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How to Sell a Car That Needs Work

how to sell a car that needs work

When a car is new, it's your pride and joy. After all, a car is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make and you spend a large portion of your life driving.

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Unfortunately, cars aren't designed to last forever. They wear out or start to rust.

Perhaps your ride no longer starts with the consistency that you need. In short, you'll eventually need to get rid of it and upgrade to something new.

This is when you have to know how to sell a car that needs work. This article takes a look at selling a car that needs repairs. Keep reading to discover insight that'll help make the process as easy as possible.


This is a great time to sell stuff. There are more resources available than ever before to help you spread the word about items that you no longer want or need. Craigslist is a prime example.

Over the past 20 years, Craigslist has become one of the top choices for people wanting to buy or sell almost any item you could imagine.

The key to making money selling on Craigslist is to create an ad that'll attract potential buys. Take several high-quality photos of your car, write a description that's informative and honest, and price it competitively so it'll sell as quickly as possible.

Be sure to include your contact information, and then respond quickly and politely to any questions potential buyers might have.


eBay is another online tool that's great for exposing your car to millions of potential buyers.

As with Craigslist, the key to success on eBay is to create a quality listing. Again, never underestimate the importance of great photos that highlight the most attractive qualities of your car.

The listing needs to include as many details as possible, including miles, service history, the type of tires, and engine specs that'll help browsers decide if this might be exactly the car they've been looking for.

eBay is a great way to reach a huge audience. The process of creating a listing is fast and easy. In fact, your listing could go live within minutes of uploading your photos and setting your price.

Classified AD in Your Local Paper

You could also choose to go old school. After all, many people still prefer searching for items in their local paper rather than dealing with sellers online.

You can still use the paper's website to create your listening, then pay using a credit card. Or you can call the classifieds department and provide details for your listing over the phone.

Just as with Craiglist or eBay, the key is providing great images and a descriptive listing that offers the necessary details, as well as an honest overview of the car. Again, be sure to include your contact information so potential buyers can reach you by phone or email.

Social Media

It's no mystery that social media is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool ever created. The various social media platforms provide immediate access to billions of users around the world.

The key to reaching buyers on social media is to determine what platform will best serve your needs. There are free options such as simply listing your car for sale on your Twitter or Instagram feeds, or purchasing a Facebook ad that'll place your car in front of millions of users.

Keep in mind that people hate being spammed, so be very mindful to create an ad that's tasteful and creates curiosity for the item you're trying to sell.

Also, be aware that not every platform is right for selling every type of product. You'd be wise to do some research to determine the most effective platforms for selling cars and study examples of similar ads.

Junker Car Buyer

Another option for getting rid of your old car is to simply contact a junk car buyer who'll offer cash to take it off your hands.

This process is actually quick and easy, and requires very little negotiations, if any. First, contact a company that offers cash for junker cars. They'll request some basic information about the car and then make a cash offer.

Once you've accepted the offer, they'll typically pick the car up within a few days and give you a check. It's really that simple.

Family & Friends

The easiest way to unload your old car is to sell it to a friend or family member. Or use them to spread the word that you're wanting to sell.

Online Forum

There are literally millions of online forums where people discuss every subject under the sun. These are great places to join discussions about cars, and let people know about the item you're wanting to sell.

The key to successfully attracting a buyer in an online forum is to be active in a conversation, develop trust, make friends, and try to create interest without coming across as annoying or pushy.

Use as a Trade-In

Once you've decided to upgrade your ride, you could simply trade in your old car for a new one. This process is usually fairly simple; just be aware that a dealership won't typically offer as much as a private individual would. This is when you need to decide the value of unloading the car quickly without much fuss.

Sell to a Dealership

You could also simply sell the car outright to a dealership. Just be aware that the car needs to be in good running condition so they can turn around and sell it to someone else.

Tips for How to Sell a Car That Needs Work

The thought of getting rid of your old car might sound stressful. Fortunately, these tips for how to sell a car that needs work can make the process quick and painless.

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