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Pick A Part Junkyard – Finding Parts for Your RV or Camper

Pick A Part Junkyard – Finding Parts for Your RV or Camper

When RVs die, they don’t go to heaven, they go straight to the pick a part junkyard. From RV fires to tire blowout accidents, you can find all types of motorhomes that have met their unfortunate end at the pick-a-part junkyard. The pick a part junkyard isn’t just a great place to find salvage auto parts for cars. You can also find great used parts for your motor at the pick a part junkyard. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Whether you are a travel enthusiast or you only take your RV out for road trips during the summer months, your motorhome is no doubt, just as important as your car. RV repair jobs can be very expensive especially when you factor in the cost of brand new parts. Did you know that mechanical parts for your RV for fifty to eighty percent cheaper at the pick a part junkyard than buying them at a standard retailer?


Pick A Part Junkyard for Motorhomes

The pick a part junkyard also known as the salvage yard is a large lot filled with inoperable vehicles and automobiles including RVs and campers. There are some salvage junkyards that specifically cater to travel vehicles like RVs, popup campers, and travel trailers. If you can’t find the parts you need in a standard pick a part junkyard, exploring a specialty salvage yard is highly recommended. 


Most RVs and travel trailers end up at the pick a part junkyard because they suffered from some type of mechanical damage or they sustained damage from an accident. If you are an RV owner, you can go to the salvage yard to replace important components on your vehicle that are worn out or that have failed. 


Most of the RVs and campers at the pick a part junkyard are filled with parts that are in very good condition. The way that most insurance companies process claims, several RVs and trailers end up at the pick a part junkyard for minor damage. Therefore, you can expect to find a lot of brand new parts on RVs at the pick a part junkyard.


Pick A Part Junkyard Hunting for RV Parts – How Does It Work

The pick a part junkyard uses a self-service system which is much different from a lot of different junkyards. As the name implies, customers are responsible for extracting the parts they need from the RV or motorhome themselves. 


This may be new for some people who are used to more traditional junkyards who do all the hard labor themselves and provide the parts to customers. The great thing about the pick a part junkyard is that since the customer is responsible for extracting the parts they need, they can expect lower prices than they would get at the average salvage yard.


The pick a part junkyard requires that customers pay an entrance fee to be allowed onto the yard. The entrance fee is really cheap and it’s implemented to help discourage theft. 


Pick A Part Junkyard – Why Salvaged Parts?

Does your RV need to be repaired? Or perhaps you’re looking for a few important accessories for your motorhome. Your first thought may be to purchase mechanical parts and accessories through your mechanic or a popular retailer. It may be worthwhile to purchase mechanical components and accessories at the pick a part junkyard.


Here are few advantages of purchasing parts and accessories from the pick a part junkyard:


Save Your Hard Earned Dollars

Of course, the biggest benefit of buying parts from the pick a part junkyard is that you’ll save a considerable amount of money. An RV awning which is one of the most basic accessories can cost you about $300-$400 when you purchase it brand new. At most pick a part junkyards you can buy an awning for less than $100. The pick a part junkyard charges next to nothing for these parts because it’s a self-service business. 


Positively Contribute to the Health of the Environment

The pick a part junkyard plays a major role in the auto recycling process which prevents manufacturers from having to continually use energy resources to manufacture parts. The resources that are used to make these mechanical parts are sourced and harvested from the environment. 


Continuous harvesting of renewable sources contributes to global warming. Rather than use such scarce sources buying new parts from the manufacturers you can support your local pick a part junkyard and buy recycled parts.


Find Useful Parts and Accessories

Visiting the pick a part junkyard and searching for RV parts is like going on a scavenger hunt. You’ll find so many additional parts and accessories that you can use for your motorhome. It’s common to even run across older compatible parts and accessories that are stronger than anything that is on the market today. 


You’ll also bump into highly valuable components that can’t be purchased from an RV manufacturer or retailer. You can make exploring the pick a part junkyard for RV parts and accessories a trip for the whole family.


Pick A Part Junkyard For RV Parts – What You Should Know

If you’re considering visiting the pick a part junkyard in search of parts for your RV, trailer, or motorhome there are some factors that you should consider.


Do You Have Mechanical Knowledge?

Whenever you’re picking your own parts it’s important to have some mechanical knowledge when it comes to repairing RVs. You’ll need to know how to remove the parts from the vehicle or bring someone along who has such knowledge and experience. 


In addition, the parts you pull will need to be inspected and evaluated to determine whether they are in good condition. There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing the wrong part or buying a part that doesn’t work. Depending on the pick a part junkyard there is a warranty policy in place that allows you to return parts that don’t work and exchange them for something else. 


Do You Have the Time?

Hunting for parts in the pick a part junkyard can be time-consuming. You should set aside a day or two for searching for parts and removing them. So if you need your RV repaired right away this may not be the best route for you.


Pick A Part Junkyard – Finding Quality Parts For Your RV or Camper

Are you ready to start hunting for quality parts and accessories for your RV, trailer, or camper at the pick a part junkyard? There are abundant tips and tricks you can use to make your exploration journey a much smoother experience. 


 Act Fast

You can save a lot of time and energy by first calling a pick a part junkyard in your area to see if they have the RV models that you specifically need for mechanical parts. Most pick a part junkyards have a website that offers customers the opportunity to sign up for notifications so that you’ll get text and email alerts when inventory comes in. You can even configure it so that you’ll receive alerts for specific RV and camper models. 


Once you get the alert that the specific models that you need are available you should act as soon as possible. The pick a part junkyard works on a first come first serve basis. The longer you wait to go pull the parts you need the chances of all the valuable parts being already extracted when you arrive are high. 


Research Compatible Parts

Oftentimes, the parts that you may need for your RV repair job may be interchangeable with other parts from different RV models and manufacturers. Knowing all the possible compatibility options for your RV helps you maximize your search options. You won’t have to rely on one specific RV model to get the parts that you need. 


Organize Your Tools

Do you have the right tools in your arsenal for extracting the parts you need? If so, they should be organized and ready to go in your handy dandy tool bag. Not only should you have all the essential tools you will need for extracting parts but you should also include other valuable tools that just may come in handy. You never know what you are going to bump into at the pick a part junkyard and it helps to be thoroughly prepared.


If you plan on removing big parts like an engine or a transmission the pick a part junkyard will typically provide the major tools needed for such a task.


More Is Always Better

Quality RV parts are sometimes hard to come by. If you spot additional parts and accessories that your mobile home could use you should buy them. More is always better especially if you stumble across a deal. Making good purchasing decisions is critical at the pick a part junkyard especially if you’re set on getting the most out of your money. You could always work out a deal with the pick a part junkyard staff if you’re purchasing multiple items. 


Examine Each Part Before You Buy It

At the pick a part junkyard it’s the customer’s responsibility to find parts that are valuable. So you’ll have to use discernment when you are buying parts. Before you even spend time removing a part, you should inspect it thoroughly to make sure it’s in good condition. Rust, corrosion as well as gouges on the part are signs that there isn’t much life left in the part. 


Exercise caution when extracting parts from an RV

Whenever you are removing parts from the motorhome you should exercise caution especially if the part you need is located nearby or under a part that isn’t valuable to you. You don’t want to break other valuable parts in the process of extracting the components you need. Take your time when pulling parts. You risk damaging other parts when you move fast which can be a disadvantage for other customers.


Show Consideration for Others

Junkyard etiquette is real. If you notice that someone is working on extracting a major component from the RV or camper that you need you should wait until they are finished. After all, you don’t want to be in their way. If you are short on time, it’s best to ask them if they mind you pulling off a part while they're working. 


Pick A Part Junkyard – Negotiating Prices

The great thing about the pick a part junkyard is that there aren’t always set prices. That means you can negotiate with them for a fair price. Once you identify all the parts that you need at the pick a part junkyard you can take them to the desk and let the staff know what you are willing to pay for the item. If you are a regular shopper or you’re purchasing a large bundle of accessories or parts most pick a part junkyards won’t mind meeting you in the middle. 


When you’re negotiating on a price with the staff at the pick a part junkyard, make sure you consider the condition of the part or accessory and the labor that went into pulling it. If they don’t accept your offer they’ll usually counter with an offer of their own.


Of course, one of the best negotiation tactics is to show that you are always willing to walk. If you don’t believe the offer is fair you can always try your luck at other salvage yards. If it doesn’t work, you can return the purchase of the parts if they are still available.


Pick A Part Junkyard – The Best Place For All of Your RV and Camper Needs

The pick a part junkyard is the perfect place to find all types of mechanical parts and accessories for your RV or camper. In fact, a lot of times the repair shops source the parts they need to repair an RV from the pick a part junkyard. 


Keep in mind that you’ll need to have some mechanical experience or bring a partner along who does when you are exploring the pick a part junkyard so that you can find the right parts that are in optimal condition.