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A Word on Reliability: Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Reliability

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque was first debuted in 2008 but not produced until three years later in 2011. The second generation began in 2018. Over the years, however, the vehicles have shown wavering levels of reliability, frustrating some drivers along the way.

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Reliability. A quick Google definition search tells the meaning very clearly: “the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.” 

In car terms, this might mean getting drivers and passengers from point A to point B safely. It might mean never breaking down. It could even mean saving someone’s life.

As for the Range Rover Evoque, whether this car “performs consistently well” is a bit of a debate among drivers, owners, and mechanics. That’s to be expected. A car’s reliability depends on many factors: the driver, climate in which the car is driven, repair and maintenance schedule, and year it was made.

This vehicle came to the market as consumers demanded something more efficient. They wanted a car with biofuel potential, one that wasn’t too heavy, and something that offered regenerative brakes.

Why People like the Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque drivers, in general, aren’t amateurs; they bought the vehicle counting on its reliability.

These cars and vehicles cost more money as a premium ride, and for this reason, most people interested in them know a thing or two about all the gadgets and gizmos that go into designing a twenty-first century ride.

Fuel economy was boss at one point; the vehicle got up to 50 miles per gallon. Interestingly, this was also the line’s only four-cylinder offering.

These vehicles were, and still are, purchased by adventurous types. They can easily handle various terrains (grass, rocks, ice, sand, etc.) thanks to sport and eco modes. A little off-roading isn’t off the menu if the car’s up to snuff.

For example, this vehicle had its air take on the roof, meaning it could handle higher water levels.

The vehicle boasted some fun features, too. Drivers like how the lights change to match the terrain, making for a little ambient mood driving. The sporty athletes out there love the way the seats fold under, fitting up to two (2) full mountain bikes in the back. 

The car came out in two models: five-door and three-door. Later, there was a convertible version. The coupe was eventually eliminated from the lineup after 2017.

Finally, what drew many consumers to the Evoque was the color choices (12, all fancy hues) and ability to add cameras to the vehicle for easier driving.

Range Rover Evoque Reliability

Both current Range Rover Evoque drivers and shoppers will have plenty of questions about the vehicle’s reliability.

Ben Hodges of CarBuyer gave the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque a general 3.9 out of 5 on reliability. 

As the design of the Evoque progressed over the years, new safety features have helped the car gain an edge in terms of how reliable one might say they are. When people pay for luxury cars like this, however, that should be expected.

Recently the vehicle didn’t live up to the hype based on a 2020 Drive Power Survey the same report states. This is because of the many issues the drivers reported relating to the vehicle. For a car that’s only one or two years old, that’s fairly concerning.

In 2017, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque ranked 22, but in 2018 it made number seven. The following year, it landed at spot number 20. 2020 was a poor year, resulting in a ranking five spots lower.

Roughly 33% of Range Rover Evoque owners mentioned having to get a repair done in the first year of driving the car, which is problematic. Most people don’t anticipate having major repairs done to their car for two to three years at least. For a car as pricey as this one, the brand could do better.

Some purchasers ended up unhappy with the investment they didn’t realize they were making it picking up this vehicle. The fuel economy, say some, is poor. The high price of gas, paired with the escalating cost of repairs, makes the car unreliable.

Experts anticipate these problems will subside in the 2021 model, but only time will tell.

The real winner in the mess seems to be the 2019 model, which drivers feel is actually quite reliable. Owners appreciate the way the car feels in the interior and how it protects children who are riding as well.

Common Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Features

The reviews are in, and some aren’t great. What are the features making the Range Rover Evoque somewhat redeemable? 

  • Airbags
  • Brake pad indicators
  • Lane-keep tools 
  • Emergency braking 
  • Adaptive speed limiter
  • Exit monitors for reversing
  • Upgrade options
  • Blind spot assistance

Luxury cars make the sale by including many positive features even on baseline models. In this regard, the Range Rover Evoque does seem fairly reliable.

Range Rover Evoque: Warranty and Service

When talking about the Range Rover Evoque’s reliability, it may be important to remember safety features as well as its status in regards to warranty and service.

As mentioned, drivers like this car because it feels safe to operate: rear cameras, lane-keep assist, parking assistance (front and reverse), automatic emergency brakes, and a driver condition monitor module all make this car feel like it’s doing all it can to keep the occupants protected.

Other safety features the car presents are popular, too. For example, the vehicle boasts an alarm, child protection locks, a deployable bonnet and airbag for pedestrians. Additional models offer more features: the SE model makes parking a breeze. The S model can recognize traffic signals.

To learn more about the features of a vehicle you may already own, refer to the car’s owner manual or the dealership from which your purchased it.

The warranty must be pretty good, right? Well, it’s the same as other Land Rover vehicles at least. That means three years with no limit on the number of miles the owner can put on the engine. It’s the same as other luxury brands, but it does add something to that reliability factor.

Even if the car does go on the fritz earlier than it should, if it’s covered under warranty, maybe some owners don’t mind so much. It’s a question of personal preference. Do you like giving up the time and waiting for your car to be fixed? Is there a premium on your safety?

The general rule of thumb for this vehicle is to get it to the garage or dealership every 10,000 miles. The dealership offers a parts warranty in many places, so that’s important to ask about as well.

Does the Range Rover Evoque Cost a lot to Maintain?

The average cost to keep the Range Rover Evoque up and running as it should isn’t as high as many might think: it’s about $1,102. 

This doesn’t include a lot of necessary information, however. For example, how much is covered under warranty? At what point does the annual maintenance cost surpass the value of the vehicle?

For example, one source sites that the frequency of repair score for the Evoque is 1.73 but the average for any vehicle is 1.3. This means the automobiles require more repairs than average, which is bad news.

This car isn’t domestic; it’s foreign. Whereas it doesn’t mean it’s a better or worse ride, or the repairs are automatically more or less frequent, it does mean that the repairs cost more. In some locales, only the dealership operates on Land Rover vehicles, driving up the price of the bill.

The good news is that the severity of the repairs is on average with most vehicles, so you shouldn’t expect to need to take full advantage of an extended warranty (although the level of risk depends on the owner’s preference and financial situation).

Let’s Evoque Some Good Advice

If you already have a Range Rover Evoque, we hope it’s a 2019! All jokes aside, check with your mechanic about the state of your car. If it isn’t good, you might be better off getting rid of it once and for all.

If the car isn’t that old, you could simply trade it in at the dealership for a new one.

However, if the SUV is a deathtrap, severely damaged, or not worth the cost of repair, it might be time to consider sending it to the junkyard. 

In some cases, even newer vehicles end up there because the price of repair just isn’t worth it, and it doesn’t feel right to sell the automobile to anybody else.

When it comes to the Range Rover Evoque, consumers are advised to shop around and check with a mechanic before signing on that dotted line. It’s the only true way to know if it’s reliable.

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