes people make when selling broken cars is assuming that if they are still running, they’ll get a higher payout. Junk car dealers are interested in metal and recyclable materials. Junk does not necessarily mean a rusty car sitting by with no wheels. It means end-of-life vehicles that are more valuable for the metal parts.

A Step-By-Step Process of Selling Broken Cars

Now that you are more informed about selling broken cars, here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell yours.

1. Research Online Buyers

While local buyers may seem like an ideal option, you may hit a better deal with online junk dealers. Most of them have an automated process that makes it easy for customers to sell their cars. This is a big plus because you’ll be doing it right in the comfort of your home.

2. Gather the Right Documents

While documentation needs may vary from state, proof of ownership is almost mandatory. If possible, gather documents such as a driver's license, a recent registration, and the vehicle title.

You may be able to sell your car without a title, but it may not be easy. If you lost something, obtain a new one first.  You can check whether your bank has a spare title.

3. Compare Junk Car Dealer Quotes

If you’ve decided to sell your car to a junk car dealer, start calling different yards for quotes. You can also check out local junkyards and compare prices to avoid making some bad mistakes. As long as you know the value and condition of your car, you’ll have a chance to get the best price for it.

4. Handing In the Car

Once you locate a reliable and trustworthy junk car dealer, you need to ensure you understand each other about handing in the car. Will they tow it for free or will you get a better price if you drive it to the yard yourself?

5. Remember the Lemon Laws

It’s critical that you do some homework on the laws and regulations of your state before selling your broken car. Cars are classified as lemons if they have major defects covered by the warranty, but cannot be fixed after a number of repair attempts.

This means broken cars that have been involved in accidents with damages too expensive to repair fall under this category. If your car has a damaged engine or a broken transmitter, you can sell it to a junk car dealer, but you need to check regulations first.

6. Check Salvage Vehicle Regulations

State DMVs always have regulations regarding the sale of broken or damaged cars, and they differ from state to state. You may be required to fill out forms if you are selling it for parts.

7. Remove Personal Stuff

Once you are ready to let go of your car, take any personal items you don’t want to lose in the sale. This includes your license plate, which is more important if you’d like to transfer it to the next car you purchase.

8. Report to Your Car Insurance Company and the DMV

It’s imperative that you report the sale to your insurance company or they’ll continue to charge you for it. The DMV also needs an update on who owns what car and where it is.

The Best Place to Sell Your Broken Car

Would you like to know more about selling broken cars in your state? Are you still not sure whether you should sell it to a junkyard or sell it in parts? Check out our blog or hit us up, and we’ll be more than glad to assist you.

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