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Scrap Car Prices – The Effect Scrap Car Prices Have On My Junk Car

Scrap Car Prices – The Effect Scrap Car Prices Have On My Junk Car

Do you have a scrap car or a junk car and have an interest in current scrap car prices? Are you interested in scrapping your car, but want to make sure you get the most money?

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As a junk car or scrap car seller, there's so much to do, to get the most money for your scrap car. From watching markets, to utilizing technology, you'll stay busy!

We’ll provide information about current scrap prices as well as how you can maximize the most money for your scrap car!

Current Scrap Car Prices

It goes without saying that scrap car prices go up as well as down.  As of March, in the year 2020, the current scrap car prices are approximately $60 – $100 / ton. This price depends on many factors. Some of those factors include the location and the fluctuation of the market. Given such this makes scrap cars worth about $100-$250.

For a more detailed breakdown, as of March of 2020, bare bright copper wire is worth $2.5/lb. Insulated copper wire is currently $0.44/lb. Brass is currently worth $1.04/lb. Brass shells are currently $0.86/lb.  In the unstable world we live in, you can be assured there will be changeability to these prices.

Interesting Facts About Metal

While you have your eye on turning that junk car into quick cash, it may help to know a little about metal. Check out some great facts about metal that will give you a broader perspective!

  1. Metals are usually solid.
  2. They are great conductors of heat and electricity. This makes them ideal when building a car.
  3. “Ag” is the chemical symbol for silver. This comes from the Latin word for silver, which is “argentum”.
  4. Copper is a good conductor of electricity & ideal making wire.
  5. Mercury is the only metal that is in liquid form at room temperature.
  6. Aluminum is a superior conductor of heat.
  7. Because of their strong metallic bonds, lots of metals have high melting points.
  8. Lead metal is utilized in manufacturing car batteries.
  9. Generally, a passenger car has about 65 percent iron and steel by weight.

Why Do Vehicle Scrap Prices Constantly Change?

Why Do Vehicle Scrap Prices Constantly Change?

As you can imagine, lots of factors determine the value of scrap metal. This is the ultimate reason that there are so many ever-changing rates of metal.

There are three big factors that influence the price of metal here in the United States. They include:

  • Industry Demand – Depending on the time of day and the season, there may or may not be a demand for metal. Many industries are dependent on the price of metal. For example, the construction, technology and even the architecture industry are always dependent on metal to thrive.
  • Time – Did you know that the seasons can affect the price of metal? In certain seasons of the year, the prices of metal will drop because there is no real demand for metal.
  • Prices on the Market – Stock exchanges and international trading dictate the shape metal prices will be in on any given day.

Scrap Metal Prices – How Often Will Prices Change?

When it comes to the changes in metal prices, the only thing you can bank on is change. Prices of metal change:

  • Daily – on any given day, metal may be worth a lot more in the morning, but decrease in value by the evening. Why? Well such events as layoffs, gas prices and even demand can change at a moment’s notice.
  • Monthly – With lots of price changes of metal, you’ll find lots of junk car buyers check scrap metal prices monthly. We live in ever-changing times and the price of your car may change from month to month. You just have to keep a watch of metal prices.
  • Annually – Many stock market analysts take note of trends annually. You will see the prices of metal show fluctuation over the years. There are lots of reasons for this. Countries at war with other countries can affect the price of metal. Also, other stock prices can affect the prices of metal throughout several years.

Price of Scrap Cars – How Do I Get the Best Scrap Car Price Per Ton for My Car?

If you’re looking to sell your junk car for some quick cash, you must know some basics. You have to keep track of the current scrap metal prices. Once you keep track, you can determine when you will get the most money for your car.

So, check out some tips on how to get the most money for your junk car, from the scrap metal on it!

  1. Let technology be your friend. There are great apps as well as websites that allow you to keep track of the latest metal prices. As a junk car seller, you have to stay abreast of the prices.
  2. Waiting may not help. You may be thinking that because of an unstable economy, you should wait to scrap your car. While this may be the case somewhat, you want to act pretty quickly. Allow us to explain. When a car isn’t driven regularly, lots of its moving parts can deteriorate or break down. As the months go by, you may see rust begin to appear on them. And for elements such as hosts, belts and tires, those items will begin to break, crack and become brittle.  Additionally, the fluids in the car will begin to dissolve or settle out. If there is gasoline in the tank, that gas will absorb water from the air. And for a car that’s left in rainstorms and snowstorms, you may want to look at the condition of the parts. Because any precipitation on a sitting car is no good at all.
  1. Start with the “Blue Book”. Even though you have a junk car, you may want to begin with the Kelley Blue Book value of it. Sure, you have a rusted and broken-down car. But using the Blue Book as a starting point, will help you gain a better perspective of the amount of money scrap years are offering you.
  2. When “all else fails”, use the weight of your car. If you are looking at volatile markets and unstable economies, with no promise of change, you have options. You can also use your vehicle’s curb weight to give you a solid guess as to its value as scrap metal. Since the majority of the weight in your car is composed of steel, you can determine the value of scrap steel at local metal recycling yards. Generally, you will find that prices are about $100 per ton. This is the common price here in March of 2020. But this could change.
  3. Watch for the “bait and switch”. The old “bait and switch” is alive and well among some junkyards and scrapyards. So, be on the lookout for it.

Many junkyards will give you a conditional price for your scrap metal, based on the description of your car you provide during a phone call.

Then, you are told that the junkyard company will inspect the car when they arrive to pick it up with their tow truck.

But once the car is on the truck, you are offered a lot less money, than you agreed upon on the phone. Then you are pressured to agree to the price, because the junkyard has already placed your junk car on their tow truck. Never be bullied or pressured into selling your car for scrap.

As an alternative, you can ask the junkyard for an email where you can send detailed digital pictures of your car. You can also send the junkyard pics of each part you wish to sell.

Then, you can request that the junkyard take time to view the pictures and give you a quote. When you ask for a scrap car price, make sure that the junkyard sticks to it. If they cannot give you a firm price, then move on!

Money for Cars to Scrap – Selling Your Scrap Car Online

Money for Cars to Scrap – Selling Your Scrap Car Online

Perhaps you have decided to sell your scrap car online. Maybe you have taken some great pics of each part you wish to sell. Then, selling them online may prove to be a viable option for you!

First, you want to decide where you will sell your scrap car or scrap your car’s parts. Are you going to sell your car on Facebook?  Are you more of a Craigslist person?

The first thing you want to do is post your photos and then describe each part in great detail. Then, you want to put some sort of way folks can contact you about your car’s parts.

Be sure to meet perspective car or scrap car buyers in safe and secure areas. After all, they are strangers to you, despite how nice they sound on the phone or via email.

If you are firm on the prices of your car be firm. But if you are willing to negotiate the prices of your car’s parts, then negotiate!

Perspective buyers may be mechanics, junky yards, scrap yards, recycle owners and even car enthusiasts.

Your junk car is worth money and it’s up to you to use tools such as technology and common sense to get the most for it!

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