Need to sell your junk car in Kansas City, MO? Cash Cars Buyer offers the best rates. What’s more! We come to your home, office or wherever you want for an on-the-house pickup/tow.
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We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

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We Are Looking For All Cars Dead or Alive. Sell Your Junk Cars Easily In Kansas City, MO!

We Are Looking For All Cars Dead or Alive. Sell Your Junk Cars Easily In Kansas City, MO!

  • Get on the spot cash for junk cars in Kansas City, MO.
  • We bring all the paperwork. You don’t have to do a thing.
  • Looking to sell non running car? We offer free tow away with the best offers in town.

When it comes to junk cars Kansas City, we treat all our customers like royalty. Cash Cars Buyer is as central to this city as the American Royal livestock. If you are looking to sell damaged car in Kansas City, then we are the best options for you. You can easily get 500 dollars for junk cars in Kansas City, MO. The price goes higher for vehicles in better condition.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Our cash for cars concept is based around three simple principles:

  1. Pay top dollar
  2. Complete the process within 24 hours
  3. Offer the best customer service in the industry

Cash Cars Buyer is among the few junk yards that buy cars in Kansas City to actually care about you. This is why we never play favorites and always offer a fair and honest amount. You can sell us any car you want. We accept everything from old beat up clunkers to the used cars that still haven’t crossed 20,000 miles on the odometer.

If you are looking to find a ‘cash for junk cars near me’ offer, you won’t get a better one than Cash Cars Buyer. Here’s why!

Why Should I Sell My Junk Car To Cash Cars Buyer?

Cash Cars Buyer is a family owned business and has been in operation for years now. We understand that most people let their cars rot away in their driveway or garage because they:

  • Find the process too difficult
  • Don’t get the right kind of offer
  • Don’t know where to sell their junk cars
  • Believe that their cars are worthless

Cash Cars Buyer has the solution to all these problems.

Quick Service

Cash Cars Buyer has helped thousands of car owners over the years to get rid of junk car. Our 24 hour junk cars service in Kansas City is one of the best. We can pick up your car within 24 hours of you accepting our offer. It’s that simple. We understand that now that you have decided to sell your used car, you want it gone as soon as possible. And, we do everything in our power to make the sale as quick and efficient as possible.

Best Offers

We are not just known for our quick service. Cash Cars Buyer also has some of the most generous offers in the industry. Our ‘junk my car’ offers are highly competitive. We know your car holds sentimental value. It has served you loyally for quite a few years. The only thing that would compel you to sell it would be a good offer. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle in Kansas City. The offer can go as high as $19,500 for the right type of vehicle.

Honest and Reliable

Most people in Kansas City have no idea about the places that buy junk cars. This is where we come in. If your current online searches look like, “who can I sell my car in Kansas City, MO?” or “who buys junk cars in Kansas City?” then you need our help. Cash Cars Buyer is one of the leading junkyards in Kansas City. We buy all types of cars in any condition. You don’t necessarily have to be selling a damaged, non-running junk to give us a call. You could just as well be selling top of the line 2018 Impala and we would be more than happy to buy it.

Maximum Recycling

No car is absolutely worthless. With Cash Cars Buyer you can get a minimum of $100 with free towing or pick-up. So, even if you think your car is junk give us a call. We could just give you enough to go out and try out the king of ribs, Arthur Bryant’s famous BBQ recipes.

When it comes to junk cars, we are the masters of recycling. We don’t just crush a car and sell it for its scrap metal. Instead, we remove all working parts and find buyers for it. We have a nationwide presence which allows us to offer superior service as junk car buyers in Kansas City, MO.

When it comes to ‘scrap my car’ there is no one in Kansas City who can match our outstanding junk car removal services. The best part is that you don’t have to wait weeks to sell your car and get your payment. We offer on the spot cash for cars. You get your cash at the time of car pickup. Zero delays. Zero hassles.

Sell My Junk Car for $500 in Kansas City

Kansas City is beautiful with a lot to offer. But, you really need a safe and reliable pair of wheels to enjoy this city. Cash Cars Buyer can make you an offer you won’t be able to refuse on your junk car. You may just get enough to make the down payment on an upgrade. We understand it can be a big bother to get rid of a junk car, especially if it has a rusted body, peeling paint job, broken transmission or is an accident wreck.

You don’t have to worry about other people that buy junk cars in Kansas City, MO with Cash Cars Buyer on your side. We are more than happy to buy your car and offer top dollar for it. Don’t add your car to the already brimming landfill sites. Instead, give us a call to know what your car is worth.

This is especially true if you have recently been in an accident. You don’t want to look for auto wrecking near me options who would charge you for towing the car. We can come directly to the site of accident and take away your car free of charge. What’s better! We pay you cash for your car even if it is completely totaled.

When Should I Sell My Car in Kansas City, MO?

Public transportation is not the best in Kansas City. Everyone knows that. This is a major reason for people to take care of their cars. You need to have a reliable car if you want to commute to work and take out your family over the weekends. Cars that are on their last legs are really not worth fixing anymore. Options to sell non running vehicles are somewhat limited.

Cash Cars Buyer could very well be your best option to get some cash out of your junk vehicle. We buy all kinds of cars regardless of the condition they are in. Whether your car was recently in an accident or is just plain old, we are ready to buy it.

You need to sell your scrap car in Kansas City, MO if it is no longer an asset and spends more time in an auto shop than on the road. You know your vehicle is a problem when:

  • It has zero worth in terms of trade-in
  • It takes more to fix the car than what it’s worth
  • It has so many issues you are sure that no private buyer in their right mind would buy it
  • It has been sitting in your driveway or your yard for so long that there is a whole family of squirrels calling it their home

You need to find junk car buyers in Kansas City, Mo if your car is worth more torn apart and sold for parts than repaired. This can be because of anything from interior or exterior damage to broken transmission or engine.

How Should I Junk My Car in Kansas City, MO?

There is nothing easier in Kansas City than selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer. This is what you need to do to sell old cars:

  1. Know what your car is worth by calling us or using our simple online price calculator.
  2. Accept the offer and schedule a pick up or a drop off.
  3. Find the necessary documents and keys. Clear out your personal belonging and accept the cash.

You would need the car title, car registration and your driver’s license to sell your car. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have the car title. Cash Cars Buyer offers no title car removal in Kansas City, MO. However, we do recommend getting a duplicate or a replacement title and signing it over to the new car buyer so as to remove all liability. We can help you through the process. Just give us a call.

If you don’t have the car title, we can buy your car with a copy of the registration and your driver’s license or any other state issued identification.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me In Kansas City, MO?

We buy junk cars in Kansas City. You can sell your car and earn some major bucks in return. Kansas City may be the most centrally located major city in the US, but Cash Cars Buyer is at the heart of the Kansas City junk car industry.

We service the entire KC area, right from Brookside and the West Bottoms to Downtown Kansas City. There is no area that is too far to be unserviceable by us. In fact, we serve cities around Kansas as well. No matter the kind of car you have or where you are located, you can count on Cash Cars Buyer to come to you at zero cost.

We work fast in 64102, 64105, 64106, 64108, 64109, 64110, 64111, 64112, 64113, 64114, 64116, 64117, 64118, 64119, 64120, 64123, 64124, 64125, 64126, 64127, 64128, 64129, 64130, 64131, 64132, 64133, 64134, 64136, 64137, 64138, 64139, 64145, 64146, 64147, 64149, 64150, 64151, 64152, 64153, 64154, 64155, 64156, 64157, 64158, 64161, 64163, 64164, 64165, 64166, and 64167.

We offer junk my car same day pickup in Downtown Kansas City, Crown Center, River Market, Midtown Westport, Brookside Park, West Bottoms, Winnwood, Crossroads, Hospital Hill, Gashland, East Side, Armour Hills, Coleman Highlands, and North Town Fork Creek as well.

Whenever you deal with junk a car Kansas City business, you need to make sure they are reputable and reliable. You don’t want to fall for a bait and switch scam. Instead, look for the signs. Do they offer junk my car near me? Do they deal in cash and offer on the spot payments? Are they offering good value for money? Is the towing free of charge?

Lastly, you should make sure the business you deal with is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Cash Cars Buyer Buy Junk Cars in Kansas City, MO

When you need cash for junk cars in Kansas City, there is no better choice than Cash Cars Buyer. We offer the best prices, fastest pickup times, and great customer service. There is nothing you could want from a junk car buyer that we do not offer.

You can sell any type of car to us – trucks, SUVS, vans, hatchbacks, sedans and everything else in between. Got a used car? We will pay top dollar for that too. You just need to make sure that you remove the license plates and inform the auto insurance provider to cancel the insurance. Who knows? You may just get a nice refund on the coverage.

Every Cash Cars Buyer offer includes free towing, pickup or drop off. There are no hidden charges and no last-minute price reductions. The offer you accept is the offer you walk away with. We don’t believe in haggling at the time of pick up or making the process stressful for you.

You can know what your car is worth in just 60 seconds. You can either call us or use our online price calculator. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone can call us right away at (844) 663-7286 or check us out online.