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Do you have an older Lexus you’re looking to sell? Have you recently been widowed and need to sell that extra Lexus vehicle?

Or do you have a Lexus that just won’t start?

Cash Cars buyer will buy that Lexus and make that “Sell My Lexus” a phrase that pays!

No only do we offer FREE Lexus removal, but we will pay you on the spot for your vehicle!

Need an instant offer on your Lexus? We can provide that!  Need personalized service to your location? We offer that too!

In fact, we offer a wide array of services for Lexus sellers, that are sure to please! So, when it comes to selling your Lexus, you only need to remember three words… Cash Cars Buyer!

Popular Lexus Brands

Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota, offers drivers all over the world, style, class and functionality.

The Lexus brand started from a corporate project, with the objective of manufacturing a premium sedan, that began in 1983.

Now, Lexus is synonymous with class, style and charm. Let’s look at some Lexus vehicles that buyers purchase.

Lexus CT

The Lexus CT is a s a hybrid electric automobile that offers the driver the experience of a sport compact hatchback. The car continues to evolve as a highly sought-after car, that offers drivers an array of technological advances that ensure safety and functionality.

Lexus LS

The Lexus LS is the vehicle that began the Lexus revolution. As a full-size luxury sedan, The Lexus LS serves as the as the flagship model of Lexus brand. Drivers can also enjoy a hybrid of the landmark vehicle, as well as features that are sure to please in the years to come.

Lexus GX

If you’re looking for room, comfort and durability from the Lexus brand, then perhaps you drive the Lexus GX. The 2020 model offers mid-size luxury SUV attributes, as well as three rows of seating.

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Where Can I Sell My Lexus With No Title? Call us! 844-663-7286!

Lexus RX

As a luxurious staple of the Lexus brand, the Lexus RX mid-size luxury crossover SUV that offers dependability and class. Since it’s conception in 1998, the vehicle continues to take shape as a vehicle that continues to stand the test of time.

Lexus IS

If you’re talking about the Lexus brand of efficient executive cars that have been selling since 1999, then you’re talking about the Lexus IS. Originally sold under the Toyota Altezza nameplate since 1998, The Lexus IS entry-level sport model that sits below the Lexus ES.

Lexus ES

As a compact vehicle, the Lexus ES has seven generations to date. This popular sedan continues to entice drivers from all over the world. With some models offering V-6 engines and front-wheel drive, the car continues to crush its competition.

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How Much is a 2001 Lexus RX300 Worth? Call us! 844-663-7286!

How Much is a 2001 Lexus RX300 Worth?

According to the Edmunds website, the 2001 Lexus RX300 is worth between $399 to $3,151. The figures take into consideration the condition, options and mileage of the vehicle.

In fact, whether you are looking to sell your Lexus CT, LS, GX or another popular model of Lexus, you have to consider the following:

  1. Year, make model
  2. Options
  3. Mileage
  4. Damage (if any)
  5. Location and more.

When Cash Cars Buyer looks at your Lexus to purchase, we will take into consideration those aspects of your car as well as more. You are always free to ask us about our appraisal methods. We welcome your questions, as a well as inquiry about what your RX300 or another Lexus model is worth.

The quickest way to find out what your 2001 Lexus RX 300 is worth, is to get an instant offer in a matter of seconds. Just enter your RX300’s specs. Be sure to include as much information about your vehicle. When you do, you’re getting the best price for your RX300!

Where Can I Sell My Lexus With No Title?

We here at Cash Cars Buyer purchase all kinds of Lexus vehicles, even those with no title. In many cases, no title is no problem, as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration, handy.

So, what do, is locate those items and then enter your car’s information, so you can get your instant offer. Be sure to indicate that you don’t have the title, for the most accurate offer Then, connect with us, so we can ask you some additional questions about your vehicle. Call us at 844-663-7286.

We will then make you an offer on that Lexus that you won’t be able to refuse!

Sell My Used Lexus – Selling the Vehicle Online

Perhaps you’ve thought about selling your Lexus online. This is a great option. In fact, you will be in the company of lots of Lexus owners who are looking to sell their vehicles as well.

Where to sell a Lexus Online


As a tried and true online marketplace, Craigslist offers Lexus sellers a great platform to sell their vehicles. First, be sure to pay the $5.00 fee to post your online ad. Then, make sure that you provide the specs of your car. Is if front-wheel drive? What kind of options does your vehicle have?

Be sure to include the mileage on the car as well as any amenities that may stand out to a potential buyer. New tires on your Lexus is a feature you definitely want to include. Craigslist attracts both the serious buyer as well as the scammer. So, you have to be prepared for both.


Looking to sell your Lexus on Facebook? You’re in great company. The Facebook Marketplace is a go-to online platform for used Lexus vehicles. Like Craigslist, you have to make sure that you provide the specifics about your Lexus. Don’t forget to answer questions in the comments as well as your mailbox. Buyers will certainly ask you lots of questions about your car!

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is another place you can sell your Lexus. The platform differs from Facebook as well as Craigslist, with the way you can sell your car. The process is quite straightforward. You the seller will post your vehicle for sale on the marketplace. And don’t forget to list all of the features, options and details about the car including its current condition. From there, buyers can submit bids to purchase the car. This is the stark difference of this platform.


Autotrader has been around since 1997. They offer an easy way to sell your Lexus there. First, prepare your Lexus for sale. This involves getting your paperwork together and prepping the car. Then, move on toward creating an ad. Next, find you Lexus vehicle buyer. Finally, close the deal!

Mistakes Online Lexus sellers make

As a Lexus vehicle owner, looking to secure that fast sale, there are some things that sellers do, that may delay or even stifle a sale. Check it out.

  1. Not taking great or enough pics. You as a seller have to allow your Lexus to tell its story. So, be sure to take great, sharp and focused pictures of your Lexus.
  2. Leaving out important details about your Lexus. You have a Lexus to sell. You have to tell perspective buyers all about your vehicle. Lots of times, vehicle sellers will not share enough information about the vehicle they wish to sell. So, be sure to include all of the details you can. This saves you from answering lots of questions.
  3. Not leaving a way for buyers to reach you. You post a great ad, but neglect to leave a phone number or an email. Let buyers reach you! You never know; you could be moments from selling your Lexus!
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Who Buys Lexus Cars Near Me? We do! 844-663-7286!

Sell My Lexus- Who Buys Lexus Cars Near Me?

Cash Cars Buyer offers you private, personalized services, right to your doorstep! We are the Lexus vehicles buyers near you! In fact, we are in your neighborhood!

Our team of agents operates nationwide. This allows us the opportunity to come to your home. You never have to come to us; we come to you! You’ll get:

  • Private service
  • All of your questions answered
  • Details about your Lexus vehicle sale
  • Information and a breakdown of how we arrived at the offer for your Lexus, and more!

So, begin the process of your personalized service, by entering you Lexus’ specs for that instant offer!

Then, call us at 844-663-7286, so we can firm up that offer!

Sell Your Lexus the Fast and Easy Way!

When it comes to selling your Lexus vehicle, you don’t need a complicated, lengthy selling process. You want to enter details about your car, get an offer, get the money and then move on with your life. We get it! And that’s why we make selling your car easy!

  1. Enter your car’s specs. Tell us about your car. Start with the year, make and model. Then move on with the trim and damage, if applicable. You’ll get an instant offer once you’re done!
  2. Accept your offer. Once you’re done, you will get an offer on your car. Connect with us at 844-663-7286 and let us ask you some more questions. Then, we will make you an offer. Once you accept it, we will schedule a time to come to your home or location to appraise your Lexus!
  3. Get the cash for your Lexus! Once we come to inspect your car and all is well, we will place that cold hard cash in your hands, fast! Need more answers? Call us! 844-663-7286!

Sell My Lexus – Get Cash FAST!

Have you delayed selling your Lexus because it doesn’t run or you feel it is so old you won’t get anything for it?

Well stop with those notions, because we buy all makes and models of cars! In fact, we buy Lexus vehicles that:

  • are just too ugly to look at!
  • run or don’t run!
  • have no keys with them!
  • are completely totaled!
  • too expensive to fix or repair!
  • Have frame damage!
  • Are just overcoming flood damage!
  • Have only one tire or even no tires!

So, you get the picture… we purchase all kinds of Lexus vehicles. And we can discuss purchasing yours! Just enter your vehicle’s specs and then get that instant offer fast!

We Are Lexus Junk Car Buyers!

After months of trying to find a buyer for your Lexus junk car, you decide to give that junkyard nearby, a chance.

So, you call them up, describe your Lexus junk car and get an offer from the junkyard owner. You like the offer and arrange towing for your Lexus.

You get there and the owner sees your car.

But, instead of giving you the money he said he would give you on the phone you get an offer that is now lower. What a waste of time and money!

Now you have to tow your car home and start the process all over again, in finding a buyer for your junk car!

Cash Cars Buyer offers a no-hassle sale of your Junk Lexus!

Forget the scams, the “bait and switch” and the gimmicks. That’s just not how we do business!  As a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company, we will offer you a straightforward offer on your Lexus car! We don’t have time for games and neither do you!

So, get that instant offer in a flash and let us come to you with the cash!

Sell My Lexus – Why Sell My Car to Cash Cars Buyer?

  • We’ll give you cash on the spot!
  • You can sell your car with our easy three-step method!
  • You never have to take care of the towing of your Lexus; that’s our job!
  • We’ve been buying Lexus cars as well as other cars for over ten years now!
  • You can get an instant offer on your Lexus in the comfort of your location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

So, contact us today for great service and a no-hassle as well as easy way to sell your Lexus fast, and get the cash you need, NOW! 844-663-7286!

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