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How to Determine the Scrap Value of Your Car

scrap value of a car

That hunk of junk rusting away in the driveway could be worth several thousands of dollars in parts and scrap metal. Even if it's only worth a few hundred dollars, doesn't it feel fantastic to get rid of old junk and receive a lovely cash prize in return?

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You may feel more motivated to scrap your old car after finding out just how much money the thing is worth. Let's talk about how you can determine the scrap value of a car and help get you started on your road to sweet financial gain.

Review Current Scrap Prices

The most recycled consumer product in the world is cars. As such, there's a massive market for scrap material.

The first thing you will want to do is review the current prices for scrap cars. Fortunately, the information you need is right here. In 2020, junked vehicles can sell for between about $100 and $20,000. But the average price for scrapping a car is about $1,000.

The make, model, and year of your faulty vehicle are some of the most influential factors to consider when attempting to estimate a price.

Vehicle condition is also significant, as cars with wrecked exteriors but pristine interiors — or vice versa — can sell for thousands of dollars.

You can view your exact year, make, and model's base scrap price to find a rough estimate of your junked car's worth.

How Much Do You Get For Scrapping a Car?

There are several crucial determining factors to consider when trying to figure out your car scrap value.

The current market demand, the actual base value of your exact vehicle, and the overall condition of your scrap-worthy car all combine to create the final cost.

Online quotes and estimates are a fantastic place to start when trying to figure out that final value, but only a dealer or buyer will be able to reveal the actual number.

How and Where to Scrap a Car

Scrapping a car could be as easy as typing some information, clicking a button, and receiving an instant offer.

An offer that's too low doesn't have to be accepted. If potential scrap prices for cars aren't turning your frown upside down, you can always choose to sell your hunk of junk privately.

In-person consultations typically involve a brief examination and a few questions. The interested buyer will likely want to know the car's maintenance history, in addition to a wide range of other info.

After performing this automotive check-up, the potential buyer will offer you a price. You can choose to haggle if the price is unsatisfactory, though scrap cars are naturally less profitable than working ones.

How to Earn the Most Scrap Value of a Car

Before heading out to the junkyard or calling up that interested buyer, it's essential to do your best to make that old car shine.

There are quite a few tips and tricks for how to turn a sight that made eyes sore into a gleaming treasure, and we'll reveal some of them here. After all, the more beautiful your junked car is, the more money it'll fetch!


Many people on the verge of scrapping their car will focus on washing the exterior of the thing. This action isn't a bad idea, though it does leave little time to focus on vacuuming out the interior.

Even a car at rest can somehow build up large amounts of dust, dirt, and sand on the inside. This fact is especially true of vehicles that are not protected by vinyl sheeting or a protective covering.

You'd be amazed at how much tiny debris you can suck up with a powerful, car-friendly vacuum cleaner.

Wash and Wipe Down Everything

Sure, washing the exterior is a fantastic way to make a lemon shine. However, you mustn't forget to wipe down interior surfaces with cleaning products and fresh towels.

Vacuuming alone won't destroy built-up dirt or grime, but a solid wipe-down will. A little bit of elbow grease and a few moist toilettes can also help to improve air quality within the car.

A few squirts of fabric freshener also doesn't hurt — unless you're working with a leather interior, of course.

Make Those Tires Shine

It can be only too easy to forget about a junked car's tires, which can bring down your car's scrap value by quite a lot. Badly damaged tires can are replaceable, although the decision to spend more money in the hopes of earning a slightly higher payout can be a tricky road to navigate.

The best option for those with mostly-intact wheels is to scrub them and make them shine. Dark, oiled tires are more attractive than dry and cracked tires and can add significant curb appeal to your junked car.

Give It a Touch-Up

Huge dents, scratches, or scrapes may not be worth the repair costs, but a junked car with only a few nooks and crannies deserves the extra time and attention to fix those small flaws.

Repair kits are available from professional retailers and online retailers and are often incredibly easy to use. Covering up a few unsightly scrapes or popping out a tiny dent can inflate your scrap price by several hundred dollars.

Considering how cheap most repair kits are, this is a massive potential benefit for your car and your wallet.

Don't Wait to Turn Your Scrap into Cash!

You could be sitting on a golden egg right now — if that golden egg were a broken piece of junk car that was quietly worth several thousand dollars.

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