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Sell My Car By Owner – What Is The Best Site To Sell A Car?

Sell My Car By Owner – What Is The Best Site To Sell A Car?

Looking to sell your used, luxury, junk or wrecked car? You definitely have options these days. Online marketplaces are plentiful and the ways in which you can sell your car seem endless. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Whether you decide to sell your car for a fixed price, or entertain negotiations, you have great options and we’ll examine them. 

What is the best site to sell a car?

Choosing the ideal site to sell your car will depend on the style in which you want to sell it and how you want to sell it. 

For example, if you want to cater to local potential buyers, then you may opt for one site other another. Check out some of the most popular sites that welcome car ads of all kinds. 


Craigslist is one of the most popular websites. Folks not only sell cars on there, but household goods, services, furniture and more. And when it comes to selling vehicles, the sky seems to be the limit. In order to begin, you have to pay a one-time fee. Once you pay it, you can create an ad that really stands out. You’ll have an opportunity to enter details about your car such as its mileage, year, make and model. You can also tell potential buyers if it is front-wheel drive, has AC and more. 

Facebook Marketplace 

Quite similar to Craigslist, is Facebook Marketplace. Once you have great photos and a detailed description of your car, you can begin to lure buyers to your car. Don’t forget to be as detailed and honest as you can. Folks on Facebook love truth and will call you out if you are not honest about your car. 


Setting up your listing is quite easy. And if you list your car locally, then it will cost you nothing. But if you are going national, then prepare to pay anywhere $60-$125. And according to eBay, most vehicles sell relatively quickly. But one distinctive downside to selling on eBay is the fact that bids are non-binding. This means that a potential buyer can back out of the purchase of your car at any time, for any reason. 


Lots of sellers look at selling their used car on AutoTrader. The site also features advanced search tools make it easy for buyers to find the specific models and features they want in a car. Vehicle sellers can choose from packages that come with a money back guarantee. In other words, if you don’t sell your car, you don’t pay. But you may want to read the fine print associated with the pricing plans. 

AutoTrader also features an option to sell to a dealership if you want a faster sale or perhaps an instant cash offer. 


Where can I sell my car privately?

Looking to sell your car privately? Check out some options we provide below: 

Selling online 

Selling a car online can be fun, as well as time-consuming. So, prepare for work, making payments on your ad, and the possibility that it may take you weeks as well as months to sell your car. 

Word of Mouth 

Despite living in a technology age, word of mouth is still a sure way to sell a car. That fact that you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else, who needs or wants a great used car will work to your advantage. 

For Sale Signs and Your Private Property 

As kids, most of us used to ride our bikes in neighborhoods and see at least one car with a “for sale” sign on it. And if you think that sticking a “for sale” sign your used car will not get you any calls, then you can think again. “For sale” signs on used cars parked in driveways or on private property are still good ways to sell a car these days. 

What paperwork do I need to sell my car to a private party?

When you are selling a car to a private party, you have to have certain documentation in order. View our checklist below, and see what you need to get, in order to successfully sell your car. 

Car Title 

No matter who you are selling your car to – your friend, family member or even your high school sweetheart, you have to supply that buyer with a car title. And if you don’t have the original car title, then you can visit your local office that handles car titles, and request a duplicate one. 

Vehicle Report 

The objective to selling your car is to make money or make money back from the sale. Another objective to selling your car, is to be the most honest person selling car. One way to do this, is to get a vehicle history report. When you offer this document to your potential seller, you are telling the seller that you are honest, straightforward and you have nothing to hide. 

Maintenance and Repair Documents 

It's easy to say in your ad that your vehicle has been “good” and “well-maintained”. But as a seller, it’s even better to have the proof. So, as a seller, be sure that you have your maintenance as well as, repair records for the potential seller. These papers may really be important if you are selling a luxury, classic or vintage car.  Whether you performed the maintenance or had it done at a dealership or repair shop, any records are valuable to perspective buyers. 

Warranty Papers 

If you happen to still have the warranty on your car and it is transferable, then you'll want to offer this to the perspective buyer. The warranty can also serve as a document that can help you justify asking a higher price on your vehicle. But make sure that you have proof of this warranty ready for the potential buyer to see. And don’t forget the contact information so that the buyer may be able to verify that the car they want to buy is still covered. 

Odometer Reading 

In many states, presenting the buyer with an odometer reading is a requirement. An odometer disclosure form typically requires the following: 

  • Seller’s signature
  • Current mileage
  • Buyer’s information such as name, address and signature
  • If applicable, a signature from a notary and more. 

Be sure to check with your state, ensuring that you have all of the information needed on the odometer reading. 

Depending on where you live, there may be other or additional documents that you need to supply. 

How do I sell my car for cash?

Needing to sell your car for quick cash? You have some options to do so. Let’s examine a few below: 

Sell your car to a junkyard 

Junkyards take just about any kind of car and will offer fast cash for it. But the trick to getting the most money for your car, is to know its value, know the current price of scrap metal and don’t be afraid to negotiate. 

Recycle Centers 

You can also take your car to a recycle center. This may be ideal if your car is a junk, wrecked or totaled vehicle. 

Sell it to a Scrap Yard 

Another option you have when it comes to selling your car for cash, is to sell it to a scrap yard. Keep in mind that both a junkyard as well as a scrap yard will pay you according to the weight of your scrap metal, and not the actual value of the accessories. If you are deciding to sell the parts on their own, you should take them out of the car and leave only the metallic car’s parts. The best advantages to selling your junk car or wrecked car to a scrap yard is quickness, simplicity and fast cash. 


Sell to an Auto Parts Buyer

You probably have lots of auto parts buyers around you, who would be interested in your car and its parts. So, post an ad online or simply just call around to some shops and see if there are auto professionals who are looking for various car parts. Unlike scrap yards, these auto parts buyers will take into consideration, the merit and the value of the parts in your car.

How do I sell my car for parts?

Don’t have a great car, but have great parts? Then you are looking at a great payday. Continue reading to find out how to sell your car part by part, successfully. 

Get a mechanic to assess your car 

If you have a car that is no longer running or is not functional you can still sell it for its parts. And what better way to see what still works, than to have a mechanic look at your car? You may get a family friend to assess your car or a friendly mechanic. This way, you can sell your car and sell its parts for top dollar.  

Advertise Individual Parts to Private Buyers

After you get your car assessed, it’s time to get busy selling. So, make sure that you have great photos of your car parts and are ready to post to an online marketplace. For example, if you have a great starter and AC unit, then make sure that you have great photos of each, and have sharp as well as focused photos of each part. 


Be sure that you know about your car part too 

If you have a great AC unit and you post this great AC unit on Facebook for example, a buyer is going to ask you questions such as “How long have you had it?” “When did you buy the AC unit?” and “Is there a warranty for the part?” Be prepared to answer all of those questions as well as more. 

What is the fastest way to sell my car?

Looking for the best and faster way to sell your car?  You’ve come to the right place. We are Cash Cars Buyer and we offer fair market value on all makes and models. Whether you have a wrecked, damaged, totaled, vintage, luxury or older car, we can buy it!  

We also offer a host of other services that make selling the fastest ever! With over a decade of buying cars, we are poised to come to you, no matter where you are in the country. 

We have a nationwide network of agents who are experienced, dedicated, devoted and accomplished car buyers, ready to offer you a stellar deal on your car. 

What is the best way to sell a used car?

When it comes to selling your used car, we are the best place for it. You can get an instant offer on your car in a matter of minutes. We make selling a used car quick, fast and easy. 

Selling a used car- How it works 

Enter the details of your used car 

Once you have the details of your used car, be sure that you enter them. And make sure that you enter all of the information you can. The more information you enter, the more precise your offer will be. When you have entered your car’s information, call us so that we can ask you some questions about your car. Once done, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer on your used car. 

Accept your offer and schedule a time 

When you have your offer and you like it, we will set a time and day to come to your home to appraise your vehicle. 

Get paid cash 

Once we have appraised your car and all is well, we will pay you the cash, fast! 

Sell Car Online Free 

Needing to sell your car but don’t have the extra money to pay for an online ad package? We get it and have the perfect solution for you. Cash Cars Buyer is here to offer you fair market value for your car, and at no cost to you. There are no ads you have to place on our website, nor is there ever a fee you have to pay us. 

In fact, your entire car selling process is free. There are no fees for: 

  • paperwork 
  • processing 
  • research 
  • towing or anything else. 

We are your best source and answer for your “sell car online free” search. You never pay us anything to sell your car. 

So, obtain your instant offer, then call us for a guaranteed cash offer. 

Selling your vintage, classic, luxury, wrecked, damaged or totaled car is easy with Cash Cars Buyer. Call us and find out just how easy it is to sell your vehicle today and get the cash you need for a better tomorrow!