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sell car in Decatur

Are you seeking to sell your car after trying various methods to do so with no luck? Cash Cars Buyer is a quality car buying service here in Decatur, IL. We offer top dollar for all kinds of cars. Whether your car is running or not, we will buy it! Whether you have tried to sell your car online, privately, or with a junkyard, Cash Cars Buyer will purchase your car with no games or gimmicks! Our Decatur, IL service area includes zip codes 62501, 62522, 62524, 62526, 62554, 62521, 62523, 32525 and 62535.

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

Get Cash for Your Car

Not only will you be able to get cash for your car, but there are other reasons you should sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer:

  1. You can recycle a junk car. Did you know that over 80% of a car is recyclable? That metal can be used to create items and tools. Those items and tools can help others in the local community.
  2. You'll create more space in your environment. Your backyard, front yard, or driveway will be more spacious. You can use the area for something else!
  3. You’ll save money. Many areas require that even a junk car have up-to-date insurance. So, if yours does not, you could be looking at some serious fines.
  4. We will tow it away for free! Did you know that Cash Cars Buyer will tow your junk car away at no cost to you! It’s true!
  5. You will get quick cash! The best reason to junk a car is the quick cash you will receive for it. With that cash, you can pay bills, book a vacation, or buy a better ride!

Instant Offer for your Car or Truck

Maybe your car hasn't started in months. It very well may be a junk car. Perhaps your car has a broken windshield and is leaking oil. That may be a junk car. So, what is a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that costs more to repair than it is worth, or the owner's ability to pay.

Cash Cars Buyer will make an instant offer to you for that junk car. All you have to do to begin the process is to enter your car's information using our online tool! An instant offer on a car is a great thing, and we make it easy!

Sell Your Car Fast

To sell your car fast, Decatur, IL residents must follow some steps before selling a car. First, you must remove the vehicle’s license plate. Then be sure to give the buyer a signed, valid, and dated title certificate. The next step you need to do is complete the Notice of Sale form attached to the bottom of the title. Make sure you mail that into the IL Secretary of State (SOS).

At this point, it's a good idea to exchange contact information with the buyer. Afterward, you must also fill out a bill of sale. It’s a good idea to keep this for your records after giving it to the buyer.

After you finish these steps, you must send a completed Seller's Report of Sale, or the Form VSD 703, to the IL SOS Vehicle Services Department. Click here to learn more.

Cash Cars Buyer wants to provide fast cash offers on all makes and models in any condition. We are a reputable and experienced business because we operate with decency, honesty, and integrity.

Cash Cars Buyer wants each customer to have the best buying experience. We want you to sell your car fast. These steps to get all documentation in order may seem time-consuming and a bit costly to sell a car. But these actions remove your liability from the sold vehicle. When it's all said and done, your car selling experience will be a smooth one. So be sure to have all the proper documentation in order when you're ready to sell your car.  Contact the IL SOS office today for questions!

Sell Your Car or Truck Instantly

Selling your car on Facebook or another online marketplace may seem like the best route to go, but here are some points to think about. Once you decide to sell your car online, you first have to take great pics of your car. This way, buyers can see what you're selling. Secondly, you have to write an excellent description of your care. Be sure to put details about your junk car in it too. What's wrong with the car? How long has it been sitting in your driveway? What parts does the vehicle have? Finally, you have to post to online marketplaces such as Facebook. You may also want to post to other sites as well.

For many people, an online sale of a car is a great thing. For the majority, it isn't. There are scammers out there that lurk online, ready to swindle folks out of money. So be aware of them. Also, it may take days, months, and even years to sell your car. Your car isn't the only one online. Buyers may see a better car.

Forget the hassles and stress of selling online. Cash Cars Buyer will let you sell your car or truck instantly. You will have quick cash without the wait of days, weeks, and months.  Contact us today and learn more!

What’s the Process of Selling Cash Cars Buyer my Car?

Cash Cars Buyer makes selling your car easy! Our process is a quick and convenient one! First, enter your car's information by clicking here. Next, we will connect with you to ask you some questions. Then you will have a wait of under a minute for us to come back with an estimate for your car. You, of course, are under no obligation to accept our offer. But we are sure you’ll like it! Once you have accepted our offer, we will make plans to come to your Decatur, IL, home, and inspect your car. If all is well on our end and you are happy, you will have wonderful cash that we will place in your hands immediately! No processing fees, towing fees, or other fees will we pass to you! You will have the cash you need, want, and deserve!

Contact Cash Cars Buyer Today!

The time has come to take away that heap of headache. Cash Cars Buyer offers Decatur, IL residents a fair and honest price for their cars. You could potentially receive thousands for your car on the spot! We take all makes and models made between 2000 and 2018. Whether your vehicle is a car, van, truck, SUV, or crossover, we will buy it!  So, contact us today and let’s get some cool cash in your hands, for an awesome tomorrow!

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