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Power Window Regulator Repair – What You Need To Know!

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The power window regulator is a crucial part of your vehicle that functions to move your car window up and down. As soon as the electric motor has enough power to efficiently and quickly move each window in your vehicle, you can control the window direction and speed. This power window regulator, also known as the door window regulator, is positioned inside the door panel and moves the window in your car to let air in or out.

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When you figure out that you need a power window regulator repair, it is important to look into the replacement price and time. The average time to replace a power window is around 2 hours, with the total labor cost being between $120 and $150, while the cost of the parts is between $80 and $150, making the total job of the window repair cost coming in around $20 and $300 in total.


Determining how much the power window regulator repair cost will be for your type of vehicle can influence the steps you take to prevent this issue from happening in your car – or getting any worse than it already is. Finding the average power window regulator repair can prevent any faulty window regulator repair symptoms from continuing and causing severe problems. 

Power Window Regulator Function


Almost every car on the road today uses power windows instead of the crank windows that needed to be hand-powered. Not only are power windows quicker and more efficient to use, but they take any physical strain off of the driver and passengers. The benefit of having power windows in your vehicle is the ease of use, the ability to control any window in your vehicle as the driver of the car, and the quickness of raising and lowering the windows to let air in or out of the vehicle. 


  • Power Window Regulator Mechanism


Every door with a power window has an electric window motor connected to the window by the power window regulator. When the driver or the passenger pushes the button on the door to alter the window’s position, this turns on the electric motor. This electric window motor then uses the regulator to adjust the window’s position. However, if the motor is damaged, the power window regulator repair may be higher than you initially thought. 


Even manual door windows have window motor regulators, but these mechanisms are less advanced and different from the power window motors and power window regulators. The window regulators on modern cars are more extensive and electrically-controlled, making the power window regulator repair cost higher if anything were to break. 


  • Manual Window Regulator


Manual door windows have regulators that contain intersecting metal arms. When the user cranks the window to change the position, they are cranking the gear and moving the window. These old, traditional regulators were very heavy because of their metal parts. Even though the manual window regulators are heavier and slower, they will still sometimes require replacements and replacement parts to be installed. 

Power Window Regulator Repair Signs


The power window regulator’s function is vital in the function of the windows in your car. The regulator directly affects the overall power window regulator repair cost. Anyone of these following symptoms would cause a power window to no longer work correctly and cause further damage. If further damage were to ensue in the window system, this can cause the window regulator symptoms to continue, and damage other internal window components. 


  • Stuck Window


If the window can raise or lower but gets stuck before it gets where you wanted it to go, this can increase the power window regulator repair cost. This could result in the window getting stuck and not being able to raise or lower fully. When you have a stuck window, then you most likely have a broken power window motor regulator.


If you find that your windows occasionally get stuck, you need to figure out this problem before your windows get stuck completely. You should first troubleshoot your vehicle by pressing the power button a few times to see if this quick fix will work for you to prevent a higher power window regulator repair cost. 


If pressing the power button works, the window would stick on the tracks. Over time, the window tracks can get filled with outside dust, debris, and dirt, causing the window to not be able to move up and down smoothly. If this is the case, the power window regulator repair cost will be much higher. 


  • Window Drops Suddenly


In less common situations in your car, you could have a severely damaged power window motor regulator. In this case, the window might fall out of place and dislodge inside of your door. The falling out of the window will happen when you go to press the button to raise or lower the glass to the desired position. If the window completely falls out of place, the power window regulator repair cost will be extremely high. 


  • Faulty Window Power Button


If you cannot raise or lower any of your vehicle’s windows by pressing the electronic button to turn on the window motor, you most likely have a bad power window regulator. This is the most obvious symptom for this kind of repair and problem and can influence the overall power window regulator repair cost. 


  • Damaged Window Switch


Another electrical problem that can keep your windows from working is a broken or damaged switch. If the faulty switch directly causes issues with the window button, this can prevent the driver or passengers from being able to control the window movement. If the switch itself is allowing power to get to the window motor and regulator, but the window still does not move, this can increase the window regulator repair cost


  • Window Noises


If your window is not stuck and you hear noises, the problem might not be the window, but the power window regulator mechanism. This could be a clear sign of a failing power window regulator and a damaged window motor. These noises could sound like squeaking, grinding, or clunking, which can show the immediate need to look into the power window regulator repair cost. 

Power Window Regulator Repair Cost


The car power window regulator works in tandem with the car window motor and is a vital part of the power window assembly. This car power window regulator, known as the door window regulator, plays a part in moving your window up and down. This power window regulator repair can make sure the power is directly given to the electric motor to move the window.


  • Average Cost


The average car power window regulator repair cost for this fix in your car is usually around $270 to $370 for the window regulator repair, with the labor costs coming in at around $80 to $100, and the overall parts cost averaging around $190 and $270. 


A typical window regulator can cost between $40 and $300 for just the parts, depending on your car’s make and model. It depends on the type of car you have, with a more typical car costing between $40 and $70, while a luxury car model would cost upwards of $112 and $184. 


  • Sample Power Window Regulator Repair Costs


When looking at the most common cars on the market today, this can help you determine how much you might spend on the overall window regulator repair cost. The cheapest option for the window regulator repair is the Ford Fusion, coming in at a total price of between $148 adn $201 total. The total labor cost is between $79 and $100, while the total cost of hte parts is between $69 and $101.


The next cheapest option is the Honda CR-V, totaling between $220 and $326, with the total cost of the labor being between $132 and $167 and the parts cost between $88 and $160. 


The middle of the road options for this power window regulator repair cost is a tie between the Nissan Altima, the Ford Focus, and the ford F-Series, all coming in between $235 and $289 for the total price. The labor cost is between $96 and $123, while the total cost of the parts is between $139 and $166.


The most expensive option in terms of the power window regulator repair costs is the Honda Accord, totaling between $336 and $469 for the overall price of the repair. 



In order to determine how much a car window regulator repair will cost in your specific vehicle, you need to know the function of the window regulator in your car, the purpose of this mechanism, the overall cost of the repair or the replacement, and the symptoms of a faulty window regulator. 


Knowing this information can prevent any further issues in your electrical and window system, preventing a higher power window regulator repair cost that can set you back hundreds of dollars! 


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