We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Sell My Car in Elmhurst, IL

Sell My Car in Elmhurst IL

If you’re facing the problem of selling your car, Cash Cars Buyer is your solution! We purchase all makes and models for top dollar including cars right here in Elmhurst, IL. From clunkers to junk cars that won’t run, we buy them all!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Are you tired of looking at that jalopy in your front yard? Is it time to say “goodbye” to that car that eats away at your savings? Do you have an old vehicle that you no longer wish to keep? We can purchase those cars and even tow them away for free!

How Do I Sell My Car for Cash, Fast?

In order to sell your car here in Elmhurst, IL, there are a series of steps car owners must follow. Check out what must be done below:

  1. First, be sure to remove the license plates off of the car and put them somewhere safe.
  2. Second, obtain a title certificate and get it validated, dated and signed.
  3. Third, be sure to fill out a Notice of Sale form which is found at the bottom of the title.
  4. Double check that your Notice of Sale form is filled out completely. If it isn’t, it can be sent back to you and this could hold up the sale of your car.
  5. Then, make that Notice of Sale to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  6. Afterward, be sure to get the contact information of the car buyer and be sure that he or she has your contact information.
  7. Moving forward, prepare a bill of sale.
  8. Once complete, make a copy of that bill of sale for your records and then give that bill of sale to the new car buyer. Need more help or have other questions? Feel free to click here to connect with the Illinois SOS.

Cash Cars Buyer encourages all valued car sellers to complete all documentation. This helps to not only sell your car, but sell it fast! We know that getting lots of documents ready and completed can take time and cost money, but it’s the difference between quick cash in your hands and cash in your hands, that is delayed. Contact us today and for any questions you have!

Can I Really Sell My Car for Cash?

Absolutely! Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, bonded and insured company, offering cash for all kinds of cars! Whether running or not, we will buy your car! From vans and cars to SUVs, you will get top dollar for your vehicle! You may have decided to take your car to a local junkyard and were promised cash as well as a great amount of money for your car. But once you got there, you were offered less money and a check. Being offered less money than told, is an old “bait and switch” tactic. It’s unethical and unfair. Now you are left with having to tow your car to another lot or back home and your day has been wasted.

Cash Cars Buyer offers cash for cars and nothing but cash. We don’t pay games or offer our valued customers “bait and switch” tactics either. We provide an honest, straightforward estimate and inspection of your car. And if at any time you would like to cancel, that’s fine. You are never under any obligation to accept our offer or services. We know that won’t be the case; so, call us and let’s get cash for your car now!

I Can Sell My Car Online

Of course, you can! But selling online comes with risks. Let’s look at the bigger picture. If you choose to sell your car on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Elmhurst, IL Craigslist, you first must take great pictures of your car. Next, you have to write a very detailed description of your car and include answers to the most asked questions car buyers have. Thirdly, you have to post your ad and monitor it. For some folks, you may be able to sell your car in a matter of days. But, for the majority of car sellers wanting to sell a car online, you may sell that car in weeks or months.

Then, you have to keep a watchful eye of the scammers. Unfortunately, they lurk on social media and they will work overtime to scam you out of money.

Cash Cars Buyer is online too and we eliminate all of the stress, hassle and frustration of selling online. You don’t have to place your information online for the world to see with us! We take away the pressure, wait and even anger of dealing with “shady characters.” So, deal with the company that will offer you the most money for your car, safely. Call Cash Cars Buyers now!

I Want to Sell My Non-Drivable Car, But Are You in My Area?

We sure are! We have local agents right here in Elmhurst, IL. Whether your zip code is 60106, 60126 or 60181, we will come to you!  There is never a reason for you to tow your car to our business. Our business is making the car selling experience a quick, easy and convenient one for you!

OK, I Am Ready to Sell My Car for Cash and Get an Instant Quote!

That’s great to know, because that is just what we offer Check out the steps below to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer:

  1. Type your car’s information using our online tool.
  2. Next, allow us to connect with you, so we can offer you an instant cash quote. Your estimate will be ready in less than a minute!  have an estimate on your car in less than a minute!
  3. Once you accept our offer, we will make an appointment to come to your Elmhurst, IL home to examine your car.
  4. When we arrive, we will inspect your car from all angles and areas.
  5. When all good and you’re happy with our services, you will have the cool cash you need, want and deserve!

So, let the days of that clunker in the garage come to a close! It’s time to get rid of that non-running van now. Contact Cash Cars Buyer for cool cash, fast!

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