We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Sell My Car in Lombard, IL

Sell My Car in Lombard IL

When you’re looking for a quick, easy and convenient way to sell your car, look to Cash Cars Buyer! Our licensed, bonded and insured agents are here in Lombard, IL ready to buy that clunker cluttering your driveway! We want to purchase those pounds of metal blocking your garage door!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Cars Buyer offers top dollar on all makes and models! We will even tow your car away for free! From the zip code 60137 to 60148, we will buy your car and offer you cash in a flash!

I Want to Sell My Car for Cash with No Hassle!

What a coincidence! We want to buy your car with no hassle! Before we begin anything, we encourage all of our valued customers to take care of some steps Illinois requires car sellers to do.

  1. The first step in selling your car, is removing the license plates off of the car.
  2. Next, make sure you obtain a title certificate and get it signed, validated and dated.
  3. Moving forward, you have to complete a Notice of Sale form which is found at the bottom of the title.
  4. Then fill it out and be sure to mail that in to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  5. Now’s a good time in this process, to exchange contact information with your buyer.
  6. Then, prepare a bill of sale.
  7. After that, make a copy of that bill of sale for your records and then give that bill of sale to the new car buyer. Need more assistance? You can click here to connect with the Illinois SOS.

Congratulations! You now have all of the paperwork completed for the sale of your car! With this, Cash Cars Buyer can buy your car fast! We know that these steps may take time out of your day and cost you some dollars. But it is worth it to have all documents completed for a fast sale of your car. Contact us today to learn more!

I Need to Sell My Car for Cash Now!

That’s good to know, because we want to buy your car now! Here is something to consider once you sell your car. Not only will you get cool cash, but you will be helping the environment. Did you know that over half of a car can be recycled? It’s true. Lots of the metal on a car can be repurposed into tools and other items that help others in the community. You just thought that the benefit of selling your car was the cool cash. Well, it is the best benefit  of selling a car, but helping with local recycling efforts is another one! Way to go! Call us today and let’s get started with selling your car!

I Want to Sell My Car Today

Have you been thinking of selling your car on a local Facebook group? That may be a viable option, but let’s look at online selling. If you want to sell your car on Facebook, Instagram, Lombard, IL Craigslist or another online marketplace, you must take pics of your car. Then you have to write a detailed car ad. You have to include all of the information possible about your car. Potential car buyers want to know everything. What works on the car? What doesn’t work on the car? How old is the car? Does the car have a motor? Those questions and more have to be answered in your online ad. Once you post your ad, you have to wait for buyers. This could take a few hours or even a few days. But  for many people, online car selling is more of a frustration than fun.

Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company. We take the frustration out of selling your car. Forget pictures; we’ll come to your Lombard, IL home and see your car for ourselves! Don’t worry with the description of your car. We are experienced car buyers so no need! When you think of online selling of your car, think three awesome words in this order: Cash Cars Buyer! Get an offer for your car now and then call us to sell it!

OK I Am Ready to Sell My Non-Drivable Car Now!

Maybe your car hasn’t run in weeks. We will buy it. Perhaps that van’s starter just won’t work. No worries. We want to buy it. Regardless of the kind of vehicle you have that won’t start, we want to buy it and put cash in your hands fast! We know that you have probably gone to great lengths to get rid of your car. Maybe a family member said he would take the car. Perhaps you have been calling around to different independent dealerships, and all they want is cars that start. We are ready to pay you top dollar for a car that won’t run! Even if it hasn’t run in years, we will buy it.

Cash Cars Buyer purchases all makes and models of cars.  We look at a car's merit to offer customers the best and most cash for cars. Did we mention that we will tow your non-drivable car away for free? It’s true. You never have to pay to have your car towed. Never! So call us today and let’s get that non-running clunker out of the driveway!

OK How Do I Sell My Junk Car Now?

Great question! Check out the steps to selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer!

  1. Enter your car’s information using our online tool.
  2. Next, we will connect with you to make you an offer. You will have an estimate on your car in less than a minute!
  3. Once you accept our offer, we will schedule a time to come to your Lombard, IL home to inspect your car.
  4. When we arrive, we will examine your car from all angles.
  5. When all is “good to go” and you are happy, we will gladly place cool cash in your hands! It’s that easy!


Why go to a junkyard or settle for an online ad to sell your car? Cash Cars Buyer is here to buy your car with no stress or hassle to you. So, contact us today and have the best pocket of cash for your car tomorrow!


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