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Selling A Car With A Salvage Title: How’s It Done?

Selling A Car With A Salvage Title

Selling a car with a salvage title can be challenging, but it's not impossible. If you want to get rid of your car considering the salvage title, call Cash Cars Buyer at 773-791-4363!

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Was your car involved in a major car accident? Did it get damaged by a natural disaster like a hurricane or a flood? Did your insurance company refuse to fix it and deem it a total loss? Did you end up with a salvage title?! If this sounds familiar to you, you're at the right location!

Selling a car with a salvage title is not easy, and that's why with our local Cash Cars Buyer team in your area, we provide a very simple process to help you get rid of your salvage car immediately while handing you the cash payment on the spot!

Here's why you should choose Cash Cars Buyer for selling a car with a salvage title:

  • Never have hidden fees, and all our towing is FREE of charge!
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  • Eliminate the hassle in the car-selling process!
  • Towing and junk car removal are included
  • We often buy cars without a title

White waste another minute? Call our team at 773-791-4363 and get rid of your vehicle, even if it has a salvage title. We'll handle all the paperwork and deal with the DMV from our end!

Salvage Yards

What is a salvage title?

Before we walk you through the details about selling a car with a salvage title, we must explain to you what the salvage title is and why a vehicle gets such a Title.

A salvage title is given to a vehicle when deemed a total loss. In other words, if your vehicle got involved in a major car accident and the insurance company thought that repair costs were not worth it for this vehicle, considering it's more than 75% or more from the value of the vehicle, then your vehicle will receive a salvage title from the local department of motor vehicles or DMV.

Once the vehicle receives a salvage title, it's no longer legal to be driven on local or public roads. In that case, the only thing you want to think about is to look for ways to sell a car with a salvage title. This way, you'll prevent dealing with legal problems and avoid risking your life and the life of other people living with you trying to fix this vehicle.

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How do cars get salvage titles?

As mentioned earlier, car accidents are the major reason people get a salvage title. However, there are some other reasons why a vehicle gets to a certain point where repairs are not worth it for this vehicle. Let's take a closer look below:

1.    Car accidents

The maximum number of vehicles received, and salvage titles were those damaged due to a car accident. Most major collisions will significantly damage important elements in the vehicle, like the frame, the engine, or probably the transmission.

Typically, after a vehicle gets involved in a major car accident, this information gets put on the vehicle's history, and that's because it's very risky to drive this car in the future or even to try to fix it, especially if the accidents cause significant severe damages.

2.    Car theft

There are other situations where your vehicle might get deemed a total loss. For example, if someone steals your car and steals significant important components in the vehicle. After that, this person might throw your vehicle somewhere where authorities find it.

Typically, the local DMV office will deem this vehicle as a total loss and will give it a salvage title even if it didn't involve major damages. The DMV office assumes that some problems happen to the unknown vehicle at this point.

Not that in some states, you can retrieve or recover the title by retitling it again and having it be driven in your state. This requires certain inspection and a different process that convinces the DMV office that this vehicle is safe to be driven.

3.    Natural disasters

In addition to major accidents and car theft, some major natural disasters might significantly damage the vehicle. For example, if the car was damaged in a flood or a hurricane, it's not surprising to hear that the local DMV will give it a salvage title.

Natural disasters are not only limited to water damage but also some other things related to hail or any potential objects that could cause damage to your vehicle because of Mother Nature.

4.    Vehicle age

Finally, as the vehicle ages, it gets to a point where it's not worth fixing this car. In other words, if your vehicle requires a new engine or has severe wear out in the transmission, it's most likely not worth the repair, and that's why it could receive a salvage title at the end of its lifetime.

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How does a salvage title impact my car?

When your vehicle receives a salvage title, it's unsafe to be driven on public roads. Imagine if you hear this information about the vehicle you want to buy. Will you go forward and buy it? Of course not!

That's why it's critical to understand and familiarize yourself with the different ways for selling a car with a salvage title because you're most likely not going to find a potential private buyer who's willing to deal with all the hassle related to the paperwork.

Most private buyers will most likely not buy this car because it tells them that the vehicle is not safe, and even if it's not legal to drive it, it's not also worth spending the money and effort trying to fix this car.

Salvage Car Values How to Calculate the Value of Salvaged Vehicles

Selling a car with a salvage title can never be easier with Cash Cars Buyer!

Considering how challenging it is to sell a car with a salvage title, Cash Cars Buyer provides one of the unique, easiest, fastest, and simplest car selling processes to help you get rid of your car even if it doesn't have a good title.

Our process consists of three simple steps:

1.    Other than the salvage title, what else do you want to tell about your car

We understand that you're trying to sell a car with a salvage title, but we still need to collect more information. For example, when you call us at 7737914363, we'll ask you for basic information about your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

We also need to know the condition of your vehicle. For instance, in addition to the salvage title, are there any major issues we need to know about? For example, there might be a missing component, or other components that we need to be aware of that are damaged.

2.    Check out our instant offer for your car with a salvage title

Once we get the information about your car, we run it through our system and provide you with that instant offer reflecting the maximum dollar paid for junk cars around your area because the fact that it doesn't have a title.

When we look at your vehicle, we consider several factors, including the vehicle's type, condition, price of scrap metal, price of cars, etc. That's why we guarantee that we're providing you with the maximum amount of money you can make for your vehicle in your area.

Remember that we also provide you with free towing service, which can be a significant component when selling a vehicle similar to yours. That's why before you accept any other offer from a different person, check out their hidden fees because they might surprise you with some money you must pay at the pickup time.

3.    Meet with us to remove your car with a salvage title and hand you the cash payment

That's it! If you accept the offer, we will schedule a pickup time and location to remove the vehicle that has a salvage title and hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot.

Before you leave, remember to contact the DMV office and cancel the registration to ensure you're not held liable for anything that happens to the car. You understand that a salvage car is not something you can drive; therefore, once you sell it, you never know what happens to the vehicle, and you want to ensure that you're not involved in any legal issues.

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Recent Offers Made Near Your Area

Robert called our local car removal specialists, and he was looking for selling a car with a salvage title. He had a 2010 Honda Elantra that had 185,000 miles. His vehicle was not in good condition, and he was involved in a major car accident last week. He tried with the insurance company, but the insurance did not want to fix his vehicle.

We were able to help Robert get rid of his vehicle immediately on the spot by handing him the cash payment of $325 for his vehicle. The vehicle wasn't in good condition, and Robert was very discouraged from reaching out to us, thinking that we were not going to accept it or we were not going to remove it for him.

Take a look at these most recent transactions in your local area for vehicles sold to Cash Cars Buyer. As you'll see, some of these vehicles had salvage titles, while others did not have a title at all.

If you think you are ready to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer today, even if it doesn't have a title or if it has a salvage title, call our team at 7737914363.

Vehicle Condition
2004 BMW 7 Series No Title
2006 Chevrolet Impala Lt Salvage Title
2000 Buick Le Sabre Limited Clean Title
2004 Hyundai Sonata No Title
2011 Hyundai Elantra No Title
2005 Chevrolet Venture Salvage Title
2005 Mercury Sable Runs and Drives
2005 Cadillac Escalade ESV No Title
2005 BMW X5 No Title
2006 Dodge Magnum No Title

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Customers reviews

If you have a car with a salvage title, it's not the end of the world because you still have options. Take a look at these people's stories and see how they were suffering from vehicle problems and ended up selling them to Cash Cars Buyer!

If any of the stories resonate with you, call us at 7737914363!

“The windshield has a crack. Otherwise, all glass and mirrors are intact. There are some rust spots. The car was drivable yesterday but wouldn't start today. I'm getting an estimate from my mechanic, but most likely will need to have it junked.”
“Clean title in hand. It still turns on and runs but the transmission may or may not need to be replaced. It has the tendency to stop and idle roughly, so you may have to tow it. I took it to a mechanic and he said it has a bad temp sensor, bad head gaskets, and a bad distributor. 5.7L engine, air/heat work great, tires are okay, body is in pretty decent shape, no major dings or rust. The utility rack is attached and comes with the truck. It's a good truck; I’m not willing to pay for repairs.”
” My vehicle doesn't have a problem, and I would like to upgrade to another car. I was fascinated by the new Nissan Sentra and would like to get it, but I need to figure out what to do with my old car. I'm concerned that I will need someone to accept my vehicle and pay me what I'm looking for. I'm interested in getting paid a decent amount of cash to put it as a down payment for my new Nissan Sentra.”
“The car is just too much for me to maintain. I had the upper and lower water pump seals replaced, and it still drops coolant, and now I get a terrible metal sound when I try to start it. It must be the starter. I don't have the cash to get her fixed.”
“The air suspension on the rear passenger tires is out, and I need more cash to change them into an air suspension kit to fix the ride control problem. “
“My car is in good condition and driveable but will need to be jumped due to needing a new battery. There's one crack in the windshield. The hood and fender have damage. The Interior could be in better condition. “
“The vehicle has around 185,000 miles and normal wear from Chicago climate. It's got a new battery, tires, and engine only about two years and a half old.”

Who Buys Cars Without Titles

Get ready for selling a car with a salvage title today!

Why the wait? Call Cash Cars Buyer at 773-791-4363! Our team of experts is ready to help you with a salvage title and remove your vehicle from your home or office in no time!

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