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NGK Vs. Denso Spark Plugs- Is NGK Better Than Denso?

NGK Vs. Denso Spark Plugs- Is NGK Better Than Denso?

When you look at your spark plugs and you have to compare the NGK to the Denso ones, which ones are better? Which ones will give you the best value for your money? We’ll pit NGK vs. Denso and help you choose the best spark plugs for your automotive needs! 

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NGK vs Denso- Which are the Better Choice? 

Spark plugs play a vital role in the mechanism of all vehicles. A vehicle needs quality and functioning spark plugs to run the engine. With lots of spark plugs on the market, may consumers pit the NGK brand spark plugs against the Denso ones. While Denso and NGK spark plugs both have a reputation of longevity and durability- is there one that is better than the other? We’ll examine how each stack up! 

Denso vs NGK: What Type of Spark Plugs Are Both? 

Before we begin the “match” of the NGK vs Denso spark plugs, it’s important that you know each type and their specific features – ensuring you purchase the best ones for your particular needs. Both the Denso and the NGK spark plugs are crafted of iridium– with metal that is a lot less conductive than copper- but has better longevity, and a capacity to work at a lower temperature.  

While iridium spark plugs may not be the best when it comes to performance, their longevity is second to none. With a common copper spark plug lasting for about 20,000 miles, you can just about bet on an iridium spark plug is lasting between 40,000 and 60,000 miles.

For many, iridium platinum plugs are also known for their permanence and consistency. Unlike their platinum spark plug counterparts, the iridium plugs provide stability and will not grow gap over time. They’re also known for limiting the stress on a vehicle’s ignition system. You can further count on the iridium platinum plugs needing less maintenance. The bottom line is this: iridium spark plugs last longer than other kinds of spark plugs- with performance that endures!

A Bit Of History About Iridium Spark Plugs 

A metal that is harder than platinum, Iridium spark plugs arrived in the market back in the mid-2000s. They arrived at the height of coil-on-plug systems. Iridium spark plugs are generally smaller than other plugs- containing a teenier diameter center. This design of the iridium spark plug helps to enhance their efficiency by reducing the needed voltage to produce the spark. Iridium is also known for working though fire coupled with extreme conditions. If the owner’s manual for your vehicle or tool specifies iridium spark plugs, then “bite the bullet” and pay the extra money. You won’t be sorry!


Is NGK Better Than Denso?

OK- we’re ready to dive right into comparing the NGK spark plugs to the Denso spark plugs. First, let’s begin by discussing the Denso spark plugs. 

Denso Spark Plugs 

Denso spark plugs are crafted of iridium and designed for longevity. As other spark plugs are made of other metals, iridium is a much stronger metal. With just a first glance of the Denso spark plug, you will see that it looks like a common spark plug. But with a closer look, you will find that they look a bit shiner than other ones, due to the iridium. The Denso spark plugs are sold in a common cardboard box with four pieces. Each piece is housed in its own box. All four of the boxes fit into a larger one. 

The Technology of a Denso Spark Plug 

Denso spark plugs utilize 360-degree laser-welding with iridium. With this technology as well as the iridium, you can be assured of a quality spark plug that will offer enhanced acceleration and minimal misfires. The Denso spark plugs also offer both low voltage requirements as well as high ignitability. The Denso spark plug can also keep heat loss to a minimum- while its design offers a smaller electrode diameter, for enhanced ignitability. You will pay more for a Denso spark plug, but its performance will make up for the price. 

Denso also features a ground-breaking “Twin-Tip” design that combines both durability with metals Titanium and Platinum and Titanium. One will find that electrode center is crafted utilizing a very sturdy platinum alloy – allowing for the reduction of the 1.1mm in diameter tip size- and keeping the life of the plug intact.


NGK Spark Plugs 

NGK Spark Plugs are also made of iridium and designed for drivers who live for driving performance. Sure, they may be a bit expensive, but their durability and sustainability make up for the price. NGK spark plugs are also crafted using the most state-of-the-art technology to fit modernized vehicles and automobiles of our future. 

The Technology of An NGK Spark Plug 

NGK spark plugs offer the consumer trivalent plating. As a chrome-colored or silver finish on the thread, this trivalent plating helps provide resistance to chemicals, moisture and corrosion.  The coating also doubles as a release agent during the removal process of the spark plug removal.  With a large number of NGK spark plugs pre-gapped, there are instances when you may have to adjust that gap. So, be sure that you exercise gentleness and care, so that you don’t break or bend off the fine-wire electrodes. NGK suggests that you use a pin gauge gap tool for measurement of the gap. Should you need to adjust the gap, then use a tool that will successfully circle around the ground electrode and not pry against or between the electrodes. 


NGK Vs. Denso Spark Plugs- What Do Folks Say About These Spark Plugs? 

Check out some of the reviews about each brand of spark plug! 

Denso (5303) IK16 Iridium Power Spark Plug

One consumer found this brand of Denso spark plug to be ideal for a 2004 Honda VTX 1800c. In fact, the owner stated that the spark plug was better than the original spark plug. We also found that another owner stated that the spark plugs were… “an exact fit for the 2007 Toyota Corolla. They operate as good as or better than the OEM.” Click here to learn more

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 4 

As a popular spark plug from the NGK brand, the spark plug features stellar performance combined with enhanced fuel efficiency, quicker starts and even lower emissions. One consumer found the spark plug to be great for a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ES. The owner added: “I used to get 220 miles on a single tank without the tune up, including old spark plugs, and now I get about 335 miles on a single tank…” Click here to learn more

Denso #4504 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs — PK20TT 

This particular Denso spark plug is sold in a set of four. Some of the features of this particular Denso brand include: the signature “Twin-Tip” design, enhanced ignitability and reliability and more! Consumers of this spark plug seem to be quite happy with its performance. One consumer was happy with the performance of these spark plugs for the 2007 Acura TL. Another owner of these spark plugs stated happiness with the product, adding: “[the spark] lugs do work and will get you by for 60,000 miles.” Click here for more


NGK (6578) BPR4ES SOLID Standard Spark Plug, Pack of 1

This particular brand of NGK spark plugs is great for small engines, while offering consumers durability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion. The spark plug is also crafted of “99% pure alumina silicate” -which provides reduced fouling, thanks to the longer insulator noses. One consumer of this NGK brand stated that the spark plug is the perfect complement to his Kawasaki FX730V Engine. Click here to learn more! 

What Other Products Does Denso Make Besides Spark Plugs? 

In addition to spark plugs, Denso crafts instrument clusters, climate control systems, diesel and gasoline engine components, hybrid vehicle components, pre-crash radar systems and various air-bag systems. 

What Other Products Does NGK Make Besides Spark Plugs? 

NGK also makes other items besides spark plugs. Consumes can find glow plugs, lambda and temperature sensors coils, ignition leads and coils, NOx sensors, crank-/camshaft sensors, MAP/MAF sensors and more. 

How Do I Choose the Correct Spark Plugs for My Car? 

Spark plugs are a vital component to your engine and are crafted as either platinum, copper or iridium (which NGK and Denso are crafted of). The iridium and platinum spark plugs are also offered in a “double variant” The most significant detail in a spark plug choice, is finding one that matches your specific engine design. If you need help with this, you can also turn to a mechanic and the specific spark plug for your needs. 


NGK Vs. Denso Spark Plugs- What’s The Verdict? 

While both NGK and Denso are both quality companies that make stellar spark plugs, it comes down to personal choice. You may like one above the other, but both are great spark plug brands, that have durability, longevity, state-of-the-art technology and more. Regardless of any spark plug you buy. You want to make sure that you: 

  1. Purchase the correct spark plug for your vehicle or tool. 
  2. Ask questions about the spark plug before spending your money. 
  3. Inquire about a warranty or money-back guarantee. 


Thanks to time and technology, spark plugs continue to evolve as a vital car component, that offers consumers ground-breaking technology and intricacy- alongside quality metals. Both NGK and Denso are great spark plugs for a variety of vehicles and tools. Whether you have a small or a light car, or a large pick-up truck, the bottom line is personal preference. Look for great horsepower, great value and don’t be afraid to ask questions! You deserve the best and with NGK and Denso, you’re bound to receive it!