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Selling a Car in Georgia – What State Agencies Need From Sellers

Selling a Car in Georgia – What State Agencies Need From Sellers

Selling a car in Georgia requires a systematic method of paperwork and documents that need to be completed.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Whether you are selling a car to a friend, co-worker or someone else, there are systems in place that need to be followed.

Check out our guide to selling a car here in Georgia and let that successful sale of that car put you in a “Georgia State of Mind”!

Selling a Motor Vehicle in Georgia – What You Need to Know

Here in Georgia, once you sell a vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you have your vehicle's title, (if the car is 1986 or newer), as well as a bill of sale.

If the car is 1985 or older, you only just need the bill of sale. You also must have the last registration certificate along with that bill of sale, if it is available.

Additional Points to Remember:

  • Depending on the age of your car the state of Georgia may not require you to have the vehicle title. If this is the case for you, when you sell your car, then feel free to legally transfer the property by using either the vehicle's bill of sale, or the certificate of origin.
  • Even though you can create your own bill of sale, the Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division has a standard form that you can complete and submit.
  • If you decide to craft your own bill of sale, it must have the following information:
    • The date of sale
    • The cost of vehicle
    • Seller’s full name and address
    • Buyer’s full name and address
    • The car’s year, make, model, the VIN or vehicle identification number, and mileage
    • A document of acknowledgement of any liens held on the vehicle
    • The lien information & paperwork
    • Both the signatures of the buyer and seller
  • Once you and the buyer of your car sign the bill of sale, the state of Georgia strongly advises you to make a copy for yourself and hand the buyer the original. Keep the copy for your records.
  • Once the sale is complete, you must visit your county tag office to cancel your registration. You must complete this task, even if you sold or traded your car to a dealer. Additionally, you should complete this, prior to cancelling your insurance so that you will avoid fines and penalties.
  • You can feel free to cancel your vehicle’s registration online using DRIVES e-Services . Or you can complete this task in person at your local County Tag Office. Need additional information? Click here!

Selling a Car in Georgia – Understanding Titles for Restored or Rebuilt Vehicles

Here in Georgia, a salvage titled vehicle has to go through a Georgia Rebuilt Inspection. This must happen before officials issue a rebuilt title if the vehicle must have a title. To obtain the rebuilt title:

  • There must be a licensed re builder that is rebuilding the car. – Anyone who buys a salvage or wrecked vehicle for the purpose of restoring or rebuilding must hold a license as a re builder.
  • The car must pass inspection – Once the vehicle is restored but before the paint job, it must pass inspection by one of the Georgia Department’s approved private inspectors or stations.

Selling a Car – Cancelling Car Registration

Selling a Car – Cancelling Car Registration

The state of Georgia allows residents to voluntarily cancel registration if the vehicle has been sold, is not operable or is not being driven. It is recommended that you cancel your registration BEFORE canceling insurance coverage. This will allow you to avoid fees, fines and penalties regarding the Georgia law requiring insurance coverage.

Additionally, here in Georgia, it is illegal to drive or allow someone else to drive a vehicle with a suspended, revoked or canceled. Georgia Registration. It is also illegal to drive a vehicle with no car insurance.

You are able to voluntarily cancel your vehicle’s registration online using DRIVES e-Services . Or, you can cancel your insurance in person if you visit your local County Tag Office.

If you are looking to use Georgia’s  DRIVES e-Services, you will need:

  • Your license plate number or the vehicle identification number VIN number
  • Your driver’s license number or Letter ID. You can find a Letter on any letter sent to you about your vehicle

If you do this action in person, you need to fill out Form MV-18J Application of Voluntary Registration Cancellation. Then you can take it to the County Tag Office of the county where you reside. Click here to learn more!

Selling a Car in Georgia – Registration with a Title Held By A Lien Holder

Selling a Car in Georgia – Registration with a Title Held By A Lien Holder

In Georgia, you must fill out a License Plate Registrations as well as Title Applications and License Plate at your County Tag Office. You need the following to do this:

What About Registering a Newly Bought Vehicle When State Requires No Title?

You can apply for tags at your County Tag Office. The following information is needed:

  1. Chain of Ownership of either: (a) the original valid registration certificate, which has to be issued in your name or properly assigned to you or (b) Original Bill of Sale. It must be signed and show the chain of ownership from the registered owner, up through you, who is the current owner.
  2. Form T-22B Certifications of Inspection property filled out
  3. Proof of Vehicle Insurance
  4. Emissions inspections if they apply to your vehicle
  5. Proof of residency. This can be a (a) lease, (b) house deed, (c) final utility bill from previous home, (d) bill that shows moving and shipping fees or a final paycheck stub. Click here for more information!

Selling Your Car in Georgia – Using the Georgia Department of Revenue as a Guide

The Georgia Department of Revenue offers practical and useful assistance to help you sell your car. It also offers a guide to buyers of vehicles here in Georgia!

Just click here to review information and stay current of guidelines and requirements!

Selling a Car in Georgia and Preparing it For Sale!

Now that you’ve gotten the steps and resources you need to sell your vehicle, it’s important that you get that car ready for sale! What do you do? Where do you begin?

  1. First remove all of your personal belongings out of the car. Make sure that all bags, personal items and money are taken out of the car.
  2. Give it good car wash! Your vehicle is your prized possession and you want to treat it as such! After all, you bought it! So, try to keep the exterior clean. And for the interior, take it to a good car wash vacuum with a strong suction! Make sure that you get up all of the debris off the car!
  3. Did you order and get a vehicle report on that car? You should! This shows that you are a trustworthy and upstanding seller. You want to be as transparent as you can be. Click here to get access to a vehicle report for your car!
  4. Be prepared for questions. Your potential buyers will have lots of questions about your car. One of them is “why are you selling this car?” So, be honest!
  5. Speaking of honesty, you want to make sure that you discuss all that there is to your car. If the tires are new, but the starter is bad, state that to the buyer. If the air conditioning unit is awesome, but the car could stand a new engine, state that! Be a transparent seller. Lots of mechanics and others will approach you about your car. Just because something doesn’t work, doesn’t mean you will not make a sale!

Always Remember…

  1. Know your car! know your car’s year, make and model. Be sure that you can recite the mileage of the car too!
  2. If your potential buyer wants to go on a test drive, you can allow it. A drive down the street a mile or two, is not a problem. You may even opt to have a friend or a family member join, just to be on the safe side.
  3. It may help to have a “cheat sheet” on your car. You may want to present potential buyers with a sheet that has the specs on your car. People can compare prices as they shop and have the details about your car.
  4. Make sure you are firm on the price, if you are firm on the price. If you are not willing to budge on the price, then don’t. As time progresses, you will see if you can loosen your grip on the price.
  5. Finally, always remember that you are in control of the sale of your car. You need not put up with bullying, low-balling or other tactics that people will use.
  6. And a word about scams… you should never have to pay anyone to sell your car. If someone asks you to wire any amount of money to them, please stop and don’t do it! Some people take pleasure in scamming others. Don’t fall for it! Need more information? Contact us! We also buy great used cars too! 844-663-7286!
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