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Getting Top Dollar: 10 Brilliant Tips to Sell Used Car Chicago, IL

sell your used car

sell used car

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You've decided it's finally time to sell your used car in Chicago, IL, and get yourself an upgrade.


If you are like most people who sell their used car in Chicago, IL, you are hoping to get top dollar for your trusty steed in Chicago, IL. You may already be on the great wide interweb searching “how to sell my car in Chicago”.

Selling a used car in Chicago, IL, doesn't have to be intimidating. We've pulled together a list of 10 car selling tips that will help you sell your car in Chicago, IL. You don't have to spend any more time searching “how to sell my car in Chicago”!

How to Sell Your Used Car Chicago

Selling your used car in Chicago, IL doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to invest more time thinking about how to “sell my used car in Chicago”.

By investing a little time into your used car, and using a little ingenuity, you will be able to ensure catching the eye of potential buyers. With these tips to sell your car in Chicago, IL, you will see just how easy it can be.

Detail the Interior of Your Used Car

If the interior of your vehicle is dirty and unkempt, it communicates that you aren't a responsible person (even if that isn't the case).

If you can't take the time to clean out your car before taking interior photos, a potential buyer may make the assumption that you probably haven't taken the time to do the regular maintenance your car needs either.

Detailing your used car could be as simple as removing those old pop bottles, and vacuuming the dirt off the floor. Or it could mean hiring a professional to clean all the nooks and crannies.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to hire a professional in Chicago, IL, to clean the interior of your car, you may not be able to able to make back what you've spent, but it can definitely help you sell your used car more quickly.

Clean Your Dash

In addition to giving your vehicle a well-deserved vacuum, invest in a bottle of Meguiars Interior Quick Detailer. You can find it anywhere for Amazon to Walmart.

It's a cheap investment, and it will leave your interior looking great. Remember to clean where the car's gauges are, as that is one of the first places a potential buyer will look in Chicago, IL.

Don't Forget the Seats

Stained seats will turn a potential buyer away from your selling your used car real quick in Chicago, IL.

Reviving leather or cloth seats is easier than you think. Check out an auto parts store, and find a leather or fabric cleaner that's right for your car. If these don't work, you may want to consult a detailer.

Detailers can resurrect even the worst looking seats. They have access to more top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment.

Floormats are Key

This may seem silly, but if your floormats are stained, and falling apart, it can turn away a potential buyer.

Toss the old ones in the dumpster, and invest in some new ones. Even a cheap universal pair will help your car look better to a buyer.

Detail the Exterior of Your Used Car

Whether you take your car through a car wash or wash it at home, don't forget to dry it afterward. Taking a photo with water on it may communicate to a potential buyer that you are in a rush, and you may lose out on money.

Don't forget to clean your wheels. Investing in a good tire cleaner will help to make your car look decades younger.

If you’re ambitious, and we hope that you are, you can wax your car. This will not only protect the paint, but it will definitely make your car look better to a potential buyer.

Like the interior, you can choose to hire a professional in Chicago, IL. Depending on the type of car you are selling in Chicago, IL, your exterior detailing may pay for itself.

Remove Personalization

We know that personalizing your vehicle is a lot of fun, but in the end, it can turn away a buyer in Chicago, IL.

Make sure to remove all those knick-knacks before snapping any photos. Yes, this includes the dice hanging from your rearview mirror, the furry steering wheel cover, and the license plate holder with flames.

Use Quality Photos

By taking quality photos, you can present potential buyers from Chicago, IL with clear informational photos of your car.

Here are a couple of simple tips for taking high-quality pictures:

  • Don't use your flash – When taking photos of the interior of your car, or under the hood, turn your flash off. Unless there are extreme low light conditions, the photos will look better
  • Don't stand too far away– Fill the frame of the picture with your car. Don't stand far away and have a tiny car and a huge parking lot in your picture. Also, avoid taking pictures that cut off parts of the car.
  • Choose the right time of day for natural light – The best time of day to take photos is at sunrise or sunset. Try to avoid when the sun is too high, otherwise, your photos won't turn out good.

Share Receipts of Auto Work Completed

One thing that you can do to gain the confidence of a potential buyer in Chicago, IL is to provide them with the maintenance history of your vehicle.

Presenting them with an organized folder with relevant receipts for the work completed since you’ve owned it, will help the buyer feel like they are making an informed decision.

Make sure to organize those receipts by date, and keep them with other relevant paperwork.

Don't worry about provided a receipt for every oil change, but if you just did maintenance on the vehicle, having a receipt to prove it will help get you top dollar.

Provide Comparisons

Just like in the real estate market, it's important to have comparable information to prove to potential car buyers in Chicago, IL that you have priced your used car fairly.

You can find other used vehicles comparative to yours in a few different places:

  • Craigslist, eBay and Facebook  – By checking out these sites you can determine what other owners are asking for their used vehicle with a comparable make, model and year.
  • “Book Value” – While the book value may be the most commonly used way to determine the value of a vehicle, it isn't the more reliable way to determine an accurate price. Book value doesn't always take into consideration the marketplace.

Create Availability for Pre-Purchase Inspection

A great way to ease the worries buyer's in Chicago, IL may have about buying your used car is to provide availability for a pre-purchase inspection. Much like a new homeowner gets an inspection, it allows for fair negotiation.

Many independent car shops will inspect a used car. If they charge anything, it may be an hour or two of labor. A car shop usually looks over the basics, or things that can be determined by looking at the car.

A pre-purchase inspection takes it a little bit further. The mechanic will take a look at the brakes, shocks and struts, oil and air filtration, as well as the tires. They typically will also include a road test, which will help them evaluate all of the cars major functions.

A basic pre-purchase inspection is typically only $100-200. This cost is typically the buyer’s responsibility. Should the mechanic offer suggestions for things that should be taken care of, you can then decide whether to drop the price or fix the items prior to the sale.

Perform Required Maintenance

Before you get ready to sell your used car in Chicago, IL, make sure to complete all the regular maintenance on it. This includes things like oil changes, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and air pressure.

Making sure that your maintenance is up to date will show your potential buyers in Chicago, IL that you have taken care of your vehicle.

Repair Body Damage

The difference between “excellent condition” and “good condition” can be substantial. Fixing small cosmetic issues like dents or scratches won't be too expensive to fix, and you'll most likely receive much of the money back once you sell your used car.

Sell Your Used Vehicle to a Cash Car Buyer

Whether you have a well maintained new used car, or a junk car that isn't working, consider selling your vehicle to a cash car buyer in Chicago, IL.

You may consider bringing your vehicle to a dealership in Chicago, IL, but dealerships are known to underpay. They have much more overhead to worry about to create a profit.

A cash car buyer will be able to beat the highest trade-in value of your vehicle.

Sell Used Car Chicago, IL

If you are ready to sell your used car in Chicago, IL, you don't need to search “sell car near me”. We would love to be able to save you some time and offer you a great cash value for your used car.

Don't hesitate, contact us today!

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