We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Sell My Car in Hoffman Estates, IL

Sell My Car in Hoffman Estates, IL

Cash Cars Buyer is here in Hoffman Estates, IL, ready to purchase the car you are tired of! Whether you have a car sitting in your driveway that doesn’t run, or an old SUV sitting in the backyard with only three wheels, we want to buy them! We also pay top dollar for all makes and models, and will haul your car away for free!  Our local car buying services include zip codes: 60010, 60107, 60169, 60192, 60195, 60067, 60120, 60179 and 60194.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

I’m Ready to Sell My Non-Drivable Car, But Where Do I Start?

There are some important steps to follow to sell a car here in Hoffman Estates, IL. Begin with Check out the steps below:

  1. First, be sure to take off the license plates from the junk car and put them somewhere safe.
  2. Then, obtain a title certificate and get it signed, dated and validated.
  3. The third thing you must do to sell your car is fill out a Notice of Sale form which is found at the bottom of the title.
  4. Make sure you filled out that Notice of Sale form is filled out completely. If it is not complete, the Illinois SOS will send it back to you, holding up your car selling experience.
  5. Then, take that Notice of Sale to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  6. The time is right for you to now exchange contact information of the car buyer and be sure that he or she has your contact information too.
  7. Next, take the time to complete and prepare a bill of sale.
  8. Once completed, make a copy of that bill of sale for your records and then give that bill of sale to the new car buyer. Need more help or have other questions? Feel free to click here to connect with the Illinois SOS.

I Want to Sell My Old Car or Junk Car Now!

That is great to know because we want to buy your old and junk car now! Perhaps you have an old car that will not start. That may be a junk car too. Or maybe you have a van with only one wheel that has some body damage. That may be a junk car. So, what makes a car a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that costs too much to repair beyond its worth, or the ability for the owner to pay for repairs.

So, if your old car is indeed a junk car, you can receive money for it! Contact us today and learn more!

I Want to Sell My Car Online

Selling a junk car or old car online is a viable option, but here are some things to think about. First, you must take pictures of your car. You have to make sure that they are very focused and sharp pictures. Then, you have to write a description of your car and then answer all of the questions that potential buyers will have. Finally, you have to posts to sites that will attract buyers. You may have to post your ad to Facebook groups, Illinois Craigslist, Instagram and some other online publications.

For folks who want to sell online, there is also the matter of scammers. Some people out here make it their mission to swindle people out of money.

There is an alternative to selling your car online, it’s Cash Cars Buyer! Instead of the hassle of selling your car online, dealing with buyers who are not serious and other stressful situations, just sell your car to us! We would love to buy your car and offer you top dollar for it!

Stop taking photos for your online ad. Forget the description you have to write for Craigslist. Let Cash Cars Buyer purchase your car easily and conveniently.

Can I Sell My Car for Parts?

More than 80% of a car can be recycled. With the times we are living in, lots of folks speak about saving our earth. This is really important and an old car can help our surroundings! The most recycled parts of a car include the batteries, wheels, radiators, transmissions, rubber hoses, car seats, carpets, oil filters, mats and more! Did you know that a recent statistic stated that each year here in the U.S. about 220 million old tires are repurposed? Lots of a car’s parts are regenerated into useful tools and items for other people!  Selling your car for parts and selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer not only puts cool cash in your hands, but helps your local Hoffman Estates, IL community as well as the state of Illinois!

OK, I Want Sell My Car Today! What Do I Do First?

That’s great! Check out our process.

  1. First, type in your car’s information using our online tool.
  2. Then, connect with us and allow us to ask you a few questions about your car.
  3. Then let us review the merit and condition of your car.
  4. Next, we will provide you with an estimate for your car and you are free to accept it or not!
  5. Once you accept our offer (because we know you will!), we will make plans to come to your Hoffman Estates, IL home to inspect your car.
  6. After we arrive to examine your car and all is well, you will have cool cash in your hands!
  7. Forget towing, because we cover that!

Additionally, it’s important to know that we will never tack on any fees! Cash Cars Buyer treats each customer with respect. We will always be honest with you. There are no hassles, games or issues with our services. Our agents are experienced when it comes to car buying. So, they can answer any question you have. We also assist with paperwork and helping you understand the process of selling your car. So, let go of that long hunk of metal blocking your backyard. Relinquish that jalopy sitting in the driveway! Let Cash Cars Buyer buy your car now and give you the cash you need, want and deserve!


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