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Selling A Car with A Blown Head Gasket In 2022: Is It Possible?!

Selling A Car with A Blown Head Gasket

Selling a car with a blown head gasket in 2022 is not impossible, but it is very challenging. If you would like to sell this car fast and for the most money, consider the following steps:

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  • Confirm that you're looking for selling your car
  • Understand your vehicle's value
  • Check your options
  • Create your posting
  • Negotiate the price
  • Sign the paperwork
  • Decide on the payment method

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing that your vehicle has a blown head gasket. You can immediately imagine the thousands of dollars in repairs, and that's why many drivers give up on their vehicles immediately after their head gasket blows out. That's why they'll be looking for some resources online for selling a car with a blown head gasket.

While it's not impossible to sell a car with a blown head gasket, some challenges and special conditions are going on now in 2022, considering the extreme car shortage. Therefore, you must follow a certain step-by-step procedure that keeps you safe when selling this car while getting your vehicle removed fast and for the most money.

This article provides you with our expert recommendations on how to sell a car with a blown head gasket in 2022. Read on for more details!

What is the head gasket, and what does it do?

Before we dive into the details about selling a car with a blown head gasket, let's sit back and get an idea about what's the head gasket in the first place and why it is important in every vehicle. What's more important is why people would sell their vehicles if dealing with a blown head gasket?

The head gasket is a very thin metal component located on top of the engine cylinders. Immediately you'll imagine that this component is continuously exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures feared that's why it is expected for it to blow out at some point in time, but that doesn't mean that it will damage immediately because it's designed from a certain material that allows it to withstand these extreme conditions.

At some point in time, and once the head gasket reaches the end of its lifetime, it will get damaged. Still, it can lead to immediate significant damages to your engine feared when it gets damaged. That's why whenever your mechanic says that you're dealing with a damaged or blown head gasket, you should get it replaced immediately.

Failing to replace the head gasket typically leads to more complicated problems that could cost you the entire engine. Therefore, there's no reason for wanting more or continuing to drive your car if it has a blown head gasket if you're interested in keeping your vehicle or taking advantage of some of the working components.

How much does it cost to fix a blown head gasket?

Since the head gasket is a critical component when it blows out, you'll need to replace it, and one of the first questions that you will have to ask yourself is how much does it cost to replace or fix a blown head gasket?

Unfortunately, a blown head gasket is one of the very serious damages to your engine that could cost you a lot of money. Typically, the blown head gasket should cost you somewhere between $1624 and 1979. This price range can increase significantly depending on your vehicle, especially if you're driving a modern car if you're into; that's why most automotive experts recommend that you evaluate the situation carefully before spending a penny trying to fix this car. However, if you realize that repair costs are piling up and reaching 75% or more from your vehicle's value, you might better do it and take advantage of the money and buy a better vehicle.

Is it possible to sell a car with a blown head gasket in 2022?

Selling a car with a blown head gasket is not impossible, but it takes time and effort. Typically, most private buyers won't be interested in buying a vehicle with a blown head gasket because they are looking for cars that they can drive immediately. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can implement to get your vehicle sold for the maximum profit.

The other thing to consider is that 2022 is a specific year, especially for the old motive industry. There is a significant car shortage, which can be taken to your benefit if you're trying to sell a car with a blown head gasket. This is because even if you have a blown head gasket, there are plenty of buyers out there who might buy your vehicle for parts replacements, or they might invest in purchasing a head gasket and keeping the vehicle.

Let's take a closer look below at owner’s experts’ recommendations on selling a car with a blown head gasket in 2022:

1.     Confirm that you're looking for selling your car

Before you move any step further, you must confirm that you're ready to sell your car. Often, when we hear about major problems, we think that it will cost the top expected value. However, the issue might be minor, and your mechanic might have some way to resolve the problem without needing to install a new head gasket.

Therefore, the first step for selling a car with a blown head gasket is to confirm that you will look for the sale in the first place. Then, reach out to your mechanic and have him perform a thorough inspection and provide you with an expected repair cost.

2.     Understand your vehicle's value

After confirming that you're still ready for your car because of the higher repair costs, the next step is to know how much your vehicle is worth. For example, although your vehicle has a blown head gasket, it doesn't mean that it's useless. In other words, even if some major components have problems, it doesn't mean that the other components are not working properly.

Therefore, you must check tools like Kelley Blue Book or edmunds.com to get an idea about your current value for your car. Note that these tools won't consider any repair costs, which means that you'll have to subtract the repair costs from whatever the KBB value is.

By understanding your vehicle's current value, you'll get an idea about what to go she ate and how much to ask for your vehicle with the blown head gasket.

3.     Check your options

After understanding how much to ask for your car, the next step is to determine what options you have available. For example, would you like to sell it to a dealership or look for a private buyer?


Typically, dealerships do not pay the top dollars for normal vehicles. Imagine if they're dealing with a vehicle that has a blown head gasket? They won't pay as much as what you're looking for. Thus, consider dealerships only if you have a lien on your car or if you're looking for selling your car fast without any hassle.

Private buyers

On the other hand, you can also try selling your car to a private buyer. However, most private buyers are looking for operable vehicles to drive immediately without dealing with the bone head gasket. It doesn't mean that there are no people interested in purchasing your car, considering the head gasket. There are plenty of enthusiasts interested in purchasing vehicles with problems and fixing them by themselves. You might want to post your car as a project vehicle if you think repair costs are close enough to your vehicle's value.

Cash for cars programs

Many people out there think that Craigslist or eBay motor are the only places to sell cars. However, there are more innovative ways to get your vehicle removed in no time while guaranteeing to pay you the top dollars. For example, cash for cars programs are companies that buy any car and pay you cash payments on the spot.

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated companies in the nation that provides you the top dollars for your vehicle and removes that within one to three days. To get more details about our company’s process, we advise you to reach out to our customer service by giving us a call at 866-924-4608.

4.     Create your posting

If you decide to go with private buyers, you can still give it a try, and you'll have to be very honest and clear with the potential buyers. For example, you'll need to be obvious about your head gasket problem and mention that in detail in the additional description. You don't necessarily have to start with the problem, but you still need to highlight it somehow.

If you were dishonest and didn't provide the right information, you'll waste your time and potential buyers' time. That's why when your upfront with a buyer, you provide them with some indication that you are an honest seller, and you don't have anything to hide.

Also, consider taking nice pictures of your vehicle. For example, when it has a blown head gasket, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to show it as a bad car. Instead, give it a quick car wash and remove any garbage or personal belongings from the vehicle. Take as many high-quality pictures as possible because the buyers are expected to flip through the pictures more than read through every long text description.

5.     Negotiate the price

If you were lucky and found a good buyer who is interested in purchasing your car considering the blown head gasket, then you'll need to be prepared for negotiating the price. Typically, the buyers will take advantage of the big problems you're dealing with, and they'll ask you to reduce the price significantly. That's why we recommend that you don't post your vehicle forward the exact amount of money you're looking for to show that you are flexible in reducing the price without losing money.

You obviously must have some information that convinces the buyer to purchase your vehicle with this listed price. For instance, you can provide the buyer with the KBB value and show him that you have subtracted expected repair costs. You can also have an estimate from the mechanic and use it to negotiate the price with the buyer.

6.     Sign the paperwork

You must be very careful about the paperwork since you're trying to sell a car with a blown head gasket. For instance, you might want to have information about selling your vehicle as is, so the buyer doesn't come back to you complaining about the vehicle's problem. That's why you must have the buyer give your vehicle a test drive and have clear information about all your car's problems.

Also, you will need to check your local DMV office and confirm that there is no other paperwork that you must sign other than the title and the bill of sale.

7.     Decide on the payment method

Finally, you'll need to agree on the payment method. Many people might use this step as the best way to scam you. That's why we recommend that you get paid in cash as much as possible. Otherwise, if the buyer is looking to pay and check, you'll have to meet with him at the bank so you confirm that the check goes through. It is never recommended that you accept third-party accounts as payment options because typically, these accounts belong to the buyer, and it could be one way to get you scammed.

Selling a car with a blown head gasket in 2022: Final thoughts

Dealing with a blown head gasket is a big deal, and it costs you thousands of dollars in repair. That's why you'll need to evaluate whether it's worth spending this money or not. Otherwise, you recommended looking for selling a car with a blown head gasket.

This article is right at you with a Sep by step procedure on how to sell your car with a blown head gasket in 2022, considering the increase in car shortage nowadays. While the recommendations work for everyone, if you don't want to deal with all the hassle in the car selling market, we advise you to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer, who guarantees to buy your car and remove it in no time!

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