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How to Sell Damaged Car to CarMax? A Step by Step Guidance! 

How to Sell Damaged Car to CarMax? A Step by Step Guidance! 

If you have a damaged vehicle, you might be wondering how I can sell it fast. CarMax is one of the best places to sell used vehicles, but the question always remains, how to sell damaged car to CarMax

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The quick and short answer is that CarMax will purchase your vehicle despite its type or condition. CarMax accepts any car, even those that were damaged completely in a car accident or flood. CarMax also accepts vehicles with salvage titles.

If you wonder how CarMax can make a profit out of these damaged cars, they usually sell them to dealer auctions that determine the value of your vehicle depending on the severity of the damage. 

If you're looking for more information about how to sell damaged car to CarMax, keep reading through this article. 

How to sell damaged car to CarMax: will CarMax accept my vehicle! 


The best thing about CarMax is that they buy any vehicle, including those completely damaged in a car accident, fire, or flood.

Did you know that CarMax also accepts vehicles was check engine lights illuminating? Some of their common advertisements say, “we buy all cars!” 

This doesn't mean that CarMax will accept any vehicle; in some scenarios, CarMax might not accept your vehicle without any clear reason. They have their policy and own standards where they select certain vehicles versus others. But, having a damaged vehicle doesn't mean that CarMax will not accept it.

If you're planning to sell your damaged car to CarMax, you need to keep in mind that CarMax will include your vehicle's damaged in their evaluation process to determine how much you could get for your car.

The more the damage, the lower the offer. 

Usually, CarMax representatives will check your vehicle and inspect the severity of the damage. In some scenarios, if your vehicle is drivable, they will take a driving test and investigate your vehicle's history report to make sure that they fully understand your vehicle's value.

CarMax mentioned specifically that many people might overestimate their vehicle and don't understand how complicated it is dealing with major frame damages. They stated clearly that CarMax's final appraisal would be affected by these damages significantly. 

If your vehicle's damage is not that bad, CarMax might sell your car to someone interested in taking care of all damages.

On the other hand, vehicles with extensive damages are usually sold to dealer auctions, and they must close every single problem in the vehicle drawing these auctions. 

How to sell damaged car to CarMax?


Now you decided to sell your car to CarMax; there are a couple of things you need to take care of and follow to have the best experience: 

  • Prepare all necessary paperwork 


If you decided to go ahead and sell your damaged car to CarMax, you would need to prepare certain paperwork as mentioned on the company's website:

  • The cars valid registration
  • The cars title
  • A valid photo ID 
  • Your vehicles keys or remotes

One thing we like to share with you is related to your vehicle's title. If you don't have a title for any reason and are still interested in selling your car to CarMax, you can always obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office.

By visiting your local DMV office and letting them know that you're the legal owner of the vehicle, they will share with you the required paperwork and fees you have to take care of to obtain the title replacement.

It's very important to ask questions related to the timeline they will need to obtain your title because some states might take a couple of days while others might need several weeks. 

  • Understand your vehicle's value 


As we mentioned before, CarMax will have one of their representatives 2 inspect your car and provide you with a value estimate.


It's crucial to be upfront with yourself and be honest about your vehicle's worth.

Many people might overestimate their cars by not considering how severe it is to have a damaged frame. Others like to underestimate their cars because they might have a small issue thinking it's major.

Your best guess here is to check one of the online tools to evaluate how much your car is worth, like Kelley Blue Book. You need to enter information about your vehicle's type and condition to get a rough estimate about how much to expect in terms of minimum and maximum values. 

Sometimes Kelley Blue Book might not provide you with a valid offer, and to get a closer number to your vehicle's real worth, it might be best to visit your professional mechanic and have him do his inspection.

Once you have this number in mind, you can argue whether CarMax's evaluation makes sense or not.

  • Take care of these items after selling your car 


Once you have sold your vehicle to CarMax or even to any other buyer, it's very important to take a detailed look inside your vehicle and make sure that you didn't leave any valuable item insight.

Many people tend to leave their phones, laptops, close, or sometimes important paperwork last minute. 

It's also recommended that you cancel your vehicle's registration, so you don't be held liable for anything that happens to the vehicle, even if CarMax purchases

Don't forget to cancel your vehicle's insurance policy because you don't want to keep paying for a vehicle you don't own anymore. 

How to sell damaged car to CarMax: what if they don't accept my vehicle? 


As we mentioned before, Carfax might not accept certain vehicles for some reasons. If that's the case, your best and the guaranteed option is to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer.

We are one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation, and we are willing to purchase your vehicle and provide you with free towing despite your vehicle's type or condition.


We can come to your house or office within one to three days and remove your damaged car. Did you know that we buy vehicles without titles if you have the paperwork to prove ownership? 

With that, your question of how to sell damaged car to CarMax should be answered!

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