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Pull A Part Junkyard Used Parts That Are Safe to Buy

Pull A Part Junkyard Used Parts That Are Safe to Buy

It’s no secret. The best way to significantly reduce the cost of expensive automotive repairs is to buy auto parts used. There are hundreds of vehicles at the pull a part junkyard that no longer run but still are filled with valuable parts that can be used to repair other vehicles. The pull a part junkyard sells all kinds of auto parts for at least fifty-eighty percent cheaper than retail prices. It just doesn’t get much better than that! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


At the pull a part junkyard you can find parts for all kinds of vehicles made from both American companies and foreign automotive manufacturers. While saving money on auto repairs is important, making sure that you are using parts that are safe to use should be one of your main priorities. 

Pull A Part Junkyard – Is It Really Worth Your Time?

The idea of scavenging through wrecked or old vehicles to remove usable auto parts may not at the pull a part junkyard may not sound appealing but if you’re facing a thousand dollar repair job it may certainly be worth it. For skilled mechanics and car enthusiasts, the pull a part junkyard is no strange place. They know how to navigate the salvage world and find exactly what they need. If you’re just a regular person with decent automotive knowledge you may be put off by the idea of trekking through the pull a part junkyard. 


If you take the time to learn the ins and out of the pull a part junkyard, finding used auto parts through this method doesn’t sound like a bad idea. When you’re buying secondhand parts, timing and availability are everything. If you have some time to spare, it’s worth taking the time to look through a pull a part junkyard to find the parts you need.


Pull A Part Junkyard Auto Parts – Are They All Safe to Buy?

Buying parts a the pull a part junkyard can be a lifesaver but some automotive experts recommend against buying some auto parts at the salvage yard. Depending on the part, it can be a huge risk to purchase it from the junkyard. Because most of the cars in a pull a part junkyard aren’t operable it can be difficult to determine which ones are really worn and which ones are in good condition especially if you are not a mechanic. 


Automotive parts like brakes, brake pads, and the timing belt which can wear rather quickly should always be purchased brand-new. Even if a part seems as if it works, if there is excessive rust or corrosion the likelihood that it will end up failing is high, so you’re better off buying the part new instead of at the pull a part junkyard. 


Pull A Part Junkyard Parts That Are Safe to Purchase

Besides the aforementioned auto parts, it’s generally safe to purchase all kinds of parts at the pull n part junkyard. A lot of people come to the pull a part junkyard when they want to perform bodywork on their vehicle. The pull a part junkyard is a great place to buy fenders, bumpers, mirrors, and hoods. Also, you have a late model car, the pull a part junkyard is a great place to find parts that are no longer being produced by the manufacturer. Interior components such as the stereo, speakers, and seats can also be purchased from the Junkyard. What are some other mechanical parts you can buy from the pull a part junkyard? 


Pull A Part Junkyard – Top Mechanical Parts to Purchase

The Pull A Part Junkyard sells used auto parts from all types of vehicles. Check out our list of the top mechanical parts you can purchase from the pull a part junkyard:


  1. Transmission

        A transmission replacement is one of the most expensive repairs you can get on an automobile. The average cost of buying and installing a new transmission is approximately $2600. That price can increase depending on the year, make, and brand of the automobile. Instead of buying a brand new transmission, people opt to purchase a used one in good condition at the pull a part junkyard. You can save several thousands of dollars by simply finding a compatible vehicle in the pull a part junkyard and removing the transmission yourself. 


If you decide to buy a used transmission from the pull a part junkyard you’ll want to make sure you do your homework. You’ll need to know exactly what type of transmission you need, understand the variations and bring a mechanic with you to inspect the transmission prior to purchasing it. The great thing about buying from the pull a part junkyard is that all of the parts come with a warranty so if there is some type of defect with the part you can exchange it for another one. 


  1. Engine

  The cost of rebuilding or installing a new engine is between 2500 and 3000 including parts and labor. Buying a used engine at the pull a part junkyard. Do you know how often people stumble upon used engines that are in excellent condition for only a couple hundred bucks at the pull a part junkyard? 


A used engine from the junkyard can help get you back on the road without having to worry about spending so much on expensive car repairs. If you are considering buying an engine from the pull-a-part junkyard here are some important factors.:

  • Write down your VIN number so that you can find the right motor that can be installed in your car
  • Find out the mileage on the engine before you buy it. An engine with high miles has decreased life expectancy.
  • Have a mechanic thoroughly inspect the engine and perform a test on it to make sure it’s in good condition


  1. Rims

    A pair of new wheel rims can range from $100-$350. Did you know that you can find a good set of rims at the pull a part junkyard for a small fraction of that price? Wheel rims often remain intact even on wrecked vehicles because they are designed to withstand immense pressure. Some pull a part junkyards remove all the wheel rims from the vehicles and categorize them by grades to make them easier for customers to buy.  


Of course, when you are purchasing wheel rims from the pull a part junkyard you’ll want to properly inspect the wheel rims so that you can make sure you are getting the quality that you want. If you have to straighten or hammer a wheel into functional condition then you’re better off leaving it where you found it because once a rim is damaged it’s useless. 


Before you pull the wheel rim off make sure it can remain balanced without losing air. Major dents, gauges, corrosion are a huge red flag. 


  1. Tires

Savvy car owners know that the best place to purchase quality tires for the low is at the pull a part junkyard. Whether you’re looking to replace all four times.on your vehicle or you’re just in need of a couple of spare tires the pull a part junkyard is a place to go. 


Gone are the days where you could drive to your mechanic and purchase a used tire for $25. Nowadays the average price for a tire is $50 for just a single tire. At the pull a part junkyard you can buy a time for less than twenty bucks!


Most of the wrecked and inoperable vehicles sitting in the junkyard have good tires on them. Like wheel rims, tires can withstand the harshest conditions. Oftentimes, the tires in the pull a part junkyard only have a few thousand miles on them so you can expect them to still have a lot of their traction.


Removing the tires from a vehicle at a pull a part junkyard is one of the easiest tasks you can do if you know how to change the tire. You don’t need a wide range of special tools. The great thing about buying tires from the pull a part junkyard is that you don’t have to scour the salvage yard for compatible vehicles. All you have to know is the size of the tires you need.


  1. Battery

A brand new car battery can cost approximately $200. You can always find a great deal on a battery at the pull a part junkyard. Most of the time when someone decides to junk a car they do so because of an expensive repair job that will cost more than what the vehicle was worth. It's never due to a bad battery. You’ll be surprised at how many vehicles at the pull a part junkyard have good batteries inside of them.  


The average junkyard price for a car battery is around $25. Of course, you should exercise caution when you are buying a battery from the pull a part junkyard. Inspect the terminals on the battery to make sure there isn't any rusting or corrosion. You can even perform a compression to determine the health of the battery. 


  1. Radiator

 The radiator is one of those used auto parts that are always in high demand. Buying a new radiator can cost several hundreds of dollars so if you find one at the pull a part junkyard you are in luck. When buying a radiator from the junkyard you’ll need to make sure that it’s compatible with your vehicle. If there is still coolant present and your vehicle uses a different coolant you’ll need to have it flushed first before it is installed in the car. 


  1. Windshield or Side Windows

Need a new windshield or side window replacement? You should consider getting the entire window package which also includes the motors from the pull a part junkyard. Buying a new windshield or side windows brand new will cost you a few hundred bucks. At the pull a part junkyard you can remove these components and them installed on your vehicle for next to nothing. 


From windshield wipers to power locks you can find all types of automotive components at the pull a part junkyard and use them for your car. 


Pull A Part Junkyard- Protect Yourself When Buying Used Auto Parts

Whether you are buying something as simple as used wheel rims or a whole engine from a pull a park junkyard you should protect your investment. After all, there is nothing more discouraging than spending all day pulling parts at the pull a part junkyard only to discover that you have the wrong parts or you didn’t buy quality parts. 


Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the pull a part junkyard especially when it comes to the warranty and return process. If the part you’re purchasing is defective, it doesn’t fit on your vehicle or if it’s the wrong part you’ll want to make sure you can get your money back or trade it for something of equal value. 


Inspect the part and make sure it’s good enough to be used in repairing your vehicle. Parts that wear out quickly such as rotors, hoses, and starters should be purchased brand new. However, when it comes to a cracked taillight or bad battery you can easily have that repaired with parts from the pull a part junkyard.


Pull A Part Junkyard -Save Time and Money

Looking for used parts for your vehicle? The best way to save time and money when taking the pull a part junkyard route is to know exactly what you want. If you’re new to the whole self-service junkyard world it helps to bring someone along who has automotive knowledge and is experienced in working on cars. 


The first order of business is to locate the parts that you need. When it comes to finding the parts that you need at a pull a part junkyard you’ll need to call them to find out whether they are the vehicle you need to pull from in stock. Find out additional automobiles that your vehicle may be compatible with to broaden your options at the pull a part junkyard.