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Are you simply looking to get rid of a used car that no longer has the luster it once had? Are you sick and tired of paying for the maintenance of a car you rarely drive? 

Then it’s time to let Sell My Car buy your used car today and get you the cash you need, want and deserve, NOW! 

Local Used Car Buyers Near Me- Quick Cash! 


Have you been driving around in your community, looking for places that will buy your used car? Perhaps you have been heading to independently owned dealerships, anticipating quick cash for your used car. Used car dealerships are great places to buy a used car, but to sell one there, may cost you time and money. 

Used car dealerships may not offer you top dollar for your used car. The primary focus of a locally owned dealership is to make money. They want to sell great cars that run and are attractive to perspective buyers.  While they are local in your neighborhood, they may not be the best fit for you. 

Once you arrive to the dealership, you have to speak with the used car manager. That manager will ask you lots of questions about your used car. You also have to be very prepared to not only answer the questions asked of you, but you have to know everything about your car. 

Another aspect to consider when selling to a local dealership, is the possibility that the manger may have several cars that are exact replicas of your car. For example, if you have a sedan that was once a popular car back in the day, chances are, that used dealership has several cars just like yours. The only difference may be the mileage, color and trim. 

Finally, you may not get top dollar or quick cash for your used car, when selling to a local dealership. Remember the prime objective of a used car dealership, is to make money. 

Instead of dealing with the hassles of selling your car locally, why not let Sell My Car, buy your car today! From the moment that you call us, you could see cash in your hands in as little as 24-48 hours! 

Just call us at 773-791-4363 and let us make you an offer on your car, NOW!

Selling Your Used Car Online- Is it Worth it? 


Many times, the lure of the online car selling marketplace is enough to get anyone’s hopes high. There is certainly no shortage of used car ads on Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram and even Twitter. 

It seems as if every other person has a used car to sell. There are also pictures that accompany each ad, a frilly and fantastic description and contact information. 

What may used car sellers fail to realize is that for every online site used, you have to monitor the messages and emails that are generated from the ad.  

And don’t forget the waiting you have to endure, for a serious used car buyer. You have to “weed out” the folks who are there to play games or run scams. 

For many, selling a used car online is profitable, but for the majority of folks, it can take days, weeks and even months. 

Forget the hassle of selling your used car online and sell your used car to Sell My Car. 

We offer a no-frills, no-stress way to sell your car, FAST! Just call us at 773-791-4363. We’ll ask you some questions, and then make you an offer you can’t refuse! Contact us day! 

Ready to Carpool? Sell Your Car for an Instant Quote! 


Are you ready to begin a life of more simplicity and simply carpool to your job or common destinations?  Are one of the things you are looking to get rid of is that extra used car that just takes up space and costs money to maintain? You’re not alone! Lots of Americans are opting to live a simpler life these days and getting rid of a second car is one way they are doing such! 

According to an article published in Forbes, carpooling from San Francisco to San Jose can save the average commuter $22! Check out some other benefits of carpooling! 

1.     Reduction of traffic and traffic jams. The less cars out, the quicker the commute!

2.     You are preserving the cars that you decide to keep. Less maintenance on the remaining cars!

3.     Reduction of stress. Think about it. How many times have you cursed at someone on your way to work? 

4.     A help to the environment. The less cars that are on the road, the better our air quality is! 

5.     Saves time. If you live where there are HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) lanes, then you will get to work or that final destination quicker! 

So, instead of paying for oil changes, car insurance and more on that used car you rarely use, just sell it to Sell My Car! You can call us and get an instant quote for your used vehicle, NOW! 

We Make Selling Your Car Easy! 


Selling your car to Sell My Car is quite easy! You’re only three steps away from cash in your hands! Check out our easy process! 

1.     Request an offer. Get ready to find the worth of your used car now! Just call us at 773-791-4363 to request an offer!  When you get us on the line, we'll ask you some questions that will be easy. They will pertain to your car. We have the most understanding, knowledgeable and friendly agents ever. They will use the information they collect to make you an instant offer with no games or hassles to you!  Keep this in mind as you are speaking to us: The more you tell us about your car, the better your offer on it will be! And as always, you are never under any obligation to accept our offer, but we know that you will love what we have to say!  

2.     Accept the offer!  Once you accept our offer, we will schedule a time and day to come and inspect your car, then pick it up!  We have more than 140 locations across the U.S. with one bound to be near you! So, we can come to you fast! In many instances, we can get to you on the same day you call and talk to us! In other cases, we will come to you within a 24-48-hour period!

3.     Get your cash fast! Once we examine your car, and you are happy, we will put cool cash in your hands, FAST! So just begin the process of selling your used vehicle with us by dialing 773-791-4363, NOW! 

Sell My Car Today- Cash Today! 


We know that selling anything takes work and the same holds true for a car. 

So, the first thing you want to do, when preparing to sell your car, is to gather all of the important documentation you need, pertaining to your state’s laws.  What paperwork is needed? Does any paper or document need to be notarized? 

Do you have to wait on papers or another party to sell your car? Are there any liens on the car? These are questions you want to ask yourself as they pertain to your situation and your state. If you need to get a duplicate car title, then it is wise to get one. 

At Sell My Car, we strive to make the used car selling experience a quick, easy and convenient one for you! This means that we request that you have all needed documents filled out and signed, once you decide to sell your car. 

Don’t Have a Car Title? 


If you do not have your car title, we may still be able to buy your I vehicle. So, if you find yourself without your car title, we ask that you have your valid and current driver’s license with you as well as your car registration. Also, if you have any additional paperwork that will help with a quick sale of your car, bring them! 

Get 500 Cash for Junk Cars-FREE Towing!


If you are seeking $500 for your used car, then you may be in luck! While we look at the full merit of a car, we also look to get you top dollar for your car! 

Lots of factors go into getting you the most money for your car. For example, we look at a car’s make, model and also the year. 

The trim of your used car as well as its location all play a role in the final offer for your car too.  Rest assured, Sell My Car will always offer you top dollar for your used car. 

Our agents are the best in the business. They offer no games, or hassles when it comes to selling your car. Another secret to our success is the fact that we offer FREE TOWING! No matter where your car is, we will haul it away for free! 

So, contact us today at 773-791-4363 and let’s get your car sold, FAST! 

Get Your Car Sold Fast, With Sell My Car! 


We know you have choices when it comes to selling your used car. You can post an ad online, or you can sell it privately. But, for a quick, convenient and easy sale of your car, Sell My Car is your only choice. 

We have a nationwide network of experienced car buying agents, and locations throughout the country! 

So, call us and see why we are the best from the rest and get your used car sold, FAST! 773-791-4363! We want your used car, NOW!