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Scrap Yards That Buy Cars Near Me: How to Get $500 For Junk Cars Near Me?

Scrap Yards That Buy Cars Near Me

It's not complicated to find quick results for scrap yards that buy cars near me. However, the challenge comes when searching for how to get $500 for junk cars near me? To do so, you need to search for the right scrap yard, check their licenses, review their customer's feedback, get at least three quotes, confirm that they provide free towing service, and get your vehicle removed for the best payment! 

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Scrap yards are great options for people trying to get rid of their old nonrepairable cars. Instead of leaving your car sitting in the backyard collecting dust and rust, it is a great idea to sell the car and make some money that you might use for either a new vehicle or to enjoy a summer vacation.

With the current advanced technology, the drivers should not have a problem searching for scrap yards that buy cars near me. However, the challenge comes when they look for $500 for junk cars near me.

Not every scrap yard will pay you the $500; however, by doing some certain research and following a specific procedure, hitting the $500 target should not be impossible.

This article provides you with our in-depth experience of selling your junk car and getting more than $500 near you. We walk you through the different steps and things to keep in mind you need to understand when searching for “scrap yards that buy cars near me.” 

What is the scrap yard, and how does it operate? 

One of the most common questions that we typically received from plenty of inexperienced sellers is, “do scrap yards buy cars?” That's a great question. There are plenty of junkyards that buy cars and salvage yards that recycle these cars.

Salvage yards or scrap yards usually by non-working or non-drivable vehicles. Those vehicles are the ones that are not worth repairs or beyond repairs. The junkyards usually buy these cars from either private buyers or insurance companies or sometimes from auctions of police storage lots. 

When the scrap yard buys a car, they usually store it in rows, and in some scenarios, they stack it on top of each other. Most advanced scrap yards usually have computerized inventories indicating their vehicle and where it's located in their scrap yard.

Scrap yards are a great source for people who are looking for parts replacements for a low price. You can simply visit the scrap yard and go through their inventories to get what you're looking for. 

Did you know that scrap yards can take advantage of about 75% of your vehicle’s parts? Yes! Sometimes you think that your car is worthless just because it doesn't drive. However, that's not usually the case. There are plenty of valuable components in your car that you might need to think about selling them separately before giving it up to a scrap yard.  

How to find the best scrap yards that buy cars near me? 

The quickest answer to your question is through Google search. You can Simply put on Google “the best scrap yards that buy cars near me.” You will immediately find a list of local scrap yards usually sorted by location.

Once finding these scrap yards, you don't necessarily want to go with the closest one because there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Find the scrapyard’s presence

Most scrap yards usually have either an online or offline presence. At least the scrap yard will have a website or probably a social media account like Facebook or Instagram.

Take a look at these websites and see if their work is legitimate and if it's a real company or not.

  • Check customers reviews

As you're reviewing the website, a good idea would be to look at the customer's reviews. Usually, there should be a section for customers to provide feedback about their experience with this certain scrap yard. You never want to deal with a scrap yard that doesn't have the best customer service because it can be an extreme headache, especially since you're selling a junk car. 

  • Take a look at their license

The other thing you want to check is whether this scrap yard operates under a certain license. With the expand of scrap yards number on the Internet, it is easy to get fooled by fake companies that do not exist, leading you to tons of complications that you never want to deal with.

Therefore, once getting in touch with a certain scrap yard, ask them about their license and see if they operate according to the environmental regulations in your area.

  • Check for towing service

Towing can be an extremely huge headache for any customer who's trying to sell a junk car. Many scrap yards might surprise you with towing service fees at the pickup time. They simply say that you should take care of this fee and since you're already there, it can be really challenging for you to change up your mind and say that I don't want to finish the deal.

The other thing to keep in mind is that some scrap yards might bring a third-party towing service, and they usually pay them. However, the towing person will ask you for the towing fees for the second time. Therefore, confirm with the company whether their towing service is covered, and their offers represent the exact amount of money you'll receive at the pickup time. 

  • Ask for multiple quotes 

As we indicated before, you don't necessarily need to go with the closest scrap yard near you. Yes, you don't want to go with the farthest one because it can be hard for towing service, even if it provides a free tolling service.

What we advise you is to get three different quotes from multiple companies at least. By having different codes, you will have the chance to compare offers and see what makes the most sense for you.

  • Understand their timeline 

Even if you got the best quote, something to keep in mind is the timeline. Sometimes scrap yards might be extremely busy, especially those operating in urban areas. Therefore, they might not get to you until a couple of months, not what you want to deal with.

Those come a good idea would be to speak with them and check their timeline. There are plenty of scrap yards that have a same-day pickup service if that works for you. 

How to get $500 for junk cars near me? 

Of all the tips we provided in the previous section that helps you get the best scrap yard that buys cars near you, hitting the $500 target is not easy.

That's where patience is key. When you're selling a junk car, it's not like you're selling a used vehicle in a decent condition, and it's going to be extremely challenging for you not only to convince buyers to pay what you're looking for but even to get rid of this car.

Once you have this mindset, it can be much easier for you to be as patient as possible when finding the best scrap yard that buys cars near you.

The best advice we cannot provide you here when you're looking for how to get $500 for junk cars near me? Is to search for more coats. The more Kohl's you asked for, the more chances you'll get a much higher offer.

Keep in mind that the type and condition of your car can be a big key in determining whether you can get the $500 or not.

Here are some of the biggest factors affecting whether you can't junk your car for $500 cash near you or not:

  • Your car's type

If you’re trying to sell a junk car with very high demand around your area, you will most likely get a good offer. People around your area will be looking continuously for replacement parts, and even if your car seems useless to you, there are plenty of people interested in it.

The other thing to consider when it comes to your car type is the overall weight. Most junk car buyers are usually interested in the metal component of your car. Therefore, the heavier car, the more you'll get paid. For instance, if you're planning to sell a junk SUV, your offer will be much higher than someone who's planning to sell a small or midsize car. 

  • Your car's condition

Obviously, your car's condition is another factor determining how much you'll get paid for your car and whether you'll get the $500 or not. Thus, when selling a car that was completely damaged in a car accident or a flood, you'll not get an as good offer as someone who's selling a decent car with plenty of working components. 

  • Price of scrap metal 

The last thing that might affect the overall offer you'll get for your car is the price of scrap metal. Since most car buyers are interested in the metal components of your vehicle, the higher the scrap metal price, the more they are willing to pay you for this car. Therefore, when the price of scrap metal goes up, you'll have a much higher chance to get the $500 than when it goes down.

Keep in mind that waiting for the price of scrap metal to block is not recommended because it usually goes down, and by the time you wait for it to go up, your vehicle's value will drop significantly. 

Who buys junk cars near me without a title?

Now, if you're looking to get $500 for your junk car, but it doesn't have a title, the process can be a little more challenging.

The good news is that Cash Cars Buyer is one of the limited car removal companies that accept vehicles without titles and is willing to remove your car within a couple of days.

Cash Cars Buyer is a great option for people who don't prefer dealing with scrap yard complications and for those who are looking for an easy and simple car removal process.


Cash Cars Buyer evaluates your vehicle and compares it to the most recent transactions in your area to provide you with a decent, fair offer representing the maximum cash your vehicle can make around your region.

By choosing Cash Cars Buyer, all that you need to do is to follow these simple three steps:

  • Provide basic information about your car, including its type and condition. We will also ask you whether your car has a title or not.
  • Then, we will provide you with an offer that is usually generated within 30 seconds of submitting your vehicle's information.
  • Lastly, we coordinate a pickup time and location to get your vehicle removed and hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot! 


Scrap yards are a great option for someone who's looking to sell a non-working vehicle.

Finding the best scrap yard that buys cars near you can be very challenging if especially if you're looking for getting more than $500.

The good news is that it's still possible to find a good scrap yard that is willing to pay you the $500. However, the process is challenging and takes time and effort, along with good patience.

If you don't prefer to deal with all the hassle in selling your car to a scrap yard, we always advise you would reach out to Cash Cars Buyer. 

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation that will pay you the top dollars for your car along with free towing despite your location around the United States.

The best thing about Cash Cars Buyer is that our process is very straightforward and doesn't take more than a couple of days to get your vehicle removed safely and for the most money. 

To learn more about our process and our team, you can reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer.

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