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Sell My Car in Romeoville, IL

Sell My Car in Romeoville, IL

” I want to sell my car” is a a thought you've been having for some time now.  The days of living with that junk car are are over!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You've lived long enough with that rusted van in the garage. The time to sell it is now.

Are you sick and tired of junk cars sitting on your property? Do you have a wrecked vehicle that is now just taking up space in the backyard?

The time to sell them is now and the company to sell them to, is Cash Cars Buyer!  We offer top dollar on all makes and models.

For your junk car problem, Cash Cars Buyer is the solution!

Get Top Cash for Cars from Local and Experienced Car Buyers!

Now that you’ve decided to sell your junk car, you are now on the hunt for places you can sell your car. There’s no reason for you to hunt for a place when you have Cash Cars Buyer here, ready to buy your car, offer you top dollar and even tow it for free! We service residents who live in zip codes 60441, 60446,60490 and 60544!  Need other reasons to sell your car to us! Well, keep reading!

  • We are right here in Romeoville, IL!
  • Cash Cars Buyer never has, and never will charge you fees, to buy your car.
  • We provide our customers with safe, private and secure transactions.
  • We offer top dollar for old, damaged, wrecked & non-running vehicles.
  • After we inspect your car, you’ll always get cash on the spot! We promise!
  • You can sell us your junk car without a title. But we request that our valued customers have a valid ID and updated and authentic car registration.

How About I Sell My Car Online?

Selling your junk car online may be a great way to earn some quick cash. But let’s look at the world of online selling a bit closer. Selling a car online takes some work. First you have to realize that your car ad is not the only one out there. Have you look at the Illinois Craigslist lately? There are hundreds of cars for sale on that site!

So, the first thing you want to do, to sell your car online, is take and post pictures of your car. Then, write a great description about your car. You have to tell potential car buyers everything about your car too!

Then, comes the monitoring of your inboxes and emails. You have to check who has sent you a message about your car.

Instead of the pictures and the inbox messages, just sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! We don’t need pics of your car or a fancy-worded description. Just click here to enter your car’s information. With our online tool and our questions, you’ll have an offer on your car in minutes!

I Want to Sell My Car Fast!

In order to sell your car fast, there’s the matter of the correct paperwork that Illinois requires.  Read on!

  1. First, take off the license plates on your junk car and place them somewhere safe.
  2. Next, give your car buyer a signed, dated and valid title certificate at the time of sale. Both you and the buyer must complete the title assignment section.
  3. Then, move on to completing the Notice of Sale form which is attached to the bottom of the title. After completing it, be sure to mail that in to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  4. Then take the time to exchange contact information with your car buyer.  Then make sure to complete and prepare a bill of sale.
  5. After completing the Seller’s Report of Sale (Form VSD 703), take it to the IL SOS Vehicle Services Department too. With this paper, you are no longer the liable party for the sale of the car.
  6. Have you lost or damaged your original car title and need a duplicate title? Illinois can help you with that. Click here to learn more.

Can I Sell My Car Without the Car Title?

When selling a car, it’s always a good idea to have your car title. So, if you are able to get it, please do so. But, if you’re not, then we ask that you have a valid driver’s license or picture ID and valid car registration at the time of sale. With these two documents, we will have a smooth transaction and be able to offer you fast cash for your car.

Need more help or need to talk about something else about your car? Contact us today and let’s discuss getting your car sold, and cash in your hands, FAST!

Sell My Car for Cash Today FAQ!

We get lots of questions about our services so read on and let us answer the questions you have!

  1. Are your cash offers guaranteed? Yes! We’re not in the business of low-balling our valued car sellers. Start here with getting our offer, and continue on with calling us at 773-791-4363! The offer we state is the offer we mean, guaranteed!
  2. Will you really pay me cash on the spot? We sure will! No games! No hassles! When we come out to your Romeoville, IL to inspect your car, we will look at it from all points. Then, once all is good, you will have cool cash in your hands!
  3. Will you really buy my car even if it hasn’t run in over a year? We sure will! Cash Cars Buyer doesn't care about the last time your car ran. We care about offering you top dollar for it!
  4. I have a car that was in a wreck. You want to buy that car too?  Of course! Even if that front fender is falling off,  we will still buy that car!
  5. Is your towing really free for me? Yes, it is! We won’t pay you to tow your own junk car!
  6. What paperwork do I have to get ready? Just the paperwork that the state of Illinois has given you. The other paperwork is work we take care of!
  7. Why should I choose Cash Cars Buyer? Because we are the best in the business. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we operate with honesty and integrity. So, contact us today and let’s get that junk car off of your property fast! Call us now! Turn that clunker into cool cash!  773-791-4363!