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Sell My Car in Tinley Park, IL

Cash Cars Buyer is Tinley Park’s quality car buying company, offering top dollar for all cars! Whether it runs or not, we want to buy your car! Are you sick and tired of paying for oil changes and other routine maintenance for your car? Has the car become more of a liability than a luxury? Do you have a non-running vehicle just taking up space in your driveway? Its time to call Cash Cars Buyer and get that car hauled for cool cash!

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Sell My Car Online Fast

Here in Tinley Park, IL, car sellers have to go through certain procedures to sell a car. First, the license plates on the car have to be removed, if they are there. Secondly, you have to give the buyer a valid, signed, and dated title certificate at the time of sale. Both you and the buyer will have to to complete the title assignment section. Then, you have to complete the Notice of Sale form which is attached to the bottom of the title. Be sure to mail that in to the IL Secretary of State (SOS). It’s a good idea to exchange contact information with your car buyer too. Moving forward, you have to now complete and prepare a bill of sale. Then, you have a Seller’s Report of Sale (Form VSD 703) completed. Then, make sure you send it to the IL SOS Vehicle Services Department. With this form you are no longer the liable party for the sale of the car.

Need a duplicate car title? You can apply for a duplicate title in Illinois. You must complete the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (Form VSD 190). Then check the “Duplicate Title” box at the top of the form. Don’t forget to include the exact vehicle identification number (VIN) and current odometer reading. Be sure to sign the form too! If you don’t, your duplicate car title application could face immediate rejection.

Cash Car Buyer wants every customer to have the best car selling experience ever. Therefore, we encourage all to get and complete all required documentation. This way you can sell your car online fast! We know it may take time, but it is well worth it to have all you need for a smooth and successful sale of your vehicle. The faster you sell it, the quicker you will have cool cash in your hands!

Sell Your Car, Truck, Van Or SUV For Top Dollar Now

With Cash Cars Buyer, you can sell your car, truck, van or SUV for top dollar. Even if it’s not running, or missing a door. We still want it! Perhaps you think it may be a good idea to go to a Tinley Park, IL area junkyard and sell your car. Let’s look at this closer. You call a junkyard and get an estimate for your car. You agree to the estimate. Then you and your car head down to the junkyard. Now, you are told a different price. This new price is lots of dollars lower than the estimate you got over the phone. Not only is this “bait and switch” tactic unethical, but unfair and in many places illegal. So, now you have to arrange for your car to be towed somewhere else. What a waste of time and money!

Cash Cars Buyer will not waste time when it comes to selling your vehicle. Our process is convenient and we never will low-ball you or cheat you out of your money.

Can I Sell My Car to You Here in Tinley Park, IL?

Yes, you can! Our agents service the following Tinley Park zip codes: 60448, 60477 and 60487. Cash Cars Buyer offer each customer experienced, friendly and knowledgeable agents. Have questions or issues? Ask away or speak to us. Our top priorities are getting you comfortable with the sale of your car and getting you the most for your vehicle! Don’t hesitate to call us!


Maybe I Can Sell My Car Fast Here at Home

Perhaps you have thought about selling your car privately. So, you decide to buy some “for sale” signs and write your phone number on them. You stick the signs on your car’s window and park the car so that the public can see it. But, instead of a fast sell of your car, the days turn into weeks. Then, those weeks turn into months. Sure, you have gotten some calls, but nothing leading to a fast sale.

Cash Cars Buyer will buy your car fast, without you having to wait days or even months to sell it. The bottom line is you can sell your car fast with us. Our process is quick and easy. We will never low-ball you or even “string you along”. You ask the questions you need and we will get cash in your hands, fast!

Can I Sell My Car for Cash Instant Quote?

Absolutely! That’s what Cash Cars Buyer is all about! Our process is a simple one.

  • First, enter your car’s information using our online tool.
  • Next, you can call us and answer a few questions about your car.
  • Then we will evaluate your answers and offer you an estimate on your car in under a minute.
  • Once you accept our offer, we will schedule a time to come to your Tinley Park, IL home and examine your car.
  • When we arrive, we will inspect your car.
  • Once everything is good to go and you are happy, you will have cash in your hands! It’s that simple!

Cash for Cars!

Cash Cars Buyer knows that you can sell your car on Craigslist. We know you can sell your car in a Facebook group. You can also sell your car privately. Sure, these methods work, but they cannot offer cash for cars fast. We can! Just let us know what kind of car you have and its condition. Then, let us ask you some questions and we will then come meet you at your Tinley Park, IL home to look at it! We are a licensed, bonded and insured company. We offer top dollar and the best car buying experience ever! So, contact us today because we are offer cash for cars right here in Tinley Park IL! Let us buy your car!


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