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Sell My Car Nearby: Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Car?

Sell My Car Nearby: Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Car?

If you're looking to “sell my car nearby”, you have plenty of great options, including Auto Trader, eBay Motors, Craigslist, CarGurus, cars.com, Carvana, Vroom Cash Cars Buyer. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Selling used cars is getting much easier these days, especially with the massive number of interested buyers through large online retailers.

Determining “where to sell my car for cash near me” can be challenging, especially for inexperienced car sellers.

Finding the right buyer depends on your goals and needs. For example, if you're searching for where to sell my car near me for the most money? You will get a different list than someone who's searching for “how can I sell my car quickly?”

This article provides it with a clear answer for “how to sell my car nearby?” It will provide you with all potential methods for selling your car, starting with “the best car websites to buy used cars” to “cash for cars” programs that allow you to sell your car fast, safe, quick, and for the most money. 

Where to sell my car nearby? Here are the seven best car websites to buy used cars

What is the easiest way to sell my car nearby? Well, one of the fastest-growing methods for selling your car is through websites to sell cars by owner.

These websites can connect you with millions of customers who are interested in buying used vehicles. If you are familiar with Auto Trader, the oldest car listing magazine, those websites are very similar, and currently, there are tons of alternatives to AutoTrader. 

Keep in mind that if you're looking to sell cars online free, not all these websites qualify for you. Many of them have certain fees and listing costs. 

  • Autotrader


One of the top features of Auto Trader is that it provides you with the proper tools to help you sell your car easily in smoothly.

Also, when listing your car on Autotrader, it will automatically show on the Kelley Blue Book website as well. 

Since Auto Trader is connected somehow to Kelley Blue Book, you can easily get Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer program to get an idea about your vehicle's worth. 

While Auto Trader might charge you between $25.00 to $90.00 when selling to private buyers, you can always tell your car and trade it in to dealerships for free. 

  • eBay Motors sell car


You might already be familiar with the eBay marketplace. eBay decided to create a different used car market focused on selling cars.

The big mobile platform is there for about 20 years now, and you can sell anything ranging from used cars, new vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and boats. 

To sell your car on eBay Motors, you could either set a fixed price or allow people to bid on your vehicle using their auction feature. 

A great thing about eBay is that you can get connected with millions of interested buyers easily as the platform has a significantly high number of people interested in shopping for cars compared to any other listed platform. 

The only drawback about eBay Motors is that you must take care of all necessary paperwork within the car selling process. It's also on you to determine the best payment method, unlike any other online car retailer website. 

  • Craigslist sell car

Craigslist is not different than eBay Motors. If you've ever sold something through Craigslist, coming across it is very similar because still selling cars.

However, as a beginner, you need to look at the best way to sell a craigslist car. We've already done a detailed analysis to provide you with a step by step guidance on selling your car through Craigslist. You don't get into many of the listed scams that people suffered from. 

Unfortunately, Craigslist started charging $5 per ad very recently to prevent most common scams that people complain about. 

  • CarGurus sell car


CarGurus is known for its top-rated customer service. They provide you with continuous support throughout the entire process to help you experience a smooth and fast car selling service. 


One of the best features about CarGurus is that they provide you with a safe online secure transaction of money to prevent any frauds and guarantee that you will receive your payment directly to your bank account within only three days. 

CarGurus provides you with are also will cheap listing price of $4.95 for 30 days. You can also extend the listing for free if your car was not sold. 

  • Cars.com


Cars.com is a great method for people who are trying to sell their vehicles to dealerships.

Immediately after posting your vehicle's characteristics, you will receive at least four offers within a couple of days from different dealerships. 

Unfortunately, selling your car through dealerships does not get you the most money. Therefore, if money is your top priority, you might consider any other website than cars that come. 

Like CarGurus, cars.com only requires $4.99 for listing. If you would like to add a carfax to your listing, you must pay an additional $35. 

  • Carvana


Have you ever heard about Carvana vending machines?

Well, this is a brand-new era in the car selling market that was created back in 2012. The website promises you a completely online car selling process.

When selling your car through Carvana, you can get instant free offers immediately online. It allows you to trade in your vehicle with another interested in the same inventory. 

The only drawback about Carvana is that they don't provide the best customer service and the prices are not negotiable. 

  • Vroom


Vroom Here's another example of online car selling approaches like Carvana. You can almost sell any vehicle to Vroom even if it's not in great condition.

While this company will deliver your vehicle anywhere around their 48 states of service, the delivery fee might cost you at least $599. 

Here is a detailed comparison between all mentioned websites to give you a quick side by side pros and cons comparison between them:

Characteristic Autotrader eBay Motors Craigslist CarGurus Cars.com Carvana Vroom
Cost From $25 to $90 From $25 to $95 $5 per used car ad $4.95 $4.99 Free Free
Can I add a history report? Yes Yes
Do they have cash offers? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can I trade-in my car? Yes Yes Yes
Is there special seller supporting tools? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Do they provide car pickup? Yes Yes


Sell my car nearby: Where can I sell my car for the most money?

If you're looking for getting the most money out of a car, your options can be a little different.

According to most automotive experts, you need to start with Kelley Blue Book value to determine the minimum and maximum potential offers to accept.

Once you have that number, your best guess of getting the most money out of your car is through private buyers, family members, or junk car buyers.

Unfortunately, most online listed websites do not provide you with the best offers as they have a certain policy and, in some cases, nonnegotiable prices. 

A great option for you to get the top dollars for your car is through Cash Cars Buyer. We evaluate their car and compare it with a huge database of similar vehicles around your area, with an offer representing the maximum dollars vehicle can make. 

Sell my car nearby: How can I sell my car quickly?

On the other hand, if you're looking for how to sell your car quickly, many of the mentioned websites can be a great option.


This is because dealerships can be one of the fastest ways to get your car removed within days. However, it is worth spending some time researching how to sell a car at a dealership because negotiating the price can make a difference.

It's also recommended that you get at least three appraisals from different dealerships to make a good deal because while you would like to get your car out quickly, you still need a decent offer. 

Another option to sell your car quickly is through a family member or friend. Therefore, we recommend that you read on how to sell a car to a friend, so you not only get it away fast but also receive a reasonable offer. 

Sell my car nearby: Where to sell my car fast and for the most money?

The last thing we would like to cover here is related to someone interested in selling his car quickly and for the most money.

Things can be a little challenging if you're looking for the best way to sell a car that needs work. The great news is that Cash Cars Buyer can cover all these needs.

We will not only provide you with the top dollars, but we will also remove your car quickly and within one to three days.

If you are in a hurry, we can also remove your car the same day because we are a 24-hour car removal company. 


In this section, we will cover some basic questions related to “how to sell my car nearby.” 

  • How much is my car worth? 


Determining the value of your vehicle differ depending on your vehicle's type and condition. Your best option here is to visit Kelley Blue Book that provides you with a minimum and maximum value for your car.

You can also get a fast estimate of your vehicle's value through Cash Cars Buyer's online instant cash offer. The offers can be generated within a couple of seconds only after filling a short survey about your vehicle's type and condition. 

  • Does CarMax buy cars at a fair price?


CarMax provides fair prices. However, it can be slightly lower than the used car market value. This is because CarMax takes into consideration overhead expenses related to physical lots rents.

That's why many old water experts suggest that if you were looking for your vehicle's top money, CarMax might not be the best option. 

  • Does CarMax give Kelley Blue Book value?


As we mentioned earlier, CarMax considers prices of physical lot expenses, and therefore, most CarMax offers are usually lower than Kelley Blue Book's value. 

  • How does CarMax determine the value of your car?


CarMax has a certain in-house evaluation process where they consider your vehicle's type and condition to provide you with a fair offer.

  • Does CarMax give good trade-in value?


CarMax provides you with an OK trading value. Still, most automotive experts suggest that you prevent and stay away from the trading process through CarMax because the process is not good but because the prices are not usually the best. 

Sell my car nearby: the bottom line 

This article provided you with all the options to help you sell your car nearby.

You can start with classified websites and larger online retailers like Autotrader, cars.com, CarGurus, Cortana, CarMax, etc.

Remember, if you're looking for getting the most money out of your car, it's not recommended that's your thought through online retailers, and your best option would be to find a private buyer or a family member.

If you're looking to sell your car quickly, many of the listed websites can be great and might help you get rid of your vehicle within a couple of days.

If you're looking for the most money out of your car while getting it removed fast, your best option would be Cash Cars Buyer.

Our process is very simple and straightforward. All it takes is just a quick call with our team, then reviewing an accepting or instant offer, after that, getting your vehicle removed and receiving your cash payment. 

To get more details about our process, give our team a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page and click on the free instant online offer. Our process is explained in detail in this link