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My Car Won’t Accelerate Properly When I Push the Gas

Symptoms of a failing transmission.

If you have asked yourself “Why is it that my car won't accelerate properly when I push the gas?”, you came to the right place. At one point of driving, you may experience unintentional acceleration. It is usually the fuel system that is causing improper acceleration in your vehicle. Nevertheless, there are still other reasons why your vehicle does not accelerate when you push the gas. This article will help give you answers for your search ” my car won't accelerate properly when I push the gas” and other information you need to know about acceleration failure. Is it okay to ignore it? What do you do if your gas pedal is broken? What causes improper acceleration? We'll get to the answers in a bit so keep reading.

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Why is acceleration important anyway? Acceleration has a lot to do with the control and handling you have over your car. So if you have keyed in “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas” the issue must be taken care of as soon as possible. Much of the enjoyment in driving comes from a car that has great acceleration. If you feel that you have started losing some of your privileges and comfort in driving your car, this article will help you get things straight again.

What causes delayed acceleration?

You say, “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas”. There are several factors behind acceleration failure. Some are natural which means- caused by the terrain or area you are driving. It might be the weather. But other factors which may be more common come from the inside of your vehicle. There may be some issues with your fuel system. Here is a list that will help you find the culprit behind your car’s delayed acceleration.


  1. Check your fuel

Most typical of all, your car may be low in fuel or is running on an empty tank. The gas may be clogged or is at the wrong octane. If you have checked your fuel and confirmed the following, make sure to refill with enough fuel and the correct octane level.


You may also find that your fuel filter is clogged. There are times when debris may build up in the fuel filter. The clog prevents fuel from traveling throughout the car that will then lead to your car’s acceleration failure. You can either clean the fuel filter or you may also try replacing your car’s fuel filter. Don’t forget to check the fuel injectors as well.


  1. You accidentally engaged the emergency brake

Engaged emergency brakes may sound tricky, but in truth, they are not. You just disengage the emergency brake once you notice they are being used when not needed. If the emergency brakes are in use, car handling will feel like you are dragging something heavy. This will also make it hard for you to accelerate. It is also a good thing to check if there is a problem with the rear brake pads, bearings, wheel drum, and other components that may cause the emergency brake to engage by itself.


  1. Watch out for other dirty and clogged components in your vehicle

One component that may cause drastic acceleration failures is a dirty spark plug. If the spark plugs are not conditioned well, they will cause misfires together with the ignition coils. Misfires, most of the time, lead to acceleration problems.


You also need to clean your vehicle’s air filter. Refer to your owner’s manual to know when you have to replace the air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter will give your car combustion issues. If there is not enough air flowing through the system, these issues will keep happening and will cause acceleration failure when you push the gas. In addition, the reading from your car’s oxygen sensor may be incorrect. If this happens, the system automatically makes the engine use certain amounts of fuel that may not be appropriate when you are driving. Because of this, you get your sentiment “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.”

Is driving with improper acceleration dangerous?

You ask yourself “why is it that my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas?” And now that you know why, the next big question is “Is it fine to continue driving a car with acceleration issues?” Simply speaking, it may become dangerous to drive with improper acceleration. Your car may be too slow for the traffic. Driving when your car has acceleration problems may not be troublesome in the beginning. But if you continue, you may realize soon that your car has incurred more problems aside from improper acceleration. If you notice repeatedly that your car won’t accelerate properly when you push the gas, you may try the suggestions in this article or have your car checked by a professional immediately

What do I do when my car won’t accelerate?

Checking the air filter will give you an idea of what is going on with your situation: my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas. The dirt easily accumulates inside your air filter and this will affect how your accelerator works. Although the main function of the air filter is to trap the dirt and dust and keep them from entering your car’s combustion chamber, there is a chance that it will get clogged by unrefined particles or debris. This will result in what you are experiencing right now when you key in the words: My car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.


Furthermore, stepping up the gas when the air filter is clogged can only cause your engine to tire more. You have to take on the problem from its roots since it is very likely that your car will be deprived of air which is a requirement for the combustion of your fuel. It is not to be expected for your car to accelerate properly unless this issue is resolved. Other reasons may have caused what you are undergoing at the moment that led you to ask why my car won’t accelerate when I push the gas. You can base your plan of action on those reasons. Here are a few that you should be aware of.


  1. Clean the air filter

Of course, aside from checking the air filters of your vehicle, you must also have it cleaned. Give the combustion system of your car a space to breathe by eliminating all debris and dust that has collected inside it. If you do this regularly, you might never have to search: my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.


  1. Clean or replace your fuel filter

You might notice that most of the advice here is about cleaning parts of your car. Well, nothing beats proper maintenance when it comes to preventing problems like what you are coming up against when you tried finding out the answer to your problem, which is my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.


  1. Check and fix mechanical issues

The problem lies in the mechanical system of the car at times because the acceleration relies on different segments of your vehicle so you must check this part as well. Check other systems of your car if there are damages that might have contributed to the poor acceleration of the automobile.


The suggestions mentioned above are simple. Any car owner can do it, and you can do it for yourself. You don’t have to get your vehicle to a garage to try them and you will save your money from additional repair expenses. Cleaning the air and fuel filters and fixing any other mechanical issues are just some of the things you must master to maintain the well-being of your car. If you make car maintenance a habit, you will save yourself from issues you now have “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.”


Furthermore, you will find that your car problems won’t be too complicated. If you have tried the suggestions above or got your car checked by a professional but to no avail, it may also be a great idea to sell your vehicle. This may be a good option for you if the car that’s giving you problems now has been used for a good number of years. But if you don’t want or need to let go just yet, the next section gives ideas on how you can improve your car’s acceleration.

What can I do to increase my car’s acceleration?

You can try different methods to increase your car's acceleration like regearing and fixing air and fuel filters. If you are still stuck in the “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas” situation. You must be aware that acceleration has a lot to do with different parts and segments of your car whether mechanically or just in general. Acceleration takes force on the mechanical aspect of your vehicle. It is something that you must not take lightly since it is also related to the quality of safety you will have whenever you drive your car.


There are different grounds for anyone who would want to increase acceleration in their automobile, especially when they too have encountered “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas” issues. So, you can tell that it is normal to fancy faster mobility for your vehicle. Read on to know the things that you could do that will afford your car’s increased acceleration.


  1. Regearing is the key

This is not shocking. Regearing is a rigorous job to take if you are planning to do it on your own but it is all the more rewarding because it works most of the time. Say goodbye to the problem that has been bothering you when you key in “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.” Regearing is a method that requires a lot of replacements in the compartments and segments of the engine, so you can expect it to be more expensive than the other remedies for poor acceleration in this guide.


  1. Generate more power

As already mentioned, force is an important ingredient for the acceleration of a vehicle. You will need more power which means more air and fuel will liberate you from the dilemma you might be in like “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.” You can try upgrading the exhaust system of your engine so it can accumulate more air for the production of power to your car. Doing this will heighten the level of efficiency of your car in terms of transforming heat and fuel into the locomotor movement of the automobile.


  1. Decrease the vehicle weight as well as the rotating mass

Being in the “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas” zone is something that can be eased by reducing the weight of the vehicle as much as you can. This can be a substitute for regearing if you are tight on your budget. Changing heavy parts of the car can contribute to acceleration. You may have already noticed how some wheels roll faster than others, this is a practical use for decreasing vehicle weight. You can change your car batteries as well since they tend to be heavier. Identify what contributes most to the weight of your automobile and from that, you can know what to rid your car off.


How much does it cost to get your gas pedal fixed?

The repair cost will amount to about 170 to 200 dollars. This is inclusive of the labor cost. However, the overall price of the gas pedal repair or replacement is dependent on the price of the parts or materials that will be utilized. Getting your gas pedal fixed can be a game-changer when you come up against the “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas” trouble. Though it may come at a quite expensive price, it should be worth it.


If you are one of those people who love driving at high speed or just a person who needs to fix accelerator problems, it was a good call for you to research the keywords “my car won’t accelerate properly when I push the gas.” Now and then, drivers experience this type of problem. You can trust that this issue can be fixed and it is not forever. Follow the tips and tricks in this guide and you will be perfectly fine.

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