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My Car Got Towed And I Don’t Know Where: All You Need To Do

My Car Got Towed And I Don’t Know Where: All You Need To Do

If you're wondering, “my car got towed and I don't know where,” here's all you need to do:

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  1. Understand whether your car got towed or stolen
  2. Determine the reasons for towing your car
  3. Find out the local city impound
  4. Understand the payment method
  5. Get the insurance information
  6. Check the costs to retrieve your car
  7. Avoid getting your car towed again

Have you asked yourself, “my car got towed and I don't know where?” Unfortunately, this happened to many of us. Honestly, it can be extremely frustrating, especially if this is your first time and you have no clue where to find your vehicle.

Even if you didn't get into this situation, it's very critical for you as a new or experienced driver to understand what to do if this happens to you in the future. Understanding where your vehicle could be can help you reduce the stress and locate your car as fast as possible before getting charged for unnecessary fees.

This article provides you with all you need to know about what to do if your car gets towed and you don't know where it is. We highly recommend that you go through all the details to familiarize yourself with all potential options available for you.

Understanding these things before dealing with the situation can be very useful. Once you're in the situation, you might get very stressed and might not think about finding online articles or reading through this stuff. So, let's read on and learn more about how to locate your car if it gets towed without knowing where.

What are the reasons your car might get towed?

Before we dive into the details about your issue with my car got towed and I don't know where it is important that you understand the different reasons that could get your vehicle towed. No one will tell your car without any issue, and you must have done something wrong that authorities decided to tell your car.

In general, here are the common causes for your vehicle to be towed away:

1.    Obstructing traffic

One of the most obvious reasons for your vehicle to get towed is when you obstruct the traffic. In other words, you might have parked in an area that blocked people from going back and forth and commuting around the area. For instance, if you parked your car right in the middle of the street and decided to pick up something from a store quickly. Unfortunately, that is a very common situation, and when this happens, it is very easy for authorities to decide to tow your car, especially if you took longer than expected.

Usually, the tow truck won't find your card sitting in the middle of the street. So it has to be someone who reported on you and said that there's a vehicle sitting in the middle of the street, and we can't pass. This also applies to blocking the parking lot or any other areas that prevent people from getting out or in.

2.    Next fire hydrant

The other common reason for your vehicle getting towed is when you park right next to a fire hydrant. That's never a good idea because you're blocking the commuting for any fire truck ticket and saving people dealing with a fire in the area.

It's not surprising for authorities to send a toll truck to remove your car because if they don't, it becomes a huge mess, and it can be a very common situation where fire trucks cannot safely reach people in case of fire emergencies.

3.    Handicap parking

Have you ever seen the parking lots that are designated for handicaps? Those are the ones we're referring to here. If you've ever parked in one of those parking spaces, your vehicle will likely get tilled.

All you did is you reserved the spot that doesn't belong to you. If someone with a disability cannot get to the store or his apartment unless he uses the handicap spot, then you're using his rights, and that's not right.

4.    Multispacer parking

Double parking or multi-space parking is never a good idea. When you do so, it's not surprising to ask yourself, my car got towed and I don't know where. Therefore, try following the laws whenever you park or drive because this reduces and eliminates any headache that could involve getting your vehicle towed.

5.    Parking meter payment

If you decide to park in a city where you have to pay for the parking meter, it's not surprising to deal with situations where your vehicle gets towed, especially if you didn't pay the meter for a long time. There are plenty of police officers around the area, and they keep an eye for any vehicles that are not paying for the meter.

The only word is some parking lots equipped with some technology that allows you to extend the parking time by phone and pay by phone. This way, you don't have to worry about your vehicle getting towed to know where. For example, say that you decided to go to an emergency room, which took you way more than what you're expecting. You can easily extend the parking time without losing your spot if that happens.

6.     Abandoned cars

If you didn't drive your car for a long time and someone reported that your vehicle is an event, it's not surprising to get it towed without knowing rare. That's why many automotive experts recommend moving your vehicles and driving them for a little bit of time as much as possible.

Many people leave their vehicles for months in parking lots, and when the residents or the neighbors notice them, they can easily report them. When this happens, it becomes extremely frustrating to find your car, and that's why you never want to be in this situation.

If you don't need your card this long somehow, you could easily sell it and use the money towards a better thing that you can enjoy. However, there aren't many people who are hesitant about selling the cars because they're not working, have major problems, and don't expect anyone to be interested in them. However, cash cars buyer is one of the few listed companies that guarantee to buy your car no matter what! If you would like to learn more details, we highly encourage you to reach out to our customer service at 866-924-4608

My car got towed and I don't know where: all you need to do

Let's take a closer look at automotive experts’ recommendations on how to locate your car if it got towed without knowing:

1.    Understand whether your car got towed or stolen

Before moving further, you must confirm that your vehicle got towed and was not stolen. Many people assume that their vehicles got killed because of a delayed payment or any other reason, but they never think the vehicle could be stolen.

It's not very common for vehicles to get stolen unless you park in a dangerous area or any place you're unfamiliar with. That's why most automotive experts recommend never parking your car in an area you are aware has safety issues. However, if you think you had to park in that area, you might want to consider purchasing some guard or additional security features that help you keep track of your vehicle.

Since this article is not focused on locating stolen vehicles, we recommend that you read some online articles that provide you with steps to find or confirm whether your car is stolen or towed.

2.    Determine the reasons for towing your car

Once you confirm that your vehicle is not stolen, the next step is to understand the main reasons for your vehicle getting towed. No one will come to your car and pick it up for no previous reason. It only happened in your car had an issue, and I towed frank came to take it away to an impound yard.

Typically, these impound yards are run by certain authorities, and your car will end up in one of these yards. So depending on where you live or where the car got towed from, you'll need to find the city's corresponding impound yard because your car will most likely be there.

Therefore, you must understand what you did wrong for someone to pick up your car. In other words, sit with yourself and evaluate when you have parked your car and where you parked at pure you probably might park in the wrong or prohibited area.

If you could not understand why your vehicle was towed, that's not a problem. All we need to do now is to get in touch with the local impound yard around the city where your vehicle got towed. Remember that if you are parked in a larger city like Chicago or other bigger cities, you might find multiple yards that you will need to contact to determine whether your car got towed to that or not.

It might take you a couple of phone calls until you locate your vehicle in some instances. First, you'll need to have details about your car, including the vehicle's registration or probably the insurance information.

3.    Find out the local city impound

Once you confirm that your car got towed and once you reach out to the local city impound, you want to confirm whether your vehicle got to their impound or not, think about the city impound as a small car jail. It's going to be extremely guarded so it's not something you can walk in and pick up your car. However, there are some steps you have to follow to take your vehicle out properly.

4.    Understand the payment method

Once you contact the impound and confirm, you want to ask them whether they accept card payments or cash because many impounds are still using cash payments. The last thing you want to do is take an Uber or get to the impound without having the right payment method.

5.    Get the insurance information

In some impounds and insert in cities, they might ask you for the insurance information, and if your car doesn't have insurance, that gets extremely complicated. So, therefore, you'll want to reach out to the insurance company and get some details because you'll need those once you reach out to the impound area.

6.    Check the costs to retrieve your car

Where do you think your car from the impound requires some fees, and these fees differ significantly depending on your situation and where you parked. For example, some customers reported paying between $75 and $350.00. However, there are some instances where people paid up to $800.

It's not surprising that prices differ because some of the impounds in cities might be much more expensive than others in rural areas. Therefore, consider asking the question to the impound once you reach out to them, so you are prepared.

7.    Avoid getting your car towed again

Finally, once you retrieve your car, it should be a hard lesson for you because you'll need to take all precautions to prevent getting your car to it again. I understand where you parked your vehicle and learn exactly about the potential causes for your vehicle to get towed. Once you understand them, you can prevent them in the future.


Also, if you're in an area and would like to extend the stay, consider checking the parking meter or understand how to extend it without losing your spots. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can implement to avoid getting your car towed again.

Final thoughts

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with this situation where you ask yourself, “my car got towed and I don't know where!” This article provided you with all you need to do once this happens, and hopefully, you're not experiencing this right now. However, if you've got into this situation, we hope that this is a good lesson to you, so you understand what causes your vehicle to get towed and how to prevent them in the future.


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