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Selling A Damaged Car Privately: Is It Even Possible? 

Selling A Damaged Car Privately: Is It Even Possible? 

Selling a used car shouldn't be difficult, especially with these many websites for selling used cars. However, things can be very challenging if you're looking for selling a damaged car privately

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Most private buyers are usually interested in purchasing an operable vehicle to drive immediately without dealing with complicated damages. However, this is not the end of the world, and it's not very hard to find someone who is still interested in purchasing you are damaged car, but it can be a challenge. 

This article walks you through a step by step process to help you in selling a damaged car privately. We also highlight the pros and cons of selling a damaged car privately and provide you with additional guidance on the best option for you to sell your damaged car. 

Selling a damaged car privately: where to start and what should I do? 


Let's be honest, selling a damaged car privately will be a challenge, and it's going to be a tough process and will take a lot of time. 

You can still make the process less complicated by putting guidance for you to follow and get the best out of your selling process.

Here is what you can do: 

  • Evaluate your car and be upfront with yourself 


Your vehicle is damaged, and it probably got into a car accident or flood or probably a fire. You need to be upfront with yourself and understand the real value of your car.

You don't want to overestimate your car and think that these damages are just external. You also don't want to underestimate your vehicle and think that the damages are a disaster.

To do so, you can visit online tools like Kelley Blue Book to provide you with a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum value your vehicle is worth.

If you feel that these values are not accurate to the level you are looking for, you can always have a professional mechanic inspect the car and gets you these numbers.

By having a number while selling a damaged car privately, we can negotiate the price and understand whenever you have a good deal or not. 

  • Choose your platform 


Luckily, with the new advanced technology nowadays, private buyers are available almost everywhere.

You can post your advertisement on classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor. You can also use the Facebook marketplace.

Familiarize yourself with each platform's requirement and understand the skill sets you need to create these advertisements properly.

It might take you some time before understanding all these steps if you don't have previous experience on these platforms. 

  • Be upfront with the customers and describe your vehicle accurately 


Once you decided on the platform, it's now time to put together an advertisement describing your vehicle's overall situation.

You never want to mislead the customers by putting false information. You must put accurate information because otherwise, you will be wasting your time and their time. Eventually, they will see the vehicle and see these damages once they meet with you.

It will take time, and that's fine. You want to find the right buyer who knows every detail about your car and is still interested in purchasing it. 

As you create this advertisement, make sure to include pictures covering your car's entire situation because an image is worth 1000 words. 

  • Negotiate the price  


If you were lucky enough and after a couple of months were able to find the right buyer, be prepared for a long negotiation process.

Your car has a certain level of damage, but you understand how much it's worth from the first step.

The customer will not immediately accept the offer you're looking for. Try to shoot somewhere between the minimum and maximum values the vehicle is worth.

If you felt that the process is taking longer than you're expecting, you might need to drop the price to get rid of this car, unfortunately. 

Selling a damaged car privately: is there a better alternative? 


As you might already saw, selling a damaged car privately can be extremely challenging, and it takes a lot of time before finding the right buyer. Once you find this buyer, you might need to significantly drop the price to convince him to pick up this damaged car.

Luckily, you have a better option that doesn't include any hassle and will purchase your vehicle despite its type or condition.

We invite you to sell your vehicle to Cash Cars Buyer, one of the nation's top-rated car removal companies.

We have decades of experience in buying selling a damaged car privately and publicly. We are willing to come to your house or office and remove your car within one to three days.

The best thing about our company is that we don't charge you for towing because all our tolling services are free of charge and don't have any hidden fees.

Don't worry about the offers because we use the most advanced technology to compare your vehicle type, condition to their most recent transactions around your area to provide you with the most accurate offer.

How does our process work?

That's a great question! Our process is simple, and all it takes you is a quick conversation with our team describing your vehicle's type and condition.

It's then our turn to provide you with your instant offer and allow you to take as much time as you need to review it. Once you're happy with the offer, you can move forward and schedule the pickup time and location.

At the pickup time and location, we will meet you and provide you the cash payment immediately on the spot before removing your vehicle safely and quickly. 

Are you looking for selling a damaged car privately without a title? It can be extremely hard because no private buyers are interested in buying the vehicle without a title. However, our company is still interested in your car if you can prove that through the legal owner of the vehicle. 

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