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Cash Cars Buyer offers Rock Island, IL the best car buying services!  We have access to resources that allow us to offer you top dollar for your non-running, rusted and damaged car!

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

With Cash Cars Buyer, you can easily sell your car to one of our fully licensed, insured and bonded car buyers and you’ll get paid cash on the spot!

We are highly knowledgeable, friendly and experienced in the vehicle buying industry, and will never low-ball you or lock you into using our stellar services.

Cash for Cars Near Me

Cash Cars Buyer will buy and haul your damaged, old or stagnant vehicle from just about anywhere in the United States! Our local coverage area includes Rock Island, IL residents who live in zip codes 61201, 61204, 61264 and 61299.

Our customers certainly enjoy local and fast service. They also enjoy free pick-up of those junk cars that are eyesores! So, contact us today, and let’s put some cool cash in your hands, FAST!

Why Choose Cash Cars Buyer, to Sell My Car Fast?

We know you can only imagine the number of junkyards and salvage lots that are in and around the Rock Island, IL, area. Lots of businesses would love to buy your junk car So, why choose Cash Cars Buyer? Well keep reading about what we offer!

  • Cash on the spot!
  • Free towing of your junk car!
  • No fees or paperwork for you!
  • Guaranteed service at your doorstep.
  • All transactions are safe, secure and private!
  • You’ll get the best offer on your damaged, wrecked and old car.
  • We’re licensed, insured and bonded. We play no games or offer no gimmicks!
  • You will save time as well as money from visiting other dealerships and places to sell your car.

I Want to Sell My Car Fast so, How Much Cash Will I Get For it?

This depends on lots of factors. Some of the factors we look at when buying a car include the make, model and year of a car. We also look at any exterior as well as interior damage to the car, if this applies. Click here to get a value for your car then call us for more information!

Ready to Sell Your Car for Cash Today?

Read below and get started on getting cold hard cash for your car now!

  1. Type in your car’s  information using our online car assessor! Is it a Ford Explorer? or a Lincoln Town Car? Give us the exact year, make, and model too!
  2. After a few short questions we’ll ask you about your car, we’ll come back to you with an instant offer for your junk car, right on our website! Feel free to call us if you have any questions or issues!
  3. Once you accept our offer on your car through our website, we’ll gather some information such as your contact information and address. We’ll also want to know where your junk car is so we can inspect it in person.
  4. We will then arrive at the location of your junk car and inspect your car person.
  5. Once everything is on the “up and up”, we’ll put cool cash in your hands!
  6. You can even watch as we arrange to have your car hauled away for free!

What If I Want to Sell My Car Online?

If you’re thinking of selling your car online, just know that you’re not the only one with this idea.  While such sites as Facebook, Instagram and Illinois Craigslist are popular online marketplaces for the sale of cars, you have to remember to make your online car ad, stand out.

Remember to take great pics of your car and post them. Then, you have to write a great description of your car too.

Don’t forget to monitor your email and inboxes to see who has messaged you about possibly buying your junk car.

And finally, the sale of your car may be days, weeks and even months away. You have time for all of this?

What you should do, is let Cash Cars Buyer help with the sale of your rusted and broken-down car. We don’t need pictures or a fancy description of your car. We just need some basic information about your car to get this “car-selling party” started! So, when you think,  “I should sell my car online,” think three wonderful words… Cash Cars Buyer!

I Want to Sell My Damaged Car, but I think it’s a Junk Car Too

Your van may not only fail to start, but it may be a junk car too. Or, that two-seater sitting in the garage is not only dented in the back, but it may be a junk car. So, what makes a car a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that costs too much to repair or fix beyond its worth, or the car owner’s ability to pay. So, if you have a vehicle meeting that description, then it’s time you meet us! Call Cash Cars Buyer, your premier car buying service here in Rock Island, IL!

Sell My Car for Cash FAQ!

Now, we’d like to take a few moments to answer some of the most popular questions we get asked!

  1. OK, what do I do first, to sell my car to you? Enter your car’s information here!
  2. You are really local here to Rock Island, IL? Yes, we are! Our agents will come to your home after you accept our offer!
  3. Do you guarantee your cash offer? We sure do! You may find that a junkyard or some other place will give you one price over the phone and another one in person. Not us! We guarantee our cash offer to you!
  4. Will you really give me cash on the spot for my junk car? We sure will! Once we arrive to your home or the location of the junk car, we will inspect it. Once you’re happy and everything is on the “up and up”, we will place the cash in your hands!
  5. Even if my car isn’t running, you’ll still buy it? Of course! We take cars as is!
  6. What fees to you charge? None! None at all! No processing fees, paperwork fees or towing fees! When we say we charge no fees, we mean it!
  7. Can I sell my car if I don’t have the car title? We prefer our valued clients to have an Illinois car title. You can even obtain a duplicate car title if you need one. But, if you can’t get either the original or duplicate title, we would ask that you have your valid picture ID and car registration with you, for the sale of your car. You can call us and talk about your specific case.
  8. I am ready to sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer! Great! We’re ready to buy it and put cool cash in your hands, FAST! 773-791-4363! Call us today for cool cash tomorrow!
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